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Miele Dishwasher G6300 $1499 (Reduced from $2199) @ Miele Shop


Miele seem to be having a sale on their dishwasher

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  • They were running a $300 off on washing machines recently. I thought they always do that so didn't buy. How wrong I was :)

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    Have the previous model, great appliances.

    Our family has had Bosch, LG and F&P (shudder) dishwashers before it and the Miele is hands down the quietest, fastest and best cleaning machine we've ever had….apart from the missus.

    • My two draw F&P is on the way out. It sounds awful when running, some sort of grinding noise. Has dropped water before also.
      The draw is convenient.

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        We used to have one one of those - an awful machine that lasted less than 4 years

        Now on a Smeg which is doing a top job

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          My F&P twk draw dishwasher just flooded the kitchen last night. It's time to finally be replaced.

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      The missus would have been the loudest one

  • Have Miele professionals at work and a Bosch (Serie 8) at home. Miele for some reason don't flush all the little food remnants out, and gets caught at the bottom of the dishwasher which is a bit grotty. Bosch - not a thing left. This is despite using similar habits when loading them. Unless there's something wrong with all three of my work's Mieles, I would choose Bosch.

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      Bosch S8 priced at $1400.00 from HN, good reviews

      • That model was on eBay GG for $1274 recently for their EOFY sale. Model SMS88TI01A
        The price has jacked back up to $1399 however I'm sure you can haggle a better price. HN currently has it for $1429
        The updated model will be released shortly; the SMS88TI04A but this one will be around $2.5K

  • Price match at David Jones and combine with 10% off gift cards via entertainment book?

    • Miele is price fixed. I think retailer gets a kick back, but effectively they just order on your behalf. Only way to win is to negotiate something along side.

      Some items reduced. Dont see the 6300 model.

      I may be mistaken, you might be able to get 10% via dj rewards/amex/??/

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        Miele is price fixed. I think retailer gets a kick back, but effectively they just order on your behalf.

        I think you mean Miele (and Asko, etc) are agency brands, where the retailer just gets a commission.

        I'm pretty sure Miele will allow David Jones to sell the dishwasher for the same price (assuming it's in their catalog, hence my question mark above). If you can order it at David Jones, then you can stack with the 10% off gift cards, because all the payments are processed by David Jones.

        The David Jones website is pretty crap for lots of things, probably best to ask in store, which model Miele's they can sell.

  • Thanks, been waiting for an offer on these. Thanks for submitting.

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      usually that's the part where you up-vote

  • Any current sale/promo of dishwasher (free standing 60cm) around the $600 mark?
    Missed out on the Bosch sale at JB Hi-Fi last month :-(

  • Can someone recommend a good bench top dishwasher Thanks in advance

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    we have a Miele dishwasher at our house, the most useless piece of paper weight we own. In comparison to a cheap FP dishwasher that we had previously, it's useless. Doesn't wash properly, everything needs to be rewashed… had a clean inside and still the samr. Everything works as it should. Miele never again… trying to replace it now with something that actually works.

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      Maybe speak to Miele about it and see if they can send someone out at no cost.

      I have a Miele dishwasher and it does a great job

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      Yes, unfortunately we had a similar experience a few years ago. Bought a top-of-the-range, fully integrated XXL Miele based on all the glowing reports. It did work well enough but I wouldn't say it was amazing. Door automatically popped open at then end of the cycle allowing everything to dry naturally which was a nice feature. Well laid out internals somehow allowing everything to just fit without needing to shuffle stuff around so that was good too. The problem? The $3000+ POS died 2 months after the 12 month warranty expired! As it was out of warranty I opened it up myself and found condensation on the rear of the logic board and signs that it had been there many times before (blackened corroded areas)… but of course they didn't ever design the Dishwasher to ever need to handle water or steam did they :| Anyway, I managed to fix it up at great expense then we sold the house soon after so it's now someone elses problem. Pfft, never again for Miele!

      We had been loyal ASKO customers before then but that was when they were still built in Sweden and from all reports their quality had slipped since they moved to China (but may be up to scratch again by now, not sure). We purchased a $500 LG cheapie for another house and absolutely love it! Well designed, runs quiet and cleans & dries really well. Based on that we went out of our way to track down another super-cheapie as a temp machine while we live in a work site (long-term DIY renovations) and ended up with a DeLonghi from an OzBargain sale for under $400. It also works quite well but doesn't seem to dry as nicely as the LG and isn't as quiet. Still better than the Miele though because it's still working :) My 2c anyway.

