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Xiaomi Mi Box 3 (Int'l) Android TV, Amlogic S905X, 2GB/8GB, 4K $80 Melbourne Stock Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


$20 off $100+ Spend at eBay,Use code THANKYOU20 for $20 off items $100 or over above.

Limit Stock,will go fast!!!!!! Aussie Stock.

Xiaomi Mi box International version. Buliding in Google Cast.

OS: Android TV 6.0
CPU: S905X Quad-core Cortex-A53 2.0GHz
GPU: Mali-450 750MHz
Storage: 8GB eMMC
WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Bluetooth: 4.0
Bluetooth: 4.1
HDMI: 2.0a (HDCP 2.2)
USB: USB 2.0
AV: SPDIF Out / 3.5mm audio output

Package Include: Mi Box, EU Adaptor, Remote Controller, HDMI Cable, English Manual.

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  • I must be doing something wrong… got the following when entering the code
    Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again

  • Got it. Thanks

  • OP is a GST tax invoice provided ?


    No AU POwersupply (adapter/ plug), I suppose?

    Also no ethernet port on this unit, correct?

    Does it take a memory card for additional storage?

    • No iView and on demand or freetv either ….use Google tv store so less apps to install……

      • You can apparently sideload Google Play apps, though you would probably have a better experience casting the apps from your mobile.

        • the idea is buy it and use it …….last thing I want is "dad how do I watch Iview" ….. quality is based on a previous experience, and that is go to the play store and load the app which is what I go on the A95x which is one of our other payers …. yes we also have the Mi3…… any extra effort is a step back.

        • I've found that casting through my Xiaomi phone to mibox sometimes stutter, even skip instead of waiting to catch up, so the wifi is not perfect and the viewing experience is not as good imo.
          I've found it ok for showing images on the tv but thats it.

    • From what I have heard, the USB port can be used for additional storage or an Ethernet adapter.

  • thanks, grabbed one and used CashRewards.
    I ordered an Odroid C2 last night as well, so it will be interesting to compare the two units side-by-side


      My last Odroid experience 18 months ago was a disaster. Still have the bits somewhere. Must have another look to see what they are up to.

  • thanks - grabbed one.

  • +1 vote

    Can anyone comment on how good it is for plex? I have lg TV with netgear nas and use powerline av200 for network between router and TV and use xplay app and plex app for lg but it never works smoothly. I have wait for movie to load and then after 15-30min again have to wait for it to continue. Any suggestions on nas setup would also be great. Most of my movies are FHD around 3-8gb

  • I don't mean to hijack this post but I was wondering if anyone had problems connecting their MI box to their wifi router. Mine doesn't seem to want to connect with the netgear router given by Telstra.

    • Tried assigning static IP?

    • Yeah, I had a problem with my Netgear router. The MI Box wasn't even seeing the network name (SSID). I went into the Netgear router admin interface to enter a new longer SSID, set it to Channel 1(P)+5(S) and set encryption to WPA2-PSK [AES].

      I still had to enter all the wireless details manually on the MI Box for it to work.

      Hope it helps.

    • 2 of the ebay reviews that this deal links to talk about wifi being problems.
      No ethernet & double serving of brain-fry (wifi & bluetooth remote instead of IR remote).

      • I had issues with the device at my business. Home device is working fine and the home router is a Netgear R7000.

  • Noob question, what is the good use of this Andiord TV?

    • kodi, on demand apps, IPTV etc

    • a comfortable way to run the common TV apps on your TV? it supports 4k, HDR, 60hz, dolby/dts, a decent cpu for smooth UI navigation. the main apps you'd want on your TV with a good controller, for $80 thats pretty good.

      • Can i set mock location on tjis to watch area restricted stuff?

        • I doubt it seeing as that's in a developer menu on an android phone, which you won't be able to get to by conventional means on an Android TV box.

          Also, you'd need to use a GPS spoofer app alongside that, right? If so, you won't be able to natively install that app - you'd have to sideload it.

          Would be much, much easier just using a VPN or using SmartDNS on the device (I use Getflix/DNS for Netflix geo locking).

    • I'm not sure but I've got 3. So something must be good?

    • Esfile explorer to watch your videos from smb folders. Good alternative to google cast.

      Plus has Kodi, YouTube, Netflix…

  • Would've been an impulse buy if I had the voucher. Good customer service!

  • I wish SBS, ABC etc. would hurry up and release Android TV versions of their apps. I tried to sideload iView and SBS and they didn't work too well!

  • Recently got a 431mb update which has greatly improved it. Still on 6.0.1 but the interface is smoother and Netflix and YouTube work as they should.

