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Samsung 32GB EVO+ MicroSD - $20.06 Delivered @ Zapals


Found this deal on Zapals, seems good price considering shipping is free. They have got other options too:

SAMSUNG EVO+ Micro SD MicroSDHC/SDXC Memory Card - 64GB: $34.13
SAMSUNG EVO+ Micro SD MicroSDHC/SDXC Memory Card - 128GB: $58.88
SAMSUNG EVO+ Micro SD MicroSDHC/SDXC Memory Card - 256GB: $195.40


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    64gb for $34 is half decent, tbh I know it's the cheapest but the 32gb isn't really an amazing deal.

    I use this brand's 64gb on my Switch and it takes maybe 5 seconds longer to load stuff on average than using the internal storage, so not too bad at all.


    Is this seller trustworthy? Ie will they deliver or get it lost in transit? And are they authentic Samsung Micro SD cards or do I have to worry about fakes? I've never bought from Zapals before so not sure.


      They are definitely authentic. I have ordered through them before.


        Did you run something like h2testw on the card to verify it was the same capacity & speed as advertised?

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      They take the longest out of all overseas sellers from my experience ~2 months


        Yeah they seem to wait until they have a cwrtain quantity ordered, before ordering the stock themselves, then they post it out when they get the stock in. if your not in a hurry they can be cheap. But if its only slightly more with say Babggood I'd rater use them and pay a few extra dollars for quicker postage.

        Having said that i wouldn't buy sd cards from OS suppliers, pc byte, shopping express, futu and msy are the ones I trust to sell me legit ones.


    If I want to increase memory of my phone so that I don't need to delete photos and videos in it, which one should I get, advice welcome please.

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    It should be noted that only the 256GB card has fast read & write speeds. All the other capacities only support up to 20MBs write speeds hence the way cheaper pricing.

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    The 32/64 and 128gb are all previous models. The newer 64 and 128gb evo plus are all U3 and use vnand - I would suggest that anyone looking at the 64 or 128gb get those instead.

    This seems to be a fairly standard price for the 32gb

    The U3 version of the 64gb (only max 60mb/s) can be had for a few dollars more on eBay whilst the U1 version (as sold by zapal) is also about the same price from an Aust Seller

    The 128gb card is fairly decent value and is around $10 cheaper than ebay - though again this is for the older version. If you are buying a 128gb card I would suggest investing a few more dollars and get the newer version. (e.g. get the evo select from amazon, which is same as the new evo plus with a different look - marked expired but is still fine)

    The 256gb however is $30 dearer than ebay.

    TL;DR the 128gb is the only one that is cheap but I would recommend getting the U3 versions for $10 more.


      Want 256GB but way cheaper, will wait for time to work its magic as it is not urgent……thanks fiximol for all the info.


      If you look at the picture of the 128GB card, it does say U3 on it. So not sure where you're getting this information that the 128GB card is the older U1?

      EDIT: Actually they have two pictures for the 128GB - the one in the carousel shows the 128GB as U3, and further down the page, it shows the 128GB as U1, and also mentions the 256GB as being U3.


        I am just going by the worded description.

        If they are offering the U3 version then it is indeed a good buy.


    I used two EVO in the past on car camera, they both fail after 1 year of usage, may be just my bad lucky

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