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Xiaomi: Mi 3-Outlet Power Strip US $9.99 (AU $13.37) / ROIDMI 3S Bluetooth Car Charger US $14.60 (AU $19.54) Delivered @ Zapals


Hi all, we have one deal for Xiaomi Mi 3-Outlet Power Strip Powerboard with 3 USB Ports $13.37 free shipping and xiaomi roidmi 3s car charger $19.54 free shipping.

Xiaomi Mi 3-Outlet Power Strip Powerboard with 3 USB Ports $13.37 Delivered
Coupon code: XMOPP03 (need to log in the account to apply the code)

Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S Dual USB Bluetooth Car Charger All Cars Compatible $19.54 free shipping registered
Coupon code: XMR3S0239 (need to log in the account to apply the code)

Other deals (no coupons needed):
Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Strip 6 Outlets Wi-Fi Remote Control Socket - AU Plug $26.76 Free Shipping

Tekcam F60R 4K WiFi Action Camera SONY IMX179 Sensor $49.51 Free Shipping Registered

Please PM me for any product or order issue:)

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  • +1

    Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Strip 6 Outlets
    is really Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Strip 3 Outlets for Oz 3 pin plugs

    • Yes:)

      • Does the adjacent 2 pins accommodate an AU 2 pin plug?

        • Hi, the adjacent 2 pins are CN standard and are unable to accommodate an AU 2 pin plug.

  • What's the max amps per port when all 3 usb ports are in use?

    • hi, the max is 2A when 3 ports are in use.

  • Coupon code "XMOPP03" is not valid.

    • hi, this code works. Need to log in the account to apply or it will show invalid. Try it again:)

  • Is wall plug for Xiaomi Mi 3-Outlet Power Strip Powerboard AU as no pic is shown of plug?

    • -2

      hi, this is AU plug.We will update the information in the listing.

      • +4

        this is AU plug

        correction, its a china plug which just happens to closely align with Australian plug types when inverted

    • +3

      The plug fits Aust plugs, but it will be upside down.

      • +4

        With slightly thinner pins and no insulation.

        • +2

          thinner? 1mm longer too

          insulation can kill you, just ask kRudd

  • +2

    I wish someone would make a power board with QC in it. I can't bring myself to charge my QC3 capable phone the old fashioned way in 2017.

  • +5

    Buy the power strip as a protest to protectionism. Swing it around and watch the electricians and insurance companies lose their minds! This is living life on the absolute edge, and I love it!

    • and a few OzB'ers too.

  • The Xiaomi Mi 3-Outlet Power Strip Powerboard - does that come with an AU plug as well?

      • +5

        No, that is a Chinese plug. It will fit albeit upside down and with thinner pins as well as uninsulated L and N pins.

  • The power strip says $17.39 for me

    • +2

      hi, need to log in your account and apply the code XMOPP03 at checkout. The final price will be $13.37.

  • +1

    Don't forget the "Add free gift" - together with the coupon I was able to add a [U.S. plug] 3.1 amp wallwart. Total A$13.37 - or maybe even less, tho I suspect the $9.99 is in U.S. dollars…

    Xiaomi Mi 3-Outlet Power Strip Powerboard with 3 USB Ports
    WP1020390402074 1 AU$17.39
    3.1A 3 Port USB Wall Charger US Plug Black ZP303200041519 1 AU$4.00
    Subtotal AU$21.39
    Shipping & Handling AU$0.00
    Discount (XMOPP03) -AU$8.02
    Grand Total AU$13.37
    Grand Total to be Charged $9.99

  • +1

    Rather use AliExpress with 7% cash back or the new power strip that has 6 power outlets.
    It's 14.40 on AliExpress

    • +1

      Sounds good. Do you have a link?

    • Can't find it on AliExpress, do you have a link?

      • +1

        2017 Newest 100% Original Xiaomi Power Strip Fast Portable Charging USB2.0 Interface Extension Socket Plug White Professional

        Seems my linkings don't work but search that

        • Thanks a lot found it, and Shame OzBargain won't let you post the link.

        • @naru6705: but you can post the link

  • Are these tested as per Australian standards?

    • +2

      Extremely doubtful. Though that doesn't mean they aren't safe, necessarily. I haven't tried them, so can't say either way. If you are concerned about your insurance overlords, then don't…

    • Lol ofc not

    • Work for a company selling electrical components we ship stuff in test it and sell it to the Australian market I'm sure that stuff isn't certified either I've seen cheap click power boards for 4-5 bucks being cheap plastics I'm sure this would be an upgrade from them cheap things

      • I'm sure this would be an upgrade from them cheap things

        Paying about triple the price seems to suggest so. But you get one slot less than the typical 4-port. But you do get USB (if you don't mind those ports being energised constantly and drawing a small current while your other electronics are plugged in…or the fact they might die first). And you can plug in other stuff without an adapter of course.

        13-ish dollars can buy you an individually switched 4-port powerboard locally.
        Which are nicer in other areas.

        • +1

          The main advantage I see of this is you can connect almost all of your international plugs in it whereas the one bunnings one you will have to plug an Australian adaptor for all the international plugs.

        • @hawamahal:

          And you can plug in other stuff without an adapter of course.


  • Using one of these in Europe now. Big advantage u can unplug say a bedside lamp… And plug it into your power board along with your own stuff as takes many international plug types… Regularly use all 3 USB ports

  • +1

    Just a warning to all.

    I waited 9 weeks for a power bank purchased from zapals……never arrived and poor customer service.

    • -1

      Hi, sorry to hear that. Could you please PM me your order number? I'll follow up this for you.

      • I have received a full refund via Paypal through a transaction dispute i raised. Its extremely disappointing that the produxt that I had purchased never arrived, I will not use Zapals in the future.

  • I am really keen on that 6-outlet wifi enabled powerboard, but I have noticed only 3 of the sockets can accept AU plug. Is there a version which has 6 compatible outlets?

  • +2

    NOTE: Zapals is very slow on shipping. Orders take about 2 months to arrive.

    • Yes I agree with you. Zapals is really slow in shipping. Took over a month to arrive. I prefer buying from Banggood $17.56, much quicker.

  • The price is so leet!

  • Just tried to make a purchase but can't make it through the payment page it just refreshes when I click on 'place order now'.

  • Why should I buy this instead of the certified Target one with four power ports and two 5V 3.4A USB ports for $15?


    • …to plug in overseas gadgets with different plugs without using a travel adapter.