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Vegas Pro Edit 14: Steam Edition(RRP $399) + DVD Architect(RRP$99) Bundle - $107.84USD [~ $137AUD] @ Steam


From the Steam Site:

Discover this powerful software solution for ambitious productions - now available from Steam. VEGAS Pro 14 - Steam Edition accompanies you through your projects from start to finish. Edit your video and audio material in high resolution formats up to 4K. Create stunning video sequences with sophisticated compositing tools and edit your sound with unrivaled audio features. VEGAS DVD Architect Pro is also integrated, enabling you to create professional DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.

Take your gameplays and your videos to the next level. The VEGAS Pro 14 – Steam Edition combines all features from VEGAS Pro Edit with the advanced functionality of VEGAS DVD Architect.
Simplified drag and drop workflow
Blu-ray Disc and Disc Authoring with VEGAS DVD Architect Pro
High DPI support for optimal display on all monitors
Smart tools for upscaling footage to 4K
Never miss another detail thanks to High Frame Rate (HFR) support
Faster editing results with hover scrub technology
Bézier tool for masking - without using a green screen
HEVC file support
Additional highlights in VEGAS Pro 14 – Steam Edition:
Disc Authoring with VEGAS DVD Architect Pro
Bring your project to completion by burning it to Blu-ray Disc or DVD. Get full control with DVD Architect Pro – from label design and menu controls to encoder settings. Create keyframeable graphic animations for interactive menus or import your own Photoshop files.

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  • Vegas 14 is good, I've been using Vegas since 4.0 I think, at least 15 years…

    It's good but it's not great. I stick with it because I can operate it blindfolded, no real learning curve for the new features. That said it really frustrates me that with every release they manage to include very little new features. Many things show a rush job. It works fine but could be much, much better. I guess it all comes down to the price segment it's in.

    For this price it's a steal.


      Steam has a few small tools for sale from Liquivid that cover the featurse the edit version is missing. Color Effects, Fish Eye Removal and a wide range of stabilisation settings. I grabbed the effect filter one, and will probably get the fisheye removal one. Its bang for buck for its genre, that cant be denied though.

    • Yup I agree, I have Adobe Premiere and it takes me so long to do what I want to do.

      In Vegas I can do everything very quickly.

  • can this be use for normal video editing/production ?

    or limited to gameplays ?

    • +1 vote

      Its full video production software, with audio options. Im just a broke indie dev biased towards decent production.

    • This is a poor mans Adobe Premiere. It's very good and probably one of the best values editing suites around.

      • How is it compared to Adobe Premiere Pro?

        • It's a bit more simpler to pick up. Much better than a lot of the other video editing programs you can buy for $20-$80.

          If all your editing is videos for youtube/online/home use it's perfect for that job.

        • @Powershopz: Thanks bought it. Not sure what's the difference between "Steam Edition" and normal edition. I have been using Premiere Pro for 3-4 years but with the latest price hike in Adobe CC subscription makes me looking for alternatives.

        • @lycos:

          Yeah - their prices are (profanity). I just recently cancelled my Adobe CC package and dropped down to just the photography package.

          $77 a month is too much for stuff i'm using adhoc. Not to mention that their prices are jacked up ~15% because of their "(profanity) australia" tax.

  • Um I'm guessing this is NOT Sony's Vegas Pro Video editing software…right?


      It is the same yes, it is developed by a company called Magix. Sony no longer has the copyright. See http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/buy/vegasproedit

      • Hmmm interesting…..I've been considering getting back into video editing for a few side projects, but since I've gone legit, (pirate free since 2013), the price of Sony Vegas put me off.

        But this and your other deal (which I'm presuming is the equivalent of Song ACID?) might get me back into it.


          Writing that first ethics document really changes things doesn't it. Ive been sticking to CC, Public Domain and humble bundle software since i wrote mine, branching out into name brand software and learning to recognise what is worth paying for and when to use GIMP-like products.

          Magix also sells Acid, I think the main difference is the included soundbanks, and new ititertions of the software.

  • Any idea how long the sale is on for? I wouldn't mind installing the trial when I get home tonight and having a play first, then buying.


      I couldn't find that info. I stumbled across it while drooling over Substance Painter 2, it popped up in my queue and i was like dayum!

  • Wasn't this going for about $60 on steam a few weeks ago? Maybe i should've got it then.

  • If you are new or a casual film editor, you should definitely try HitFilm Express, which is a very powerful but free package available from http://www.hitfilm.com

    You can also buy individual plugins for the Express version or the Pro version for $AU349

    The free version has 3D compositing built in, but is missing some features like the fancier tracking features and some of the colour grading, plus some plugins that do lighting effects, but the free version still has 90+ plugins included.

    There are heaps of tutorials here - http://youtube.com/FXhomeHitFilm - and many other independent videos like https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoxIFCFVZMs0-JSrrZREZdQ

    There is a site with lots of free preset templates that can really help with a bunch of stuff here - http://www.inscapedigital.com/presets/

    Great value for free!

    If you are wanting something a bit more powerful (or commercially recognised), you should also check out DaVinci Resolve (See https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/au/products/davinciresolve/ ), which has a very powerful free version that is only missing some very minor functionality from the paid version, like server farm rendering, 4K and some noise reduction features. Keep in mind that this has a very steep learning curve, but it is the standard for colour grading and correction, and they have been making massive strides in the Non-Linear Editor scene in the last 2-3 years, and they have just added massively to the speed and the audio editing capabilities. You can also add the free version of Fusion, which is Black Magic's compositing/Visual effects platform, and which also has a free version with only minor limitations (See https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/au/products/fusion/) - Note that Fusion is Node based, vs Layer based, so may be a steep learning curve, but very powerful for free - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_compositing#Node-based...

  • Sale finishes on August 20.

    Vegas Pro 15 is released on August 28.


    • Where did you get the info on the sale finishing August 20? Also I'm guessing Vegas 15 won't be at this price when it's released.

      • Where did you get the info on the sale finishing August 20?

        On the steam website for the other version (without the burning software). It makes sense as the other one is launched a week later and add this is electronic delivery they will probably stop selling 14 at that time.

        Also I'm guessing Vegas 15 won't be at this price when it's released.

        That's what I was thinking, it's probably going to be two to three times the price from steam when it's released so I purchased this deal. Changes are minor and there may be a cheap upgrade from steam but if not I'll probably buy again in twelve months once the version 16 comes out.