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5.9kW Trina Panels 295w + 5kW ZeverSolar Inverter - Photovoltaic Solar System $4,855 after STC Rebate @ E-Solar (Perth, WA)


We are currently offering a great package for $4,855

The Package includes:

20 x 295w Trina Panels
5kw ZeverSolar Inverter


For over 30 years e-Solar has established a solid reputation for quality and delivery in the renewable energy market, making us one of the longest running solar companies in WA! We have managed to maintain our place in the market by offering great products and years of after sale service.

We pride ourselves on delivering a great service from beginning to end and our small, dedicated team means we are available at all times to answer your questions. Look for yourself at our reviews from happy customers at Solar Quotes

As government incentives decrease and green energy becomes the new way to save both money and the environment, there has never been a better time to join the solar revolution! e-Solar is a reliable and affordable choice with years of experience and great prices. So head to our website to find out what we are about.

Visit our Facebook page to see that we are up to.

Prices based on single phase electricity, single storey home in Perth Metro area. For a limited time only.

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    How much is it normally?

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      Looks like the OP is not wanting to answer this question.
      Perhaps more an advertisement than a bargain.

      • Looks like it.

    • Hi,

      Apologies for missing this comment. Original price is 5100.


      • 4.8% discount? This is OzBargain.

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    spend it on going off-grid.

    • insulate well
    • reduce consumption
    • get great pleasure from extending middle finger

    What have the crooks been up to in a nation that doesn't need to import energy?
    Only the highest electricity costs on the planet, that's all.
    Nothing to see here. (downloadable audio )

    Avoid being a grid slave paying well over a day for the privilege of just having an electricity connection (and getting virtually nothing for what you put back to the grid). Get wise now. You've been swindled (and will continue to be swindled as long as you are connected to the grid playing by their rules).

    • +1

      Hi Cheepwun,

      You can stop playing by their rules right away! We supply batteries as well to get you off grid as soon as possible. Just go to our website and get in contact, I promise I'm not in the illuminati.


      • …until they intro that Off-grid tax, when doing it by the books. It will happen.

      • That is exactly what the Illuminati would say.

      • cheepwun is in Melbourne. Are you doing business interstate?

        • No, just intergalactic

          But seriously, no, only in WA

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    For over 30 years e-Solar

    Who were you between 1987 and 7 Feb 2003?

    • Hi Thrift,

      Can you explain?

      Do you refer to the fact we have been operating in Aus since 2003? Before that we were working in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Still e-Solar, same MD same everything.

      • 30 years ey? If that the case how are the first panels you ever installed? Still working? If not at what stage did they need to be replaced? Thanks

        • Hi,

          The first systems we installed are still going to this day. There have been the odd replacement inverter due to small problems but the vast majority are still going strong.


      • The company and discretionary trading trust were registered 7 Feb 2003, so I was curious what was the solar company(s) for the 16 years prior.

        But you are saying your claim of "longest running solar company in WA" doesn't mean 'longest running Western Australian solar company', but that you've been in the solar business for a 'long time' and now you are 'in WA'?

  • Can we use this system on a 100% off grid setup? i.e. install on a property in the bush?

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      Yes absolutely.

      • +1

        This system cannot be 100% off grid at all. No battery/generator can be wired into the Zeversolar inverter. 100% off grid costs anywhere from $25k to $70k depending on usage and location.

  • Price isn't anything special. I had a 5kW system with 24 panels (6400W) installed for $3500 in Perth 2 weeks ago. 10 year warranty on the inverter and 25 years on the panels.

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      More detail please?
      Type of panels & invertor and with which installer?

    • +1

      Hi care to share the supplier name and contacts please ? I'm looking for a good deal for same solar system setup . Thanks heaps .

    • The price of STCs has gone down quite alot, so prices have gone up…. Good on you for getting in at a good price

      • +1

        Thank you very much.
        Although I think WA is globally at the lowest end of payback rate. Not going to research this gain.

  • Will you guys come down to Mandurah?

    • Yes of course

  • so just to head off future questions, are your systems compatible with battery storage [eg LG 6.5kw etc ]

    • Hi,

      Yes, all our systems are battery compatable.


    • -1

      This system is only compatible with batteries if you add a second inverter (hybrid/battery inverter). This equipment will cost you at least another $1,500 on top of battery costs and installation.

      • -1


        this isn't true. you do not require a specific inverter to be battery compatable.


        • That is misleading. If the customer buys a battery, do they need any extra hardware other than the Zeversolar inverter? If so, what extra hardware is required?

          I know for a fact the Zeversolar inverter cannot be directly connected to a battery, you would need to buy an additional second unit (hybrid inverter/battery charger/bridging unit). Which will cost somewhere around $1,500? Do you deny this?

