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5.9kW Trina Panels + 5kW Fronius Inverter - Photovoltaic Solar System $5,430 after STC rebate @ E-Solar (WA)


We are currently offering a premium package for $5,430

The Premium Package includes:

20 x 295w Trina Panels
5kw Fronius inverter


For over 30 years e-Solar has established a solid reputation for quality and delivery in the renewable energy market, making us the longest running solar company in WA! We have managed to maintain our place in the market by offering great products and years of after sale service.

We pride ourselves on delivering a great service from beginning to end and our small, dedicated team means we are available at all times to answer your questions. Look for yourself at our reviews from happy customers at Solar Quotes

As government incentives decrease and green energy becomes the new way to save both money and the environment, there has never been a better time to switch to solar! e-solar is a reliable and affordable choice with years of experience and great prices. So head to our website

Prices based on single phase electricity, single storey home in Perth Metro area. For a limited time only.

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  • So its a 6kw system with a 5kw inverter?

    • panels cannot generate 100% (unless in a perfect conditions, right angle, temperature, environment) so I guess 5kw inverter is ok, I have 3kw system and maximum I saw was 2.7kw but my inverter is 3.3kw.

      • But it's a bit misleading still. It will NEVER be able to pump 6kw into the inverter.

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          Hi Putnum,

          True, it won't produce 6kw through at all times but it will pump 5kw+ through the 5kw inverter for longer periods of time, so is producing 5kw (peak) for more time.


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        Hi Meanozbgnr,

        It is standard to put between 0.5-1kw of panels extra than the inverter sizes because, as you mentioned, panels are not always 100% efficient. More panels means longer peak production so you get the best out of your system. If you have a 3.3kw inverter and 3kw of panels you will not be seeing peak as much. If you like we could get some more panels on there for you if youre in WA?


      • @ meanozbgnr

        I disagree. My 1500W system has pumped out nearly 1650W at times, and usually well over 1500W in summer, midday clear conditions.

        Have others found this too?

    • Hi Hooray,

      Solar systems are advertised this way across the board. What you see is the full power of the panel array is 6kw which goes through a 5kw inverter.

      If you have any questions you can call me 0415 910 877 and I will explain how it all works.


      • you can call me 0415 910 877

        You know you shouldn't post your phone number here, it will more than likely end up on a GrindR ad?

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          Hi Scab,

          Life is a game of risks my friend. i like to roll those dice.

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          Say hello to Tightarse for me if he contacts you.

    • This is standard so that you are producing the max the inverter can handle more of the time.

  • |6kw Premium Solar System $5,430

    I remember it used to be 6k-9k. I always keep an eye on these solar deal. Just in case I get a piece of these 7.692 million kmĀ² lands in the future. Then I will power my house with solar, wind, hydro and crap. Oh well at least the govern and I have something in common … dreaming …

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    Just out of interest, how much space does 6Kw of panels take up?

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      Hi Jong,

      It would depend on your roof but in terms of dimensions there would be 20 panels of 1650mm high and 940mm wide.


      • Thanks, mate.

  • Anyone with experience comment on the quality of the parts?

    We want to go solar at some point, but might be a bit too expensive right now (currently we have solar hot water and it takes all the roof space, we'd need to change our hot water to instant hot water and although the house has gas i believe the gas pipes are the wrong size)

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      Hi Justtoreply,

      We have a range of inverters available that vary in price, this is currently our most expensive system. If you would like I could do you a free quote for the other more affordable options we have?


      • No thanks, I want a quality system. Its the total cost that's an issue (ie: including the new mortgage, changing the existing solar hot water and potentially changing the gas connection).

        Any benefit to three phase? The new house has a single 3 phase power point in our meterbox. Not sure if that's useful or not.

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      Checkout this site a fellow OzB'er posted in another Solar System deal - Solar 101: A beginners guide.

      According to Solarquotes, both the Trina (panels) and Fronius (inverter) are reputable and well supported brands in Australia.

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      Fronius is a very well respected "premium" brand in the industry - their products and warranty are excellent.
      Trina is also a well-known and respected Tier 1 "premium" panel manufacturer.

    • Can also support this. I just ordered a system from a competitor to these guys but all i read about fronius/trina was positive. Its a good system. Not the absolute best money can buy, but you're paying double for that.

      • Not really, if you shop around for a while you can find good deals for a premium panel and inverter setup. I picked up a 6.6kw system with LG panels and a fronius inverter for $6k on a three phase house.

  • What's the price for a 3-phase single story install?

    • Hi Blaircam,

      3 phase would be around $200 extra. If you would like to contact me I can do an offical quote for you?


      • I need to sort out a large tree first, then I'll be seriously looking around.

        • Ok great. Give me a call or visit e-solar at when you've got rid of the pesky tree

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          Who'd have thought. Cutting down a tree to save the environment!

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          @psyren89: Cant have the tree and eat it too

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          @psyren89: The tree is not being cut down - we have been offered $$$ by a business who transplants mature trees.

  • If only I owned a house or lived in WA… seriously though, can't wait til everyone in this sunny country is reaping the solar benefits.

  • I'd be interested if only you were on the other side of the country.

  • Last week I got quote for 6.4kw for AU$3500.00 (24 Panel)

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      What brand inverter and panels? There are plenty of companies selling cheap junk and doing shoddy work. Fronius and Trina are both very well known and respectable

  • Wonder if you install the system in ACT?

    • Hi StephenS,

      Unfortunately we only work in WA.


  • Anybody with Solar, I have some questions. We just bought a house. It has a pool + solar storage hot water + gas plumbed separate heaters + ducted air con (not reverse cycle). Completely different setup to what I've had before and I'm wondering..

    • Is solar worthwhile in terms of running a heated pool?
    • Is solar with storage hot water better than solar and instant gas hot water? I kinda hate storage hot water but it might make sense to have it.
    • With solar, is it worth using electric house heating rather than existing gas heaters?
    • With solar, is it worth upgrading from the separate gas heaters to reverse cycle ducted air-con?
    • Our meterbox has a 3 phase power point. Is this of any use?

    I'm debating changing it to solar + instant hot water + reverse cycle air con, but can see that may not be the best combo with solar power?

    • +1

      -The pool pump may draw more power than the solar can supply at any one point, but it will offset a proportion of the pool long term.
      - Gas is cheaper short term, but will continue to increase in price long term. Look into Catchpower for electric hot water + solar (not associated, just a good Australian invention)
      - Existing gas heaters will be cheaper than new electric units
      - upgrade will be expensive to air con, but may pay for itself.
      -3 phase is good for solar, you can generally get a larger system compared to most residential homes (good for future considerations)

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