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Update3: Sennheiser MXL560 Earphones $19.95 (+$5.95 Delivered) RRP$69.95 Original x2 SOLD OUT!



  • Optimised for Mp3, iPod, iPhone, CD players and portable gaming systems
  • Best sound experience
  • Powerful bass-driven, stereo sound
  • High-performance dynamic driver system with Sennheiser “Basswind” system for a superior sound experience
  • Outstanding wearing and handling comfort on the go
  • Lanyard with detachable loop for MP3 players
  • 2-year warranty

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  • +1

    great deal

  • Not including shipping, to WA costs $5.95.

    Any review on this product?

    • Thanks, just updated heading ;)

  • 64 ohm, not suitable for any portable device

    • +2

      Do you mind expanding on this?

      • +2

        Most earphones are 32ohm, so if these are 64ohm it requires more power to drive them.
        my cowon d2 will run them fine, but iPod and cheap chinese players may have difficulty as they don't output very high power.

        • +1

          Gotta sound better than the white ones that come with the iPod etc.

          • +1

            @Rocket: problem is it may not make sound at all. It will either not go very loud (so you always max out the volume) or wont have any sound at all (depending on the mp3 player). I'm guessing iPods would be in the former category, but not sure.

            • +4

              @hellbound: I seriously doubt they would actually say 'optimised for ipod etc' if it wasn't going to work with them :s

              I could be wrong though…

        • just buy a portable amp like a e5…

          omg cowon d2
          i broke mine so bought a S9… :D

        • +1

          Hm, thought that the lower impedance the harder to drive - at least that is how it is with regards to speakers (4ohm vs 8ohm), could be wrong though…

  • What's with all these "deals" on in-ear pieces? We see one every week. Does ANYONE buy these things retail?

    • +2

      These ones aren't in-ear i'm pretty sure, just earphones

  • What do the things that stick out do?

    • sticks into the upper part of your ear. so that it wont fall out. good for gym…otherwise useless

      • I find the over ear ones better for gym personally but it certainly takes a good tug on the cord to get these out.

  • Almost gone!

  • +1

    I haven't used this model, but I did buy the MX55 model, which have an almost identical design. The only difference I can see is that the MX65 has the Basswind system, which I assume means it has a better bass response. I really like the sound from the MX55, so I'm not fussed.

    The earphones feel comfortable for me, and definitely feel stable in the ear. I never have that creeping feeling that the earphones are about to slip out. The fit may vary for different people, though the earphones do come with a variety of different sized rubber discs to help with this.

    I primarily use it with my laptop, and it works very well with this. Definitely recommended.

  • well after your reviews i bought this on panic as it was almost gone. i only need a decent set of earphones so $70 ones would be good enough. cant wait to get em using the crappy android ones still lol!!

  • They've know sold out and replaced the MX65 with Sennheiser MXL60 Street II Earphones

    • Thanks diop, just updated heading!

  • Are these better than Sennheiser CX300II?

  • PLEASE EDIT: THE NEW MODEL MXL60'S RRP IS $59.95. IMO, this earphone is crap. In-ear earphones are way better.

    • Thanks, done.

  • can anyone discuss…CX300II vs MX65 premium??

  • well… these should be better than the standard ipod buds, but if you really want good earphones, i suggest AKG or Shure :-). And if you really really want good sound quality…just get Cowon much more better than the iPods.

  • What was the deal before this second updated deal?

  • WTF!?! I just checked it and it's back in stock!

    "6.30pm - With two sellouts in just 6.5 hours, here is our third and final offer - our buying team is exhausted! Don't miss out on this one!"

    Looks like they "sold out" then miraculously had stock again, "sold out" then had stock again (for the 3rd time…)

    • +1

      They're three different models of headphones. The first two were MX65VCII and MXL60II, this one is MXL560.

  • Cable Length = 0.15m.

  • Surely they can't be selling out, googling the product gives some pretty mixed reviews.

  • I think, COTD has got quite a hold here in ozbargain or they have moderators, as all of the -ve comments are gone.
    wow. That look amazing for a company with fake products and slowest delivery times, wrong items selling and promoting.
    Keep it up COTD.

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