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Ultra Fast NBN for FTTP from MyRepublic 1000mbps/400mbps for Wollongong NSW @ $129.99/Month Unlimited


Hi Wollongongeeons,
The speed which envy others including me as I can't get it in Sydney.
The top tier NBN for FTTP in wollongong for $129.99 for unlimited NBN including home phone.
Run your own server farm if you want.

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  • Will it still use carrier grade NAT? :)

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      gotta pay 10 bucks for a public IP same as all the other plans, although no real issues behind CGNAT, I can pull in torrents at 90+ MB/sec

      there are still ways to run your own servers if you don't want to pay for your own public ip though

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    I cancelled my order with My Republic after 6wks of not hearing from them and they connected me a week after I cancelled tried to ring them many times put on hold for hours.Put in a complaint with TIO just have to wait and hope it gets sorted out.

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      Move to Raqqa. Not much traffic there

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      Country towns got FTTP first because they needed it more than metro towns. They'd always been neglected with infrastructure. The plan was everyone would get FTTP eventually, but that obviously changed.

      It's not that it makes more sense to give fast cable to country towns over city towns. It's just where they started out, and that's all they got done before the plug was pulled on FTTP.

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      blame more than 50% of the voters, they voted to have the NBN dismantled twice

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      Which CBD?

      Wollongong has more people than Hobart, Geelong, and Darwin, i'm not sure about "country town"

      • Perth CBD.

        • 34c of the dollar in GST = 34% of the internet speed lol

        • @jellykingdom:

          So 340 mbps! Where do I sign up?? :D

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        To add to this, Wollongong is the 3rd largest city in NSW, not sure how it's anything like a country town.

        Interesting note: Only part of Wollongong is FTTH, the rest got switched to FTTN, so only a part of the city can get this deal.

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    Had two friends signing up myRepublic - they had so much trouble with them for 3 months.

    Customer support is virtually equivalent to nothing - you can't contact them and they are not keen to talk/respond (in some cases they hung my friend up)

    Please check myrepublic's review before you sign up

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      parents' had same issue, they cancelled via TIO and their MyRepublic connection is still active after after 2 months but no account or bills, so free loading them for now :D

      • -3

        there is a word for what your parents are doing, its called stealing

        • it's not when the provider is incompetent of performing a cancellation task correctly. in fact most (if not all) ex-MR customers that are on FTTP still have their old and cancelled services active.

          besides, my parents paid for a service that was advertised but under-delivered for the last 10 months of their service. so with your argument, MR was already doing their own "stealing".

        • @FeZZa21: if a bank wasn't providing you with the best rate or best service but they accidentally transferred you $1 million, would you not report it?

        • @Your Friend: hell no. Even if they were giving me the best service ever. This is $1 million we are talking about my friend.

        • @Your Friend:

          of course not dofus :p it'll very much likely get reversed because banks are banks and won't miss a cent. if not, I'd just wait as per banking regulations for reversals to expire, and then it'd all be mine! A legit ozBmillionair! :)

          oh, and MR isn't a bank, so you comparing apples with oranges.

        • -3

          @FeZZa21: at the end of the day if your parents don't report it they are thieves and its sad you are trying to justify their stealing

        • @FeZZa21:

          Actually it'll never be all yours. Even years after the fact if someone discovered the missing money went to your account you'd still be liable.

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    I'm still waiting on Turdbull's 2nd rate deal to reach my house.




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      Fraudband is the result of the wilfully ignorant & old people being allowed to vote

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    At least it's something to look forward to within 5-15 years time.. for now it's download and watch for later.

  • No offense to Wollongong, but why are they getting this deal and we're not here up in Sydney???? (a city i'm growing to be frustrated with)

    • The whole thing was installed in a weird order - Tasmania got it first i think, then suburbs 1hr south of wollongong (i.e like 2hrs south of sydney, where nobody really lives) were the first on the mainland

      I got curious about who got NBN first and its pretty shocking

      Aspley, Bacchus Marsh, Casuarina, Coffs Harbour, Geraldton, Gungahlin, Mandurah, Modbury, Prospect, Riverstone, South Morang, Springfield Lakes, Toowoomba and Victoria Park…. not many big towns (or even near big towns) on here!

