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100x $0 Categorised eBooks (Links Inside)


Haven't done one of these in a quite a while. All free at time of posting. Enjoy :)

us au The Curse Of The Zombie Zoo
us au Wiggly the Worm
us au Alfred the Time Traveling Dinosaur
us au The Enchanted Hat
us au Happy Monsters

us au Pride and Prejudice
us au The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
us au War and Peace
us au The Institution
us au Treasure Island

us au 101 Quick Low Carb Recipes
us au Air Fryer Cookbook
us au Beef Jerky Recipes
us au 49 Awesome Chinese Recipes
us au 30 Minute Meals

us au Never Binge Again
us au Ketogenic Diet
us au Cardio Workouts
us au Essential Oils
us au Smoothies for Weight Loss

History & War
us au The Grand Fleet 1914-1916
us au The Art of War
us au Bird Woman
us au Egyptian Mythology
us au Julius Caesar and Cleopatra VII expired

us au How To Crochet
us au Woodworking
us au Sewing Mastery
us au Gardening for Beginners
us au Interior Design

us au The Haunting of Rachel Harroway
us au The Rest Falls Away
us au In One Fell Swoop
us au Grace Lost
us au Sanctuary 12

Info Tech
us au Python: Programming for Beginners
us au Python: Programming for Advanced
us au SEO Marketing
us au 101 Free Money Making Apps
us au Affiliate Marketing

us au Andrew Jackson
us au Galileo Galilei
us au Nikola Tesla
us au Leonardo da Vinci
us au Lewis Carroll: The Complete Novels

Money & Business
us au Business Brainfood
us au Million Dollar Bedroom
us au Wealth & Abundance
us au Real Estate Investing
us au How to Become a Wealth Magnet

Mystery & Suspense
us au Trigger Break
us au Hidden Agemda
us au Ice Blue
us au Eat, Pray, Die
us au Remorseless

us au Not Like My Mother
us au Parenting The Toddler Years
us au Training of the Young
us au Home Safety Checklist Guide
us au When You're Expecting

us au Beyond the Lens
us au Jump-Start Your Photography
us au 7 Steps to Stunning Images
us au Bad Habits That Ruin Your Photography
us au 8 Types Of Natural Light

us au Understanding Men
us au Dirty Talk
us au Fix Your Marriage
us au Get Your Ex Back
us au Happy Wife Happy Life

us au The Wedding Trap
us au Sweetness
us au Unconditional
us au Read, Write, Love at Seaside
us au Dirty Kisses

Science Fiction
us au The Remnant Keeper
us au Stray
us au Space Team
us au Broken World
us au Refusing Excalibur

Self Help
us au TED Talks
us au How To Influence People
us au Always Know What To Say
us au Balance Me
us au Self Discipline

Spirituality & Religion
us au God's Love Mystery
us au A Life for Christ
us au The Holy Bible
us au What Is Righteousness
us au The Color of Heaven

Sports & Outdoors
us au Marathon In Three Months
us au Pilates for Beginners
us au Triathlon: The Beginners Guide
us au My Fish Stories
us au Aerobatics Down Under

us au Travel For Free
us au Australia Travel Guide
us au Great Britain
us au 1000 Japanese Flash Cards
us au Cruise Hacks

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  • nice selection

  • +2

    Thanks Mr.T!!! :D

    Grabbed the classics and some tech books.

  • +3

    Mastering the job interview is a dupe. Just sayin'

    51 sleepless nights is also a dupe. Just sayin'

    Also TA title for fourth book under sports and outdoors is munted

    Technically 98 books but still a huge and much appreciated effort

    • +5

      Replaced the two dupes, and fixed the link :)

  • +6

    Good find TA, thank you for your big effort to make this list, appreciate it.

  • +3

    Thanks TA. As always, a great job.

  • +2

    Happy wife happy life??? No thanks….

    • +2

      It's true…

      If she's a miserable b@#$h so will you be.

      • +4

        No wife, happy life?

      • What if you hate her, and the only reason you keep her around is to suck the happiness out of her and use it to sustain your own life.
        What then

    • Yeah where's the fun in that?

  • +2

    Thank you very much. Great post.

  • +1

    Thanks TA

  • +1

    Cool. More stuff to read. Thanks.

  • +1

    Thanks, none for me this time but well worth a look

  • +1

    Thanks TA!

  • Julius Caesar and Cleopatra VII is now $9.17

    • +1

      Woodworking, Interior Design & Galileo no longer $0.00.

      Edit: Dirty Talk as well. Figures.

  • +4

    Dirty Talk.

    Finally, I can now learn to make conversation on the bus.

    • Endorsed by Donald Trump.

      • No longer free, so perhaps he'll take his endorsement back?

  • +2

    Understanding Men is there to download but the one needed is Understanding Women. Please find free e-book!

    • +1

      Don't worry about it, it's fine.

      • Correct. If she says she's fine, then she's fine. It's not that hard a concept.

    • +1

      "This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?
      It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help."

      {Happy Women is a myth} {How to make a Women happy}….

    • If, indeed, there was such a book, it may be worth paying for.

      Otherwise, head to wikihow for 14 steps (with pictures) :D

  • +1

    Thanks for a great post TA!

  • +1
  • +1

    Great effort as always

  • +1

    Just a word of warning. Be very very careful not to one click on an item that is not listed for $0, especially on the US store if you have an AUS credit card attached. You can cancel the order and you will get a refund but it will take a few days, won't cover foreign exchange fees, and there is a limit to the number you can refund without contacting customer support.

    1-click sucks. It use to prompt for password to confirm before you spend real money but it doesn't seem to do that any more.

    I've been bitten a couple of times now.

    • Yeah you have to be careful about assuming everything is free. Check the price before you hit the button folks!

  • Forgot to mention the one that bit me this time was
    Julius Caesar and Cleopatra VII
    Not free on US store.

  • +1

    Marathon in 3 months - bit too slow for me: I really need Marathon in 2 months as a challenge.

  • +1

    Thanks very much, great post!

  • having trouble getting them, telling me to set the country (which is US already)
    never had a problem like this, tried US Amazon and AU, anyone can assist?

  • +1

    Thanks mate! :)

  • Thanks. Curious on how do you find this free list?

  • 49 Awesome Chinese Recipes, Woodworking, Interior Design, SEO Marketing, *Affiliate Marketing, Andrew Jackson, Galileo Galilei, Balance Me, My Fish Stories & Australia Travel Guide are not free anymore… At least on US Amazon.

  • I so hate that the free fictions tend to be book 1 of a series..nothing like hooking you in then charging a high price to continue…
    Anyways,Thanks TA!

  • Just wondering - with the fact there's now an AU amazon kindle stores - what doe sit mean to migrate over when the aus site prompts you to move from US??

    I am reluctant as im not sure the reprecussions e.g. all my prior US books do they bcome available for my AU account? Will they geographically price target us with higher AUS prices as per other things?

    Or is it merely your 'defeault store' and isn't permANENT? Can I reverse and go back to US if issues?

  • Australia Travel Guide - 3.99AUD in com.au store :-(

  • Beef jerky isn't free anymore.

  • Thanks TA, got a few, missed the travel books

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