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Google Home (AU Stock) - $169.15 - Click & Collect @ The Good Guys eBay


First deal on local AU stock for Google Home that will come with an AU power plug.

If you are happy with grey imports though, the only benefits buying AU stock provides is the correct power adaptor, and a warranty.

If no stock near you postage is available. Comes up as $5.06 for me.

Original 15% off at The Good Guys eBay deal

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  • +2

    Didnt expect a deal on this so quick. Good deal.

  • +2

    Wow, awesome to see a deal on this already. Got one the other day - worth it if you have a Chromecast and Netflix / Stan / Spotify. 6 months free Google Play (YouTube RED included) when you buy one.

    • +2

      Oh, and Google won't sell you an AU plug for your international version either.

      • Can't you just get an adapter?

        • Nope. Spent ages on a support chat. Only way would be to know someone with a genuine Aus version, say you accidentally cut the cable or there is some issue with it. They do replace faulty ones but only for free. Knowing my luck they would ask for the old one back if I tried that

        • +1

          @sjp770: Pretty sure he meant a plug adaptor, likely what you are already using.

        • @kulprit: I have a genuine AUS stock one from JB Hi Fi, but places like Catch.com.au will supply a travel adapter for the plug to make it work in an aus socket.

    • +1

      Is the 6-month free deal available to existing subscribers?

    • How do we get free you tube red for 6 months? I have purchased the google assist.

  • +1

    I looked for this last night but wasn't on their ebay store.. Good work on them adding it.. think I'll get one at this price.

    • Same, just ordered as well. Click and Collect and the local store has stock so I will get it tomorrow.


  • +3

    These devices that are designed to listen to you, i cant wait until some western federali police force just taps on in and it gets exposed.

    • +3

      Phone is already listening

    • +1

      So you don't mind to be tapped by Google?

      • -3

        Why does it matter unless you're doing something dodgy?

        • +5

          Why does it matter unless you're doing something dodgy?


        • @cheepwun:

          It will happen sooner or later. We are moving to a connected world in all aspects.

        • +1

          We're already super-connected. What we see now is super totalitarianism. Bit by bit. While the world sleeps. And our rights to privacy and free speech are getting crushed, under the label of "hate speech" and anti-bullying other such nonsense, to make us give up our freedoms. And every movement recorded.

          I don't share that defeatist attitude. Billions of us against a few corrupt buttcracks.

      • Not in the slightest, particularly if it improves things, whether it be access to information or how we interact with our devices around the home, I'm all for it.

    • everything comes with microphone probably already being tapped on you, what are you going to do? throw them all out?

      • +1

        lets just say im not going to make it a centrepiece of my living room

    • +1

      Already leaked that USA are tapping a bunch of things, not microwaves though, at least not until they are voice activated which wont be long.

      • +3

        And for some reason, people defend it here. As if because my phone can be likewise tapped I might as well just bend over and let them have their way.

    • +3

      You should ask scotty for a column here

      • Nobody reads columns. Rather be on the front lines.

    • Lol. Here we go again. Wait for the TV broadcasting rays are killing you.

      • Wait for the TV broadcasting rays are killing you.

        Yes they are.
        I bet your TV is LED-backlit. If that doesn't do it, the propaganda might. Or the chemtrails. Or the GMOs. Make sure you get enough sun and keep your head straight.

        Regards, cheepwun

      • +1

        Since you were born yesterday or have been asleep since 2012 let me bring you up to speed.


        Everything we do is being watched and recoded.

        Even before Snowden this was obvious.

        Information is power.

        • Yet you still use the internets lol.

        • @D3m3ntia:

          Ummm….your point being?

          *Maybe you can write your whole reply in "txtspk" and really impress me

  • PGOOD15 doesnt work

    • PayPal

    • +1

      Works for me. Now remind me why i need this again?

      • -4

        Now remind me why i need this again?

        To help The Man populate your file. Also consider Amazon's Echo. Better yet, get them both.
        The CIA and NSA love you equally. As do all nations that have data-sharing agreements with them, paid for with your taxes.

        • Ask not what you can do for the CIA & NSA, but wha the CIA & NSA can do for you!
          Hey @ASIO, does this make my butt look big?

        • @muncan:
          Best to get a second opinion on the size of the butt. Amazon Echo.

  • +16

    Do they let you change the dumb "ok google" yet?
    This is straya and I won't be happy until it responds to "oy c##t"

    • You can say "hey google"

      • +3

        Yeah agreed, needs to be customisable

        What if you speak exclusively in ebonics while you're at home?

        • +14

          AU STOCK customization …

          Me. "Googes turn the light on mate"
          AU Google. "Bugger off. Do it yourself, I'm busy"

        • -2


          Google Home: "I'm sorry Dave I can't do that…unless you buy a whole stack of home automation crap ahem I mean peripherals from Google. Just $99.95 each. Act now!"
          Me: "Hey google. F*** YOU. I'm not paying $100 to flick a switch".

        • +1

          Google doesn't sell any peripherals. Other than the chromecast.

        • -2


          eye roll point is I can get off my ass to flick a switch. It's not worth $100/switch to me to automate. And if Google Assistant is anything to go by it's a crappy gimmick.

        • -1


          Not trying to sell it to you, but its pretty good being able to open the garage door with my voice or turn all the lights off at once, or turn on the inside light when I open the garage door. Yes still prefer to just flick a switch when I walk into a room though.

          Also the I use the home mostly for google searches which it is crazy good at, ie what are this shops opening hours, or how long do I cook this. Stuff that would take me a few minutes on my phone.

          I promise im not some google lacky, I probably wouldnt recommend spending 200 just for that, unless you wanted a bluetooth speaker already.