      • +1

        its pretty shocking

        yep, what they should have done with the rollout is roll out super fast internet to people that have already had ADSL2 for years and years and leave those ninnies that have been stuck on dialup with no other options as they were for another decade, that surely would have made the most sense….

        why are they getting this deal and we're not here up in Sydney?

        it was a competition, anyone could have registered in the comp, plus Sydney-siders have a sense of entitlement as seen by your comment "why do THEY get it…. why dont I get it first" waah

        move house and you can get it too. You get the benefits of living in the big smoke and the people that live in the Gong get the benefits of the countries fastest residential internet. Weigh up the options of what you prefer most and move to that location

      • They did it in those backwater towns as a test. Gotta roll it out somewhere easy before you try it in the complex city areas.

    • Wollongong got priority for FTTP thanks to Gillard, it is a safe Labor seat and the steelworks is winding down so on a visit she announced it bumped to the top so all the loyal unionist steelworkers and coalminers can join the IT economy when they are unemployed due to her Carbon Tax support at the time.

      NBN FTTP can do gigabit speeds, but the ISP does have to buy adequate backhaul to move the data and pay the high NBN rates for top speed.
      Wollongong obviously met the criteria as a pocket of FTTP capable homes with enough affordable backhaul to the national and international links.

      MyRepublic also arent ashamed to shape and cache heavily so that will be helping them a lot too. 1Gbps may happen if cached on a Wollongong server, but choke up if it has to fetch fresh content from Sydney and even worse overseas.

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    First couple of months were great with near consistent 100/40 speeds for me. Now every day is congested, and not just at peak times, it is unpredictable as to whether I will get acceptable speeds at any time of the day.

    It has been progressively getting worse and I am starting to look elsewhere. I thought I would give it some time to improve and see if they increase capacity but I think it's been long enough.

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    Anyone report My Republic to the ombudsman?
    What was the outcome?

    • +1

      Did you actually read this thread? TIO = Ombudsman!

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    I wouldn't be using this ISP, I had massive issues with their ADSL service at my girlfriends house.. or lack of service. The only way we got out was after months of TIO complaints eventually they got us out of the contract, although we still lost a few months of internet payments for .3mbps download speed with 500+ms ping.

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    Avoid MyRepublic at all cost. MyRepublic is the worst ISP I’ve ever experienced. Signed up 100/40 NBN about 3 months ago, the connection became extremely unstable 2 weeks after activation. DSL link is down a few times a day consistently. If it only drops out 5 times a day, I’ll call it a lucky day. Sometimes it could be 30+ time a day. Last night I experienced 5 dropouts after 6PM and the down time of the last one was over 30 minutes.

    I raised the problem to MyRepublic on May 31. Until today, the problem is not resolved.

    The customer support of MyRepublic is almost non-existent:

    • They don't monitor the support mailbox ([email protected]); I was told by a support staff she doesn't even check it.

    • The wait time is at least 30 minutes if you call MyRepublic. And it really depends on luck if you are able to talk to the support staff. There were a few times I had to wait for more than 60 minutes and nobody picked up the phone. Once I even waited for 2.5 hours on the phone and wasn't able to talk to anyone.

    • They never contacted me to collect information, provide instructions, follow up, etc. They just sit there doing nothing hoping the problem would disappear magically or close the support ticket at will. Every time I called for updates, it was either no progress or case closed. When asked for an explanation, they came up with all kinds of excuses like the one created the ticket didn't do it right therefore it was not escalated to the 2nd level support blah blah blah.

    • At first they said the dropouts might be caused by some devices at my home. So I agreed to do an isolation test on June 22 by disconnecting everything from the router provided by MyRepublic and shutting down WIFI completely. During that time (2am to 9pm), the DSL link was down at least once. It clearly showed the problem was not related to my devices at home. It should be infrastructure or hardware issue. Funny thing was MyRepublic closed my case again!

    • Some support staffs were very rude. One time I asked the lady on the phone if the problem could be the router and suggested maybe we should try another one. She responded with “If every time a customer experiences dropout issue we send a new router, we will go bankrupt. “ For the nicer ones, they were not very helpful either.

    • I was told many times someone would follow up on my case and keep me updated. And I never got any update from anyone. Whenever I called again, I was sure to hear exactly the same thing. Then nobody contacted me of course.

    I have spent endless hours on the phone waiting or talking to the people who have no clues or don't care at all. I filed a complaint to TIO and someone from MyRepublic who handles complaint issue has been following up with me. However, there has been no progress at all. The only update I have is xx is working on it. Yet I still don’t know what was done and what the possible cause was.

