RoboGuy - Who Has Received Their Mi Robot or a Refund, or Are You Still Waiting?

Hey guys,

I was apart of the group by a couple of months ago with Roboguy and reading through thread threads -

kza2610 suggested a poll - and to be honest I was quite curious as well:

Hopefully enough poll options.

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Poll Options

  • 20
    Bought a RoboGuy MiRobot and Still Waiting
  • 7
    Bought a RoboGuy MiRobot and Actually received my vacuum
  • 21
    Bought a RoboGuy MiRobot and Cancelled via Paypal and refunded without issues
  • 29
    Bought a RoboGuy MiRobot and Cancelled via Paypal and refunded [with calls]
  • 5
    Bought a RoboGuy MiRobot and Cancelled via Paypal and still waiting
  • 4
    Bought a RoboGuy MiRobot and Cancelled via CC Charge-back
  • 5
    Bought a RoboGuy MiRobot and Sent bikies to get my money back
  • 24
    Whats a Roboguy - Covfefe

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  • RoboGuy initially sought a minimum 100 orders but reduced that to 50 hours later It seems the majority of those 50 have now received or initiated refunds.

    • +2

      good to know - Poll might be tiny then :(

  • +1

    how did someone actually get their vacuum already?

    can people who picked option 2: please explain?

    • +4

      Joke vote? RoboGuy alt account?

    • +1

      A user (nnolan? - cant remember exactly) did get one apparently which was a lucky dip from when Robaguy when to HK and brought back a 'small amount' of stock with him. Aside from him, I dont think anyone else has reported that theyve received a unit.

      • I seriously doubt he personally went to Hong Kong.

  • +1

    should add another option: Will be grabbing pitchfork soon to go after Roboguy

    • +1

      Roboguy then say "Exterminate" and Mirobot soon after cleans up the ashes.

  • +2

    Voted! PayPal refund received.

  • +1


    roboguy ignored me
    PayPal delayed delayed delayed
    Credit card refunded within 5 days

  • +1

    I got my refund from Roboguy just before people started raising disputes so I've just picked the third option.

    • +1


  • +1

    called paypal and they said have to wait till 26th and they'll "settled" the case then with a refund
    not sure why have to wait another week… but whatever (and what's annoying is i didn't even order the vacuum…)

    • I was hoping that they would refund me before the 22nd, because thats when the boat is 'scheduled' to arrive in the port. I was just worried that if Roboguy sends through the tracking right after that, that Paypal would further extend the date even though I don't want it anymore.

  • +2


    Bought a RoboGuy MiRobot and Cancelled via Paypal and refunded [with calls] Many attempts mind you and finally they have succumbed to make the decision in my favour by sending an email to me yesterday. Not sure if chargeback request to the credit card provider helped at all. But I cancelled my request of chargeback upon receiving my refund through Paypal, so there are no chargeback charges to Roboguy.

    Ain't I nice :D

    Obviously not everyone voted on the poll, because I'm pretty sure there were many more people who received refunds.

  • Voted. Tried to do a paypal claim, they were dragging their feet so i called Amex and did a chargeback, low and behold the next day they had ruled in my favour… Got my money back in the end but was like dragging my nuts on sandpaper

  • wow thats there's still 10 people still waiting

  • Well I put through the PayPal dispute today and escalated it. Called and they said it would take 10 days before I could get the money back.

  • To the people still waiting on their vacuums, did you find out what the "exciting news", that Roboguy referred to in his email, is??

    • Finally delivered?

    • +2

      I emailed and didn't get a reply and that was the straw that broke the camel's back

    • +2

      The exciting news was the possibility of being able to purchase an extended warranty. I guess the fact that roboguy is likely closing shop rendering the regular warranty useless is what makes an extended warranty 'exciting'. Doesn't seem like anyone's been receiving vacuums even if they didn't cancel their order so warranty probably isn't too much of any issue anyway.

  • as reference, called paypal again today (gave them the 1 week that they said they needed) and refunded has been processed

  • +1

    Latest update

    We have just received a phone call from our customs broker to alert us that customs still have our shipment on X-Ray hold. It was supposed to come off X-Ray hold yesterday or today so we had arranged to have your order picked up by our couriers this afternoon, however due to customs our courier has been rebooked for Monday.
    We can’t wait to delivery your order, we will provide tracking details very soon.

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    Ok I signed up (after one year of lurking) to quickly comment on this one.

    This is the email that I received yesterday.

    Your order has been shipped.
    Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    Courier company: Fastway Tracking code: xxxxxxxxxxxx

    But the tracking code doesn't work even after 24 hours. I assume this is because Fastway is crappy. I wonder whether he is going to scam us?

    • +1

      Yea fastaway is terrribbblleeeeeeee

    • Good to know. I'm in the same boat, although now it's 4 days since I received that email.

  • More like slow to update their details

  • Just chill guys, i got mine yesterday delivered to a melbourne address. Those in other states will have to wait a bit longer.

    • +1

      2 months 30 days later….

      What killed the dinosaurs?

      Schwarzenegger voice - "The ice ageeeee"

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    I purchased a ebike from Roboguy in May, due weeks ago after multiple broken promises and now just does not reply to emails. Anyone else in same situation? Currently in PayPal dispute over a week still awaiting action from Roboguy. Would not deal with him.

  • +1

    I was looking for accessories for the vacuum to get over small steps.
    And came across a thread on whirlpool with heaps of negative comments and referencing ozb.

    It isnt looking too good for Roboguy, but I'll plus one him through all the bad coverage.

    Albeit delivery was extremely late and tracking was crap we eventually received it.
    We've had it for about 2 weeks from this post.

    I received it, and no gripes.

    I am also however, one of the few people who have purchased it and have come back to post a somewhat good comment.

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