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Xiaomi Mi Box Amlogic S905X 2GB RAM 8GB ROM TV Box - International Version US $55.92 (~AU $72.22) @ Banggood


Youtube review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rzSxdVoQDo


CPU: S905X Quad-core Cortex-A53 2.0GHz
GPU: Mali 450 750MHz
OS: Android TV 6.0 Marshmallow
Wifi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Bluetooth: 4.0

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  • Exactly what I needed thanks, wifi on my sony tv broke down and chromecast feels limited compared to something like this for an extra $15-20.

  • The power packs are 5.2v not 5v like USB ….and Xiaomi doesn't have AU power packs …..if you get US you can bend the pins and use in AU ….
    …but this offer says random US/EU power packs and if you get EU you will be stuck with travel adapter.

  • Thanks mate. Been waiting for a long time for banggood to reduce price. As didn't want to buy from Gearbest.
    Got one this time:)

    • Urgh, I pulled the trigger on Gearbest 2 weeks ago and my order is still processing.

      • I bought the Lightinthebox deal for the same from about a week ago it was $2/- more than Gearbest; I know, I know I brought much shame on my family that day.

        The Rep was great and when it hadn't shipped within 48hrs I contacted him and he expedited the order and it shipped the next day. Great service worth the extra $2/- IMHO. Now to wait and see when it arrives anywhere from 14-45 days, I am in no hurry so it's ok.


        • Strange one with LITB - my mi box arrived in 2 weeks, shipped from Netherlands. Bought another two small items in a separate order which also arrived within 3 weeks. So I guess with LITB YMMV!

        • Bought one with LITB on June 12 and still waiting. Rep said it might take 40 days,which is July 22.
          Definitely won't buy from them anymore

        • More the shame if you didn't claim cash rewards on it.

      • I always avoid them even if they are cheaper. I have ordered few things from BG and no dramas so far. Thats why I trust them.

  • Dont forget 9% cashback through cashreqards

  • Price:AU$90.27 is not the one say in here

  • Been waiting 6 weeks for the one I ordered from light in the box …..tracking says shipped 6 weeks ago and then stops in Netherlands …. China to Netherlands by air Netherlands to Australia probably by ship …..headphones from light in the box arrived in 14 days ……direct via airmail…..guess it depends on which seller you get at these sites as they have multiple sellers …….

    • You got standard shipping. Unfortunately this is slow.

      I placed an order with LITB and paid for expedited shipping on the 11th. It was despatched on the 17th and it arrived Wednesday this week.

    • Got mine using the free shipping option from Light in the Box in 3-4 weeks. Only about a week once it finally got to Netherlands post.

    • I ordered one from LITB in April - tracking showed it made it to Australia on 18th May but I never received it. Back and forth with their customer service so eventually got a refund after opening a PayPal dispute.

  • An alternative to the power pack is a USB power cable, which can be had for $3.25 delivered:


    I bought one last month - works great:

    "the 0.5A USB port on my Samsung TV could power the Mi Box using this cable (works with the Fetch TV USB port too) – tested video playback via connected USB stick and that worked fine too.

    …makes it super easy to move it between TVs, and a good option when taking to a friends place or on holidays etc."


    • Only issue with powering from TV port is that the unit loses power (not proper shutdown or sleep) when the TV is switched off. This means you gotta wait for the device to boot each time to use it.

  • Anyone that has this, have you been able to get the Android TV remote app to work? Won't work for me no matter what I try.

  • Anyone got any experience with one of these compared to a Roku Premiere+?

    Got the Roku at home already but interested in trying one of these out.

    • Biggest advantage over the Roku is the ability to install Kodi. 'Nuff said.

      • Yer but what makes Kodi so great? Sell it for me KaTst3R

        • Every TV show and live stream in the world you have ever wanted. But some technical expertise is required to set up Kodi. Google can help.

          Alternatively, you can also use an old laptop and run Kodi.

  • thanks OP, just ordered!

  • how does this compare to the other android boxes out there? This seems cheaper than a raspberry pi setup.

  • Decided to buy from Gearbite on ebay instead. $89 with ebay code and I'll get it next week instead of a couple of months from now. Just an option if you don't want to wait.

  • Battling to understand this. Can you run Plex in this? Or it it limited to somethings?

    • This might sound selfish however, the more people talk about what this can do the more chance it will get shut down - just like all previous good things before it…

      • Shut down? What are you talking about? lol

      • I think i know what you're talking about so I don't mention the potential this has.. PS "more
        power" đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚

        • Yer I think I know what he's talking about too but got nothing to do with the device itself or plex. Seems stupid to deter people from talking about what a device can do and asking whether it runs an app. In fact it's paranoid.

          If you started talking about Kodi and some of the plugins that obtain content through questionable means then I'd understand. But if anyone is buying it for that reason then they probably know about that already anyway.

    • Yes it can run Plex.

    • This runs Android TV, which has native Plex and Netflix apps, among others. The App selection isn't great at the moment, but Plex and Netflix run brilliantly on it.

  • Good unit for the price. Got one in a sale earlier this year and it has worked very well.

    Question - Does anyone know if you can sideload the Free To Air apps? Eg 9Now, Seven, ABC iview etc. My Sony TV with Android TV has them, but I don't know whether these are freely available, or whether Sony have created them to support their own ecosystem.

  • Awesome, didn't catch the gearbest one so snapped this up :D

    Thanks OP :D

  • mi box or r pi3; what is better for kodi+exodus?

  • Can anyone tell me what Australian Catch up TV apps are available for this? 7, 9, Ten, SBS, ABC?

  • Thanks OP, ordered one! Just searched for this last night and was waiting for this deal as I don't want to go Gearbest way. Anyone has an idea how long it normally takes Banggood to ship our orders?

    • Ordered this today and within a few hours i got an email with a tracking number.
      Not too sure how long it takes to arrive but atleast they get it out the doors quick

      • Thanks! I have checked the status of my order and it is saying "Ready To Process". I haven't received any email with a tracking number yet. I will see if I receive any email within today :)

        • Bang good can take ages. But they're honest about it. If their listing says "7-25 business days" like this one does, you'll have it in that time frame. Unlike other stores mentioned in this thread that quote "7-20 days" but then don't send it for two weeks and then takes 4 weeks after that to get to you, etc.

        • @salem: That's good to hear that they honour the shipping time frame :) Cheers!

  • Are there stocks of US plugs or just EU ?

  • This or Roku Premiere Plus? Which one of the two would be more worth investing into?

  • My satellite service with tvb is about to end. Should i get this to watch internet video or tvb's own box.

  • All gone, coupon used 500 times

  • Missed out too!! All used up.

  • Missed out

  • is it better than chromecast? can it cast from my chrome browser ?

  • This can be marked as expired

  • 3 days still not shipped :(

  • back in stock.. bought one

    • When did you buy as I checked earlier and it says:
      Expected restock on 19th August 2017.
      Did you still pay $90 or is there another code to enter on checkout?

  • Out of stock, plus coupon no longer valid…

  • Anyone received theirs yet?

    My tracking is showing:
    2017-08-03 11:10 Genève 2 Letter Transit, Departed transit country
    2017-08-03 11:10 Genève 2 Letter Transit, The consignment has left the origin border point
    2017-08-03 09:42 Genève 2 Letter Transit, Arrived in transit country
    2017-07-24 16:30 Asendia Hong Kong, The consignment has left the origin border point
    2017-07-24 16:30 Asendia Hong Kong, Arrival at origin border point
    2017-07-24 16:30 Asendia Hong Kong, Mailed

    Im a bit shocked that it has gone from Hong Kong to Switzerland