        • @McBargainface: the question was whether the inverters are battery compatible. They are! The extra hardware required it's NOT another inverter, hybrid or otherwise but rather simple hardware. Besides the cost is quite reasonable for those in the market now and still coming down.
          Furthermore we are not recommending people to buy batteries now anyway, but to wait at least another 2 years. We can confidently say that prices would have greatly come down by then

        • @E-Solar: As I said, cost for this type of gear is $1,500 installed ($1,100 to buy the unit). The Goodwe unit is also not compatible with Tesla batteries (as you can see if you read the link you just posted) which a lot of customers will not be happy with?? Secondly, the Goodwe unit can only hook into one MPPT/String of your existing system and obviously most people split their panels over a number of orientations. This means only a portion of panels can be used for charging the battery.

          Also Goodwe don't have the greatest reputation in the industry, so this would seem like a pretty sub standard option if you are honest with yourself.

        • @McBargainface: You are perfectly entitled to your opinion and we can spend months here reviewing and debating all the products in the market. However that would confuse readers more than helping them. We support our assertions by listing one article from a respected source but we cannot list every thing here if you disagree with us. As for Tesla batteries….they are not the only batteries available and when Choice reviewed them the payback time was more than 10 years….hardly what most consumers would see a sensible choice. If you and anybody else can afford it go for it, but in this world not everybody drives Mercedes, BMWs or have iPhones rather the majority drives Toyota, Hyunday and have cheap android phones. We rather focus on the latter market. Lastly if Goodwe is a sub standard option, why would a reputable website like write and article about it? Can you please provide your credentials as a Solar Industry expert for making such statements?

        • @E-Solar: You make a point, we could go over this forever. I'm just going to pull you up on ads you put here if they aren't completely black and white for consumers.

          The general public don't understand the solar market that well and there are a lot of companies that sell cheap trash. In 5 years time these systems are likely to be buggered and the customer will be put through hell, guaranteed (not saying this is you) .

          My credentials aren't important, you know that I am aware of wholesale/installation pricing and gear quality across the board. Just be clear and honest when you post ads here.

        • @McBargainface: You make statements but refuse to back them. I still would like you to explain to the general public why Goodwe is a sub standard Option, or why you only mention Tesla as batteries when "as you say" you are aware of wholesale gear quality don't mention LG Chem or the many other batteries alternatives? We have been selling solar long enough and still going to back up what we sell. If honesty all you care for, then start by being transparent about your statements and your background. Otherwise you come across as another armchair expert or worse just a competitor in disguise. Talk is cheap

  • +1

    What would that system cost with a Fronius 5kw inverter be?

    • hi,

      the cost would be around 5,500 but that is just an estimate as there are other information i would need before i can give you an accurate quote.


  • Hi,
    I already have a 1.5kw system installed about 6 years ago. What would be price for your advertised system? Thanks.

    • Hi Prav,

      There are a couple of options for you in this situation. If you want to give us a call to discuss you can find our details on the website link.


  • For those actually looking at buying, some more on point questions would be good.

    What warranty on the;
    -Other parts (+installation)

    Where are these components made?

    How many diodes/zones per panel?

    What heatsink/backing material is used for these panels?

    Obviously not all questions someone should ask, but these are some I like to.

    • Hi,

      -5 years
      -10 years manufacture, 25 performance
      -5 years

      The components, like all on the market, are made in china.


      This depends on installation setup


      • -1

        The components, like all on the market, are made in china.

        That's incorrect. There are plenty of options made in Germany and korea.

        Otherwise, thanks for the reply =)

        • Only one panel manufacturer in Germany, Solarworld (filed for insolvency recently and may be saved). Only Korean panel is LG and they are Great. Inverters, pretty much Fronius or SMA Tripowers are the only Euro made units anymore.

          99% of the market is Chinese.

  • @OP

    In all honesty, how would you review the individual components?
    Would they be budget conscious, standard or premium products?
    What is your after sales support like?
    Do you include a set service plan/fee?
    Do you offer discounted upgrade options either now or later down the track?

    What are the best storage cells and why?

    • Hi,

      The components are great. We use this inverter in our office and it does a really good job and the panels are a leader in the market for a reason. I suggest you do your own independent research online though to see what others think. These are standard products, we do not offer budget as with solar you get what you pay for. We have a great after-install service… just look at some of our reviews on solar quotes or facebook. Our office is only 3 people so when you call you will speak to one of the 3 of us. We are still talking with customers from many years ago and getting referals from some of our first installs. Our service is all included and upgrade options would be discussed at the time as things change in this market quite quickly.

      We believe the best thing to do right now is to install your PV system and see what benifit you can get from it over the next couple of years. Then when batteries are cheaper in a few years, if you still want more out of your systems, you can look to adding them later on.


      • While you've not answered some questions directly, I appreciate your general honesty and time to reply.
        Another question, do you offer a solution that replaces roof tiles?
        I'm seeking a product to use as the roof which provides solar water and electricity.

        • Hi,

          We do not provide this service. We deal only in panels. I look forward to this product hitting the market though as it will be a good idea for homes being built.


  • Do you guys have any finance options?

    • Hi,

      Yes we do. If you want to give us a call to discuss on (08) 6363 5420 I would be more than happy to help


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