      • The problem? The $3000+ POS died 2 months after the 12 month warranty expired! As it was out of warranty I opened it up myself and found condensation on the rear of the logic board and signs that it had been there many times before (blackened corroded areas)… but of course they didn't ever design the Dishwasher to ever need to handle water or steam did they :| Anyway, I managed to fix it up at great expense then we sold the house soon after so it's now someone elses problem. Pfft, never again for Miele!

        Oh dear- you should have called Miele service to have a look even though the warranty just expired.

        In my experience Miele service has been excellent - yes - they say there is a large call out fee, but the service guys are very experienced, and if the problem is failure as you have described, most likely Miele would have covered the repair complimentarily.

        I had door problems about 4 years after buying a Miele dishwasher (which up till that time had performed faultlessly).
        The service guy had a look and said it was not installed properly at time of installation, so fixed it up for free (even though the install was done by the builder!).

        ps. Miele dishwasher warranty is 2 years, not 12 months.

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        Less than 2c. Miele products have a two year warranty and even if they didn't you would still be covered under consumer law. They also offer a 20 year warranty against water damage caused by the appliance.

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          Yep, all good points but the core of the issue is the fact that their top-of-the-range product failed and in such an easily preventable way proving that it wasn't actually designed as well as I and many other people may assume. All good though… I temporarily solved the problem by repairing it myself then permanently solved the problem by selling the house and buying other dishwashers since… all of which have been far more positive experiences :)

        • Vote ++ for Miele support.

          We purchased a Miele dishwasher on sale from HN in lieu of a renovation project. Long story short: the renovation was severely delayed - and by the time we got around to installing/using the dishwasher, we had less than a year left on the warranty.

          I contacted Miele and informed them of our dilemma - and no problem - they extended the warranty. Seamless experience.

      • Asko isn't made in China, they are now made in Slovenia (home of the Parent company) and some still in Sweden.

        As for quality, I'm not sure if the production in Slovenia has made the products more or less reliable.

        My Swedish made Asko appliances are still going strong. My Volvo is also going strong, but that was made in Belgium.

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          Yep, our top-end, Swedish made ASKO appliances were purchased in 1999/2000 so 18 years & many house moves and they're still chugging along with only light wear & tear issues beginning to rear their ugly heads (noisy pump & slowly dying shock absorber in the washer, bit of rust here & there, gradually losing lines on the LCD screens). Incredible stuff however it all cost a small fortune when we bought it so I was expecting 20 years out of it anyway :) At time of purchase ASKO Sweden had a complimentary global 'end-of-life' entire appliance collect & recycle program in place which was a big factor in our decision making as no-one else seemed to bother back then but good to finally see others starting to come around. I wonder if that's still going? Possibly not as there's so much money in recycling now I'm sure others would be keen to get their hands on our old ASKO stuff. The washing machine is over 80kgs alone as there's a lot of decent metal in it.

    • What did Miele say when you contacted them about it?

  • Bought a free standing in April this year G4920SC. $899 (down from 1499 per website) in Miele clearance centre. Unboxed item but never been used. Work like a champ and clean perfectly even the quick wash 40 minutes. If you are serious check out their clearance centre in each state in the link below. Happy saving :)

    • Is it normal for all dishwasher's quick wash cycle to take 40 mins ??? I disconnected mine because it was a 20 odd years old machine and we hardly ever use it and one thing I hate it most was how long it took to do a cycle, I could have washed hundred more dishes and saved heaps of water washing by hands. Do all dishwashers take that long to do a cycle ?

      • 13 litres of water for complete cycle for this wash. Save heap of water

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        Do all dishwashers take that long to do a cycle ?

        Pretty much. The only advantage is that you don't have to do the work. (But by the time you've loaded it, you could have done half the washing by hand anyway…)

        I've got one of the newish Bosch ones, and yeah it does a good job generally, but it takes 1.5h on regular cycle.

        • Thanks for the advice. I probably give dish washers a miss then considering the time it needs to do a cycle. Hand wash is faster.

        • @sistermay:
          faster, but as Khmer empire said - hand washing is very wasteful of water and energy (if you use hot water to wash).
          The economy cycle of the dishwasher can take about 3 hours, but uses much less energy and water.
          time versus saving water and energy - you can choose.

      • Yes, but you don't have to sit and watch it, so it's not a problem for most people. And you save a heap of water.

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        My Asko takes 90 mins on a normal cycle

        But really, does it really matter that it takes 40 mins or 3 hours? It's not like you have to hold a button for it to work.

        Turn it on, walk away.

    • You are lucky to buy at that price I got the same model at $1299 and it has been great so far. Thanks for the clearance centre info. Will check it out for other items.

