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Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Drawing Tablet $1614.20 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Based from the original 20% off eBay selected stores post.

Pretty decent deal considering I had to pay full price way back when. Probably the only few times you can get it cheaper since other resellers barely beat the RRP (w/ shipping, they're pretty much moot). Adding cashrewards into the mix might net you couple odd bucks.

Tablet itself gets flak but I like it. Haven't had any major issues.

There are also other Wacom tablets available if this isn't for you.

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  • This model has several issues. Just research before buying. lots of complaints on reddit/Wacom. But pretty good deal considering $400 off.

  • Any samples of your work?
    If you don't mind, that is.

    • I would love to but the platform on which I want to show it (website) isn't ready yet :/

      • Sounds like you might be the man to ask

        For a novice hobby "artist" who would like to get started with digital art which one of the non direct tablets would you recommend?

        I'm struggling to make a decision here

        • I'm a hobby artist myself, and I've had various tablets without screens for a few years. All that time I've been wanting something with a screen. I got the ipad pro + astropad (and procreate), ultimately getting the 13" version of this series from Wacom. I can say it is great!

          A few caveats though, I have a standing desk, stand, Wacom keyboard and ExpressKey remote, so the footprint of the screen tablets is a lot bigger imo. It's more to promote "healthy" usage of my arm instead of my wrist. I work at a computer full time, and I have a standing desk at work and at home to combat sedentary living.

          @Rorschach - Here's a sample you might like as well. Took me a few hours (Plus dozens of hours of prior learning on edge control, colours, etc. :p)

        • I have quite the same sentiments as "sephiris" in that I have used Wacoms without the screens. I moved onto the Cintiq Pro because the disconnect was disjointing and I couldn't get the lines I wanted.

          If you're not going to go too deep into this, I would probably say the "Intuos Pen & Touch" but not the latest with the dotted surface. The newer one (dotted) is the same as the last gen pre much and you might be able to snag a decent price for it. There's small and medium for it and personally, I would go for medium sized (although I think the price might be a bit high, being in 150+ area). Medium because I tend to do broad long strokes and the small seems quite small (maybe smaller/same size of my 8" android tablet).

          If those are too small for you, maybe look into the Intuos Pro. They have considerably larger drawing space and higher pressure sensitivities for the finer details. Although they do come at a steeper price as well…

          If you aren't sure if you want to invest in this for the long term, maybe look for used tablets. My friend got decent pricing on the old 13HD so hopefully, there will be more steals like it. There are also other brands you can look into but I have only ever used Wacom so I can't comment on what they're like.

          Hope I answered any queries. If not, feel free to press on and I can continue to help :)

        • @sephiris: Cheers, good stuff.
          @dormammu @themojorising: I've always wanted to get into digital art myself, might get a (cheapish) pen for the iPad and see how things go.

        • [@Rorschach][@sephiris][@dormammu]

          Cheers for the input all. Been keeping an eye on gumtree for 2nd hand entry models for a while but they were never convenient or perhaps offering the slightest discount on a new small one.

          As luck would have it I spotted one on gumtree last night and bit the bullet on that - got a wacom CTE-650 in decent condition for 40 bucks last night

  • A nice looking upgrade from the Cintiq 13HD I bought last year. However, given I only paid $605 for that, I certainly can't justify the upgrade.