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Water Resistant USB Rechargeable LED Bike Tail Light - RED, White US $1.99 Shipped (AU $2.52) @ GearBest


I'm looking for a USB Rechargeable LED Bike Tail Light and come across this one on sale (14% OFF). The price and the reviews are good from I can find. There is a blue one but not on sale. Hope this useful to you as well and have a nice weekend!

Main Features:
- USB charge, automatic power down after recharge, ensure the battery life ( LED )
- 4 lighting modes, which can meet variety of environment needs ( 1.33 hours long bright, 2 hours slow flash, 2 hours strobe and 2 hours chasing flash )
- Water resistant performance, no matter rain or shine, you can cycle safely
- Compact design,high illumination, using rubber straps that can be easily dis-assembly with fashionable cycle pattern
- Battery: 3.7V 1.2A lithium battery, 600mA capacity, about 2 hours charge time

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  • No deal. Most bikes don't have tails.

  • These work well, but the light isnt that bright. Ok for nighttime, but daytime riding they are almost useless

    Aliexpress sells them for the same price ($US1.94 and up)

    The blue is also $US1.94

    just search - USB Rechargeable LED Bike and sort on lowest price

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    • You don't need lights during the day!

      • anything that makes you more visible makes you safer.
        Plus (in Victoria at least) it's a legal requirement to have lights in conditions of poor visibility during the day.

      • You don't need lights during the day!

        and you dont need high vis jersey, a helmet, gloves etc

        Its your body….

        In my case I will use every tool available to protect myself from possoble injury. Guess I have a low threshold for pain.

        Just sharing for those who might think the same.


        • take the bus

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          @richardjcami: but they get really shity when you ride your bike on the bus

        • Funny I never see riders wearing high vis or fluro yellow jackets like they did 30years ago. Last guy I almost hit was wearing black on a foggy morning. And his flashy light was behind my A-pillar when I turned out. It's false confidence that riders rely on a single point of light to make them visible instead of their entire body and bike.

        • @Gusper: Totally agree, high vis, bright front lights and seeable backlights all in the daytime make for safer ride, never even had a near miss with a car, all accidents so far are of my own making, except one where unrestrained child with training wheels rode out in front and just stopped dead.

      • Tell that to the inattentive driver that t-boned me years ago. Since then I use my lights no matter what time of day. The better chance of a car seeing you can be the difference between life and death.

        • -3 votes

          Tell that to the inattentive driver that t-boned me years ago.

          Is that how you ended up with a drumstick through your head, what were you doing, playing chicken on the road?

        • @Scab: my kind isn't welcome on the roads :(

      • Then why do the new cars now have daytime LED lights?

  • Perfect for my desk at work to warn everyone off, depending how busy / what mood I'm in.

  • Don't get it. Not bright enough and poor battery life. Only 2 hours?!

  • I've bought about 8 similar-looking (red) lights from ebay & aliexpress.

    The first one I bought has been fantastic, bright enough as a tail light with at least 5 hours battery life on chase/flash. Sadly that vendor stopped selling them, and every subsequent purchase has been a dud, either DOA, turns off after 10 mintues, won't charge, one that wouldn't turn off then wouldn't charge.

    But the first has been so good I'll roll the dice once more

  • i've had a few of these and i'm less than delighted. they are good in that they mount to any seat post size by the use of elastic bands , but either the power button broke or wouldn't charge eventually.

    went back to the lights that take 3xaaa or aa batteries got a nicad charger and some eneloops/ low discharge nicads.
    also use that charger for the headlights .

    if you have. a bike and ride at nights …. charger and rechargeables free you up to a wider selection of lights.

    there are many options which are technically,lights eg those lights that use cr2032 batteries but it's more about your safety than just being legally compliant.

    • I originally went with the "separate rechargeables" strategy but the extra weight of even 2 AA cells tended to break the cantilevered mount brackets of tail lights

  • These are useless. The battery life is terrible, less than 2 hours. Also the battery degrades pretty fast.

  • Cheap =/= bargain.

    Bargain: something good obtained at a good discount.

    Cheap nasty crap sold at the appropriate price for cheap nasty crap, is not a bargain.

  • I bought the proper non chinese knockoff version of this light for 40 bucks from the local bike shop

    Bright, lots of battery time, no cord needed for charging.
    It's great

  • I have one but I like this model better

    Its more expensive but brighter.

  • I have a bunch of these, and for commuting they are great. Recharge over USB at work, and when you get home. For a longer ride maybe just take a second one.