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    Hello everyone, I had a top of the range Miele dishwasher for many years and it gave excellent service and was trouble free. Moved house and did some research and considered alternatives to Miele and looked at Asko and Bosch and decided on a dishwasher from Siemens. Found it to be one of the quietest dishwashers on the market and had more features and was cheaper than the a similar model from Miele. More Siemens appliances are sold in Germany than Miele and Siemens come with a 5yr warranty compared to 1yr warranty form Miele.

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      Siemens dishwashers are basically a Bosch with a different fascia and longer warranty. And 50% more than the equivalent Bosch.

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    Choice magazine just conducted a test and it turns out it's a $700 F&P out perform other expensive brand. I have not read the repot myself I just saw people's comments and they said it's the F&P brand. Can go on their FB to have a look.

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      I read the full report:

      A couple of Miele and Bosch models are the top ranked >= 79%.

      I need an new dishwasher and this offer is tempting (hence the + vote), but as a true ozbargainer I will probably get the top ranked Bosch one - massive price difference between Bosch and Miele, and virtually no performance difference according to Choice.

      • To be honest I expect little difference in the results, all should give a very good clean. The difference is the aesthetics, quietness and reliability.

        Unfortunately Choice can't test for reliability but I know Miele is excellent.

        I'd have no issues getting a Bosch or Miele. Just make sure the Bosch is made in Germany (and not an cheap one made in Turkey).

  • Do Miele models require refilling with salt? Is this a good or bad thing?

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      All depends on how hard your supply water is! You don't need to fill them with salt, they just have that as an option for those with super 'hard' water as adding salt helps the detergents do their thing and provide a better wash: The Miele we had allowed you to program the salt sensor out so you didn't have to put up with constant warnings the hopper needed refilling. Once we did that it was like it never existed. No biggie, just an added extra allowing the user to get the best wash results possible across the full range of water types.

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      Yes in Adelaide, no in Melbourne. So depends on where you live and how 'hard' the water is.

  • Are dishwashers an appliance that can be self installed? ie. is it pretty simple to replace an existing dishwasher with a new one? Or are there normally warranty not to do so?

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      Very simple to swap out an old DW with a new DW! Just three connections… 1. Water Supply is usually just a threaded fitting with flat rubber washer but be 100% sure it's shut off first! 2. Waste Outlet Hose is usually just hose clamped onto the S-Bend under a sink and 3. Power Supply is usually just a bog standard 3-pin plug. You should usually only need a Screwdriver for the hose clamp and maybe some large pliers or multi-grip type things to undo the water supply fitting if it's tight plus a bowl/bucket and a few old rags to catch & wipe up the water that will leak out all over the floor.

      Note: If the Power GPO has been installed in a silly position (ie. close to the pipework or low in the cabinet) I highly recommend you switch that circuits power or even just kill all power before commencing just in case you end up with water spraying all over the place when disconnecting the hoses.

      • I notice the water drain and inlet hoses are only 1.5m in the specs. Is that really short unless your dishwasher is right next the the sink?
        How easy is it to extend the hoses, seems unlikely mine would be able to reach. I assume it's actually fixed to the dishwasher?

        • 1.5m is about standard. Extending the hoses isn't a big drama… Bunnings has everything you need and the staff in the Plumbing area should be able to help but best if you took along the hoses or some decent pics and measurements.

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      I just installed a freestanding Miele myself for the first time, took about 30mins. Glad I did it and saved installation cost!

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    I have a Miele tumble dryer, one month after warranty ended, it came up with a sensor error (door open). Called out Miele, as the unit was wall mounted, they needed two technicians to lift it down.

    The Miele tech opened up the dryer, mentioned that this model has a tendency to throw sensor errors, and that I bought it just before it was superseded, called his supervisor to see if he could replace sensors for free, mentioned that it's just out of warranty, but no, had to pay around $500 for service and parts. Brutal. Will buy a basic $300 tumble dryer with the next error. Lesson learnt, not buying Miele again here.

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      Yep, completely with you Neil… and here we thought we were buying top quality! Pfft, all the cheapie appliances I've purchased since have already outlived the top-of-the-line Miele we had. No more Miele 'wank' for us :)

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      That's sh*t.
      I wouldn't be impressed either.

      I'll be needing to replace dishwasher very soon. Maybe just cheapy instead then

      • … or a Miele but only at a greatly reduced price which brings its true quality/cost ratio (aka: value) more in-line with others.

        • My F&P drawer dishwasher just flooded the kitchen. Time for replacement.
          Any suggestions?

        • @albanyson: Maybe a Miele as long as it's a good price… or ASKO I suppose… or just go for a mega cheapie and risk it :)

  • All the Miele models seem to be on sale at the moment, with $300 off (ie. at Good Guys, HN), also with some free dishwashing tablets.
    I suppose the g6300 mentioned in this post is a slightly older model, hence the extra $ off? No longer displayed in stores.

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