        • @Swellzy:

          No offence but if it takes you a few minutes to open a browser and thumb that query into your phone there's something very very wrong. It's nice that Google Assistant recognizes voice but you have to become adept at knowing it's quirks to have some hope of knowing whether your query will work or produce rubbish. I'd rather do things manually than try to second guess idiotic "AI". One day it'll be better than this. Can't wait. Not today though.

        • @Swellzy:

          Just as a FYI, you can use "Hey Google" or "Ok Google" on your phone already WITHOUT this Google Home device. I use it to set alarms/timers on my phone while I'm cooking, organising schedules. Also to quickly answer any question that I would ordinarily have to type in. It's like Siri on the iPhone.

          I do love the idea of lights coming on and controllable via an app. Or could this be done with those plug-in timer powerboards and/or some motion-detector lights from Aldi?

          I'm waiting for someone to invent a house front-door lock that can be controlled via carkeys/button so I can just open the door remotely from the driveway rather than fiddling with keys and juggling armloads of shopping, or let the kids into the house while I'm grabbing stuff out of the car. Has this been invented already and I've missed seeing it?

  • -3

    Is this the one which calls the police on you in your own home? when do they come back in stock? XD

    • The guy literally said "Call the sheriffs" to it.
      It did what it was told to do.

  • +3

    Wanted one, then didn't want one. Seen this deal and got one anyway.

  • -1

    so it does what your android phone can do except it can't make phone calls …… can it dispense aromatherapy from essential oils at least if it's in the middle of my room needs a power pack and a power point ……. oh and it's cloud based so you need wifi for it to run so if you use your phone and tether for internet ….. maybe just say "ok google" to the phone anywhere ….. i guess you need one in every room or can you yell from the bedroom to the living room " ok google, how much do 2 hookers cost" while the neighbours yell back " will you shut up we are trying to sleep…..

    i like the novelty value

    the tracking ….. it's just google wanting to know here you live so they can better target ads and sell more advertising to their customers ….. not a big deal unless you used your real name and date of birth when you created the gmail account …. but i doubt anybody does that …. so nsa cia rsa pta aren't an issue unless you have some real details about yourself they can link to….. doubt terrorists use their medicare card id to activate sim cards ….. probabaly use stolen ones.

    think i will keep,using my phone …… and spend what this google home would have cost on beer.

  • +3

    Man I so want this as a technophile, but I just really don't know what I'd do with it. I do have a Chromecast so there is that, Google Music, and an Android phone… but $150 to ask Google what the weather is outside, add items to a shopping list, play music on command…?

    Would be great if I had a Nest/Lights etc. so at least a bit more automation, but I rent so not a possibility. Is there any other real applications that make this "killer" or is this really just an early-adopters test play-thing more than anything else?

  • does it only recognize english´╝č

    • +1

      Nice try, Australian government

  • +1

    does Officeworks price match this?

    • +4

      I called my local Officeworks and mentioned this deal, after checking the eBay site I was told OW would price match.

      I'm on my way to collect now :)

      Edit: Have collected and total with price match at OW was: $160.69

      • +1

        Congrats. I don't think anyone else will be as lucky.

        • I posted a copy of my receipt office works beating $142 by 5%

        • @Dex38313:

          Thanks! I had to go to a couple of stores but I got one for $135 tonight

      • Can you post your receipt so i can have a try

  • Okgoogle, how cheap can you go?

  • $142 pricematch office works the 5% price beat

    • Do they usually price match with ebay?

  • I called up OfficeWorks in Sydney (near my area) and they said they don't price match with ebay :(

    • Office works didn't price match eBay they pricematched a shop called onedigitals

  • Found it for $125 (US version)


    In stock: 94

    • plus $20 shipping

  • Dick Smith (AU version). $169. Will call Officeworks to see if they can price match.


    YES they price matched. Going to get it now!!

    • +1

      It's the international version though… let us know if it works out.

      • Got it for $160. It worked. I'm impressed by it. So far so good.

  • I called Officeworks in Osborne Park WA and they also said (after quite a bit of checking) they dont price match with ebay

  • I got two at office works priced matched a shop selling for $142 price after 5%off was $134.90 each

    • Can you post a copy of your receipt?

      • +1
        • Excellent thanks

        • i also got 1 at jb $142

        • +1

          @Dex38313: Also asked for a price match or beat at an officeworks outside Sydney compared to http://www.onedigitals.com.au/ for 142 minus 5% but tech guy checked and said because its International version of product OW will not price match and need pay full 198. Even showed the receipt where for prev customer above OW had matched x2 units even though same web page and product details. He said either they made an error or other OW store did not care to check it. If the case maybe thegoodguys ebay deal at 169 is one of best today at least for Aus version.

        • i got one from jb too at $142 they also pricematched onedigitals

    • Did you manage to get OW to price match over the the phone or in store only?

      • In store at office works

        • Cheers, will give it a whirl tomorrow.

        • Scored one from my local OW at the killer price of $134.90.. Now time to try cancel my Good Guys purchase lol

  • +1

    looked into purchasing this but managed to convince myself to hold off. The product seems pretty pointless if you already have google assistant on your phone.

    • +1

      The product isn't pointless if you have a harmony hub or a neato robot. Although even without these it is a fun little speaker that you can just turn on by talking to it when eg walking in home from work. Mornings with it are fun too when it briefs me about my day and plays the latest news whilst I'm making myself a cup of coffee. And also it's so handy when I cook after work, switching to my favourite tunes on Spotify or TuneIn Radio. I placed it in the kitchen area although it works well from my lounge too. The mics are sensitive enough. And when I go to bed I just say: Hey google, turn off the TV… Obviously, it is not a necesity but it definitely has more to offer than just the phone assistant (especially since OK Google no longer triggers my Edge 7 unless I have the screen on). Hope it helps!

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