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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner $367.96 @ Shopping Square eBay


Thanks to doublezero1 post, mi robot for $367.96. Slightly more than the $367.16 a couple of weeks ago but still a great price for a great vacuum.

Original COLLECTING 20% off selected eBay sellers deal

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  • +1

    So impressed with mine. Especially since installing the English pack. My only criticism is that the dust bin is pretty small.
    Otherwise you'll pay close to $900 to get an equivalent Roomba or LG robovac at jbhifi.

    • Yup.
      Loving mine and was so happy when I found the English voice pack.
      Does the bottom floor of the house in 92 minutes and uses half the charge so still plenty of juice

    • Love mine. The algorithm is really good, the app is good to keep track and to know it has not missed a bit.
      HOWEVER - Where can I get spare battery? Everything else spare can be had, but could not find the battery, that is bit scary….

      • +1

        Aliexpress have them

        http://www.roboticstrends.com/article/tear_down_xiaomi_mi_ro... - Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum features a 14.4v, 74.88Wh, 5200mAh Li-ion battery

        • Thanks a lot! However, I am sorry, not my best day, and I am not lazy just maybe stupid today… May I ask to send the link to it at Aliexpress?
          I have spent like 2 hours searching and came up with nothing. I know its me, but I just can't think today…. Thanks a lot!

    • I'm looking to buy one. Where do you get the english voice pack from?

      • +1

        You download it once you have installed the vacuum on your xiaomi app

    • How do you install the English pack?

  • +2

    can i ask about the warranty for these products?

  • +2

    Heard RoboGuy is doing a deal…

    • Has that whole fiasco been resolved yet? I'm glad I dodged a bullet on that deal.

      • His memory will live on with this community forever.

        And no most people are still waiting in limbo.

  • Anyone know a good place to buy the accessories?

  • +1

    Shopping square not express

  • +2


    $350. No voucher required

    • +3

      That's a pretty good price, $315 with COZZIE and seller has a good rep so far.

      • +1

        You might want to check the feedbacks. Most are for $1 and $2 items, definitely none for the robot. Not to mention the account is only 2 months old.

        • Paypal and pray..

        • @timhobart: to roboguy

        • Just got a notification from Ebay that the item has been shipped and I placed the order only this morning.

          I think the seller is a new business starting small and besides, it is not easy to maintain 100% positive feedback from seasoned buyers as there are plenty of buyers who like to nitpick and being reasonable.

          So I am quite hopeful that the my transaction will go well.

        • @leznix: did you get the vacuum from that $350 eBay link? I ordered on July 19 and received it this morning. Very impressed. All seems genuine. They actually accepted an offer of $340 and I ended up paying $306 after eBay discount :) too bad they increased the price now

        • @barguy:

          Sorry for not replying soonest.

          I paid $315 with the discount.

          The robot was here on 2 August and yesterday I finally get to play with it, very impress with the little thing.
          I might get one for my mother.

          Also,the seller is definitely legit and reliable.

    • Damn…missed out…already sold out…you guys are quick

  • Cheapest I've found the Virtual Wall is $16AU including shipping.
    Anyone found cheaper?

    • go to office works and buy a $5 magnetic strip, I believe it's the same…
      I was going to try it out until roboguy failed to deliver.

      Now i'm wondering if I still want one…

      • +1

        Nope. It seems you need the magic xiaomi magnetic tape. The stuff I bought with the same dimensions doesn't work properly.
        I wish I'd seen this guy's video before I wasted my money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr5-RyzLQHU

        • Ah damn, I just bought two packets! If u got it at office works just return it :p

        • @bowtiehoon: Nope. I imported a 5m roll with the same physical dimensions from some UK ebay seller. No returns for me.

    • $14.33AU from Geekbuying

  • No tracking number on a four hundred dollar plus item?!
    Poor form shopping square!

    • Turns out it did have a tracking number, but shoppingsquare just didn't tell me.
      Auspost delivered it this morning.

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