    Restored my faith in it

  • Dumb question. Anyone have experience using emulators on these?

    • Yes, I have been running retrox on this which is a multi emulator frontend http://www.retrox.tv/

      Play games with an bluetooth 8bitdo controller.

      It's a bit underpowered to run recent games, struggles with N64 but runs SNES/Megadrive and MAME well (up to say Streetfighter Alpha). I've run the same thing on a Samsung S5 with MHL - it works better on the S5.

      I think the wifi/bluetooth performance is a bit underwhelming though have had a few pairing and connectivity issues.

      As others have said, there is very few apps for Aus, I use it mainly for Kodi/Perfect Player (IPTV service) and Youtube. It's not bad for a second tv however I find my Amazon fire stick more useful as I have it set up for UK catchup TV via Smart DNS.

      • I can't get my 8bitdo nes pro to work. Doesn't seem to detect the Bluetooth on it.

        Which controller are you using?

        • Same one mate. Its a bit hit and miss. Ive had to reboot and many times before getting to work.

  • Only thing that has stopped me is lack of catch up tv apps for android tv. Anyine know if apos are in the pipeline for all the major stations?

    Other thing is this box has been out for ages. Any chance a mi box 4 is on the hirizon?

  • Feedback on the unit (I got mine from GearBest):
    * very few apps available - notably no .au catchup apps
    * hdhomerun app is there for live tv, but the stream drops out every ~15m on WiFi, perfect with a USB Ethernet adaptor plugged in though
    * The remote is Bluetooth, and works great if its in range, but behaves erratically if its a bit far away, particularly for voice commands
    * It will take IR remote codes over HDMI ARC - but its slow and unreliable
    * home screen isn't customisable and is a random jumble of crap it thinks may interest me. its wrong.
    * performs well

    Feedback on BestForApple:
    * I ordered one of the xiaomi vacuum earlier in the week - they said they shipped it Wednesday. That's bullshit. All that happened Wednesday is they got a tracking number from australia post - the unit has not actually been seen by auspost yet.

    • Its got built in chromecast, so for catch up TV (SBS on demand, iview) i use the chromecast option from my phone, works perfectly.

      Home screen is customisable. You can go to Settings -> Apps, then go to the very end of the "System Apps" row, then disable XiamioLeanbackCustomizer. Reboot and its gone. For the single line of apps, hold your middle button down and you can rearrange.

  • Does anyone know what the difference is between the International version and the Chinese version?

  • Is this the version of this thing to get? Does it let plug USB drive into it and browse folders of mkvs, and does it have chrome cast and cast audio to 3.5mm jack obly?

    • Yes it does have USB, can plug drives in and watch via VLC and other apps. Chrome cast is integrated and works well

  • I bought from them. Very quick delivery.

  • Looking at buying to watch live sport free through Kodi (hoping for AFL, EPL, Cricket and maybe NBA) is this worth getting for that? Anyone use it for that purpose?

    • Yes but pay someone for it on a monthly basis. The free streams are notoriously unreliable and frequently getting shut down.

  • Question: This supports 60 fps (60hz) - will it work fine with 100hz TV? I think it will scale down the performance.. just double checking

    • Yep, won't scale down performance at all. Unlikely that the TV would accept signals of more than 60Hz anyway (some Sony's do [email protected]), and FTA is capped at 24fps. The 100Hz involves 'tricks' done by the TV in order to make the 24/60/x Hz signal appear more smooth (by interpolation, faster backlight flickering etc…).

  • I still don't understand why the AU stations don't have Android TV apps in the store to download.
    They are preloaded on Sony TVs so they have obviously developed them and they work well.

    • Great question… I expect that Sony paid for the port/alterations needed and get some exclusivity deal.

  • I know this is ozBargain, but does anyone have any experience with streaming Chinese TV?
    I have a mibox 1 i think, and I've been following this guide

    and got PPTV and the likes. It's fine but half the things you stream like TV series of live TV mirror don't have adequate speed. So it's a bit of a lottery if your desired tv channel or show streams…

    I wonder with the mi box 3 any of that changes, or whats the best current way to stream Asia TV content.

  • Does it have an inbuilt mic? can I activate "Okay Google" without using the remote?


  • Thanks for this.
    Have been looking for one of these at a decent price.

  • While the $20 off may have finished they currently have a 10% off code which brings the price down to $89.95. After waiting a month and a half for one to be delivered from (light in the box) i was quiet happy to pay the $15 premium to replace the one i just gave my parents.