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[systemaxit] SanDisk/HP OEM 256GB M.2 Drive for $75 Pick up or $91.37 Shipped


Thanks to igerry from this post

This sounds too good to be true, but you can try anyway. Shipping comes up as free for Victoria.

Note: If you plan on using it in a desktop pc , This isn't a standard M.2 , it has 2 notches so you will probably need a adapter and mobo's wont be compatible.

M.2 Type M and B key

This wont work with a PCIE interface . Only works with Sata. Adapter from ebay Chinese seller will cost you around $8

Doesn't mention warranty either.

Edit: Tried to checkout and shipping comes up as $16.32 :(

Price at Hp's official store

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    Store name in title please.

  • mine comes to 16 shipped to Sydney

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      Yeah just tried to checkout and the free shipping is no more. Killed the deal for me since I because buy second hand 256gig drives with atleast 1yr warranty for the same price.

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        You're going to share that without a damned link?
        What are you thinking?

        • Yes please share. i actually need a M.2 sata ssd for my 32GB laptop …

  • Could someone please clarify "Note: This isn't a standard M.2 , it has 2 notches so you will probably need a adapter and mist mobo's wont be compatible." please? I've done a bit of googling that tells me that the B+M keying should be physically and interface(ly?) compatible with either B or M keyed M.2 sockets.

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      Thought one notch meant NVMe (PCI-E) and two notches means SATA. Both of these are "M.2" standards, except one will route the transfer through the PCI-E bus versus the other routing it through an emulated SATA Channel.

      • How does this CONNECT to SATA then? Planning to put in a cheap ASUA Laptop - F553MA-BING-SX985B.

        • You'd need a m.2 sata to 2.5" enclosure, this won't go direct into your laptop

        • You dont directly connect this to the SATA port. It connects into a M.2 slot and that interface turns it into a SATA device. If you do want to plug it into a SATA port, you will need to ebay something like this:


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      what OP said is incorrect, "B+M keying should be physically and interface(ly?) compatible with either B or M keyed M.2 sockets." is the correct answer. And some nvme mainboard can take m.2 sata and m.2 nvme, as I already done quite a few. Instead, in my memory all the nvme mainboard does support m.2 sata.

      • Would this fit in a (PCI-E)?
        I never did laptop only diy a few desktops.

        • No. It wont. It fits into an M.2 Slot that supports B+M.

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    From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.2#Form_factors_and_keying
    2 notches provides the best compatibility with mobo's since they can plug into type B and type M…

    For example, M.2 modules with two notches in B and M positions use up to two PCI Express lanes and provide broader compatibility at the same time, while the M.2 modules with only one notch in the M position use up to four PCI Express lanes; both examples may also provide SATA storage devices. Similar keying applies to M.2 modules that utilize provided USB 3.0 connectivity.[4][16][18]

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    Registered an account, they promptly send me a welcome e-mail with my password in cleartext!

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      I hate it when amateur sites do that. They should be banned for doing that.

  • Bought one to use as sort of a "256GB USB" with a cheapo M.2 to USB adapter. Makes a great little portable SSD which is both fast and is relatively small.

    • I'm thinking about doing that too. Could you let us know if you find a compatible, cheap adapter.

      • Yeah got mine off ebay, just make sure it has the correct spacing

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    Comes up with free shipping for inner metro Adelaide, and should fit a Miix 700 for those who grabbed on in earlier deals [SATA].
    Nix that - it says free shipping - then adds shipping on at checkout!!

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      you cant read the title or the post ?

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        Yes I can. I also confirmed that item as described will fit a model of tablet I have and that many other here bought. I can also read a page that offers me free shipping, puts an item in my cart with a price, then, after I have created an account and gone to the final page, requests me to choose between pick-up or DHL - THEN ADDS SHIPPING.
        Can you read?
        The fact that they jump to a U.S. based page of the U.S. owner of this "Australian" company doesn't in any way absolve them from the requirement to avoid such unconscionable behaviour, and it is a behaviour I am happy to point out to anyone who wishes to deal with them. If you have a problem with that, you have a problem.

        • ok

        • The shipping estimate came up for me once I entered my postcode.

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      Yeah I found that too. Every step it says free shipping. Add to cart, free. Estimate shipping, free. Enter address, free. It's not till right at the end when you go to pay it charges you. Kinds misleading.

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        Also, I believe, illegal. It may be an error and just a mark of their amateurism, as pointed out in the comments on their confirming passwords in clear-text email, but it is also a reminder that some "bargains" aren't worth chasing.

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    Really fast shipping I've just received it. note it's the correct HP part number but it seems to be not always sandisk. the one I got is lite on. either way really cheap m2 ssd

  • What?

    So this seller, systemaxit, adds shipping after-the-fact, then sent passwords insecurely, then shipped an entirely different item?? According to HP, that part no. is supposed to be Sandisk. Not to mention there's no, "manufacturers vary", in the description.


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    You can try to buy it in ebay, Same seller. They ask for $108 but you can purchase at $80. Much safer if you prefer ebay rather than their unsecured website.

  • Has anyone tried this M.2 SATA with an adapter into a laptop yet?

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      I've tried it with a SATA adapter into a desktop if that counts?

      • Did it work?

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          Yes of course it did. The only thing you need to watch out for is most laptops don't supply the 3.3V line in their SATA power port. So you need an adapter that has a voltage converter on it to use the 5V SATA and power the M.2 at 3.3V. Almost all of the eBay adapters have this converter, it just looks like a small transistor. the ones that dont have the converter don't have any electronics at all on the board, and just pass everything straight to the M.2.

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