    I’ve had enough. I am switching to another ISP, any ISP should be better than MyRepublic.

    Final warning to those who are attracted by their price: you might be happy if you don’t encounter any technical problem and don’t need to deal with them. If you ever need to get them involved to fix problems, the cost will far outweigh the money you saved.

    • Who will you be switching to?

      Seems with MR, it's always YMMV. Some are happy, some are extremely pissed off.

    • mate you might want to reach out to TIO or ACCC to make a case.
      last i heard ACCC cracking down on nbn speeds and are willing to take isp to court over shity speeds.

      most isp this days changed from (up to speed 100mbits) to Min(12mbits) max(100mbits) speed
      my republic hasn't yet.

      just save all your emails and times you called them etc along with speedtests.

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    Lol @ MyRepublic. Review Whirlpool before you try these guys. I was another who they sucked in. No thanks; )

  • I live in Wollongong. Got a mate with MR… hasn't been amazing.
    Depending on pricing,I'm considering signing up to Vodafone NBN. Unlimited 4G when setting up, and when standard service drops out. Still better than my current Internode ADSL.
    ps. Plenty of jobs in Wollongong, but much more specialised. Medical, education, social support, catering/F&B, and industry career central. Not many retail, IT, media, law, or creative jobs.

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    Worst ISP ever.

  • +1

    Fair bit of misinformation in this thread. I have gigatown in Wollongong, AMA.

    MyRepublic has a shitty reputation in other locations, but they don't want this to go badly because it's a marketing exercise so their support has been excellent and our speeds are insane.

    My main issues have actually been my local network cards which claim they're gigabit not providing full speeds.

  • +3

    I have an active TIO complaint against them. Their so called customer service is thee WORST in the industry. I regret acting so quickly on their price. Shaping is crazy which they don't admit to for certain traffic. While the deal looks good, you better not open you every have a slight disagreement or you agree in for a nightmare. They are at the point they just don't reply to messages from me…

    • +1

      In the same boat, except I haven't raised a complaint. I plan on asking them to waive my contract so I can change providers otherwise I will raise a complaint.

      • +1

        They won't mate. In their T&Cs. Do the rest of us a favour by making the TIO recognise they are dealing with one horrendous provider that wouldnt know service if it slapped them in the face and start your complaint. You will also fast track things by a couple of weeks.

        • +1

          Spoke with them this arvy. Their wholesaler said there are no issues and they will "monitor" it. They have raises to 2nd level they daid 100% 48 hours so if there is no result i will 100% raise a complaint.

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    Be wary if you have an issue and need it resolved with myrepublic. I have FTTP 100/40 with myrepublic. Was great for first few weeks. It has now been 4 months of peak speeds (and sometimes even offpeak) ranging from 2-6mb/s and ping between 150-200ms. Originally lodged a fault which they say takes 48 hours to get a response on what is required to fix the issue. The first time it went on for about a month of running tests and reports. After waiting for so long I called them up again eventually to find out they lodged it as the wrong NBN technology type, so it just got cancelled and nobody thought to let me know. Currently on the 2nd fault lodgement. Same 48 hours response time given. has now been 10 days and nothing. Tried to call them yesterday and had to hang up as I was on hold for 45 minutes without even speaking to a person and had to go out. Through the whole process I have been polite to them giving them benefit of the doubt as I work in the same field and understand some things are out of your control, but I will be contacting them to cancel my contract without charge and change provider. I would much rather pay an extra $30-40 a month for decent service and connection.

  • Does anybody upload at anywhere near 1000Mbps? I can't imagine that many web pages do it at any faster then 5 Mbps. What you need for a good streaming experience is low latency and the NBN cable from what I've seen, delivers that in spades on both fttp and fttn.

    For the vast bulk of people having a connection like the one advertised here is a bit like driving a ferrari around Sydney streets.

    • Does anybody upload at anywhere near 1000Mbps?

      no one is offering that

  • MyRepublic

    Yeah. Would not suggest that, unless you like congestion.

  • +1

    Been on Gigatown since release, running speed tests every hour and getting over 900 down, 300 + up

    at this stage im a happy camper

  • Do not sign up myrepbulic. It is crap… got drop out in less than a week

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