How Much Is Too Much for a Coffee? How Much Do You Spend Per Week?

How much is too much to pay for a coffee? Where do you get your coffee? What coffee do you get? How much do you spend per week on coffee?

I'm trying to cut down on my coffee costs at the moment so would be great to hear your opinion :)

EDIT: While free office milk, coffee, tea bags and machines are great, as is making it at home, I am talking about getting my coffee while I am out, flasks are not really practical for me (Btw I am at uni full time)


      • Whilst this is good advice to get people thinking about the compounding effect, to say that you could have $440k - $774k is a little misleading. What people will not consider is that even at long term average house price growth of 5%, $447k in 40 years time, will only really have the buying power of $63k in todays terms….might get you enough for a deposit towards a holiday home!

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    Coles home brand instant coffee, Like $4 a month.

    • Yes, the blue one? It's only $2.90. Can't go wrong.

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    Work provides me with espresso, so I only require a single 500g bag of beans a month for home use that runs $4.50 apx. per week. I buy direct from a local roaster as their beans work in my fussy machine. I'd say this would be supplemented with about $20 of bought takeaways across the week because like most millennials, I'm never going to be able to afford a house, and I just need to get myself through to age 43 when I'll have a massive coronary and die from overworking my heart with coffee for 30 years.

    All told I'm at $24.50 a week. I'm fine with this because I don't do addictive drugs, gamble, or hire prostitutes. As vices go it's less-risky.

    • Would you want to hire the prozzie they only charges 24.50?? :/

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        You only live once.

        Or not long without a condom.

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    moccona jars on special.

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    Instant coffee at home. Cheapest coffee outside I've found is at Macquarie Shopping Centre, Event Cinemas bar, $2.80, and with their rewards card, every 4 coffee, get one free.

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      I go to Macquarie Shopping Centre all the time! This could be my next go to coffee place - beats paying $4 that's for sure.
      KFC have their coffee for $2 but it's kind of strange the way they make it, too milky or something?
      But thanks for this tip, that's $11.20 for 5 coffees!

      How big are they? Can't believe event of all places - they are normally so overpriced..

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    I have coffee at work but will go with my team to the coffee shop to be social.

    I hate paying $4.50 for a coffee.

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      Agree! I just drink the free work coffee and be antisocial haha. Those workmates must be overpaid or not OZB members or both.

    • $4.50 would be for a large, I presume? Get a smaller coffee to save money and fuller coffee taste, the norm round here is $3.50 for a regular, and sometimes $3 for espresso and macchiato.

      • Your obviously not from Perth. CBD prices start at $4.50 and run well into the $5/$5.50 depending on the quality from a cafe.

        • Cripes, that's appalling! I won't grumble as much about having to pay 3.50 for piccolo here in Sydney.

        • i've paid up to $8 before for a venti :/

        • $5-5.50 is on the high side for the CBD. Prices have come down a bit since the heydays of the last few years. There are plenty of good places that make good coffee for $4-4$.50. I haven't been anywhere in the CBD where a $5 coffee has been worth the cost.

    • You could stash some coffee from work in a bottle and pull it out when socialising.

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    I only drink tea, work provides tea bags.

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      yep, same here. although it is foreign grown Lipton. I buy Aussie grown Nerada for home use.

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    1% of your salary.

    So if you earn $800 p/week like an average pleb, you can afford only a $8 coffee like an average pleb.
    If you earn the OzBargain +$400,000 annual, you can spend a luxurious $77 on the coffee.

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      If you are a full time uni student and only earn $250 a week > $2.50 on coffee? :( Is this per day or per week? Could live with per day, but not per week :P

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        Hope you're not studying accounting :P

        1% of $800/week would be $8/week

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          Lol I'm not :P
          $2.75 a week for coffee is undoable.

          I'll use 1.5%-2% of my salary :)
          (Yes, I only make about $250-$275 a week)

        • @pennypincher98: $1 7-11 coffee?

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          @buckster: Even then that's only giving me enough for not quite 3 coffees a week..
          I might do 7-11 coffees as there is a 7-11 relatively close that I used to top up my opal card (make a purchase in store) and get a free coffee/ice coffee/coffee melt. That was an awesome deal..

          It's just that I have to tap off the train station, walk for 5-8 minutes, walk back and catch a bus then. But its all worth it for coffee, and the other train I would catch gets there 45 mins early :D

        • @pennypincher98: Are there any coles express nearby? They do 80c coffee. Also, check your faculty buildings. Our uni's faculty building has a cupboard with instant coffee and a boiling water tap nearby. I just buy some long life milk capsules to put into the coffee when required.

          If your faculty doesn't provide this, request it. That's how we got free coffee :)

        • @fryandlaurie: Hahaha I'll try to see if I can find free coffee around anywhere! It seems to be a money making thing though because there are all these coffee on campus places, so don't think I'll be able to get any.

          We do have boiling water though so I could always buy instant coffee? Didn't think about that! But then comes the hassle of finding/keeping a cup handy..

          Also - there is a coles express not that far away but I'm not sure of its size - very disappointed when I went to the woollies Caltex one the other day only to find there was no coffee machine :(

        • @pennypincher98: could get something like this.
          although you could probably find a better price with further digging.

        • @chumlol: I didn't even know collapsible coffee cups were a thing!! Will certainly go looking around for a good deal on one, do any brick and mortar stores sell these and at what price?

          I could go via eBay but then there is wait times, delivery issues (not always home, sometimes I can't get to post office before it shuts etc) and a general meh.

    • 1% your salary a day, 5 days a week is 5% of your salary a week. Excluding weekend coffees to go with the avo & toast.

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        1% your salary a day, 5 days a week is 5% of your salary a week.

        No, it's still 1%…

        • 1% of your $800 weekly salary is $8. You spend $8 a day, monday to friday, that's $40 a week. $40/$800 is 5%…

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      Wow that is so cheap!! I would just abuse these tablets though and end up in the ER, having 200x100= 20,000 mg of caffeine at my disposal is more than a bit dangerous..

    • You can get No Doz tablets from chemists too (supermarkets?? Can't remember). I tried them as a student cos I was drinking too much milk with coffee.. but they aren't as fun as drinking coffee and the psychological component of popping a pill to stay awake was weird!

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    Alternatively if cost is really getting to you go cold turkey and kick the caffeine drug all together
    First 2 weeks might be tough but then you might find you keep a circadian rhythm better and wake up feeling refreshed without feeling like you need a coffee to get going.
    Although uni lifestyle I can appreciate you might need the late nights to get assignments in or shift work around classes
    Sorry this isn't a helpful reply lol

    • Well it kind of is but I never used to drink coffee until I was doing a group assignment late and someone shouted us all coffees - I felt new life breathed into me and have been addicted to drinking coffee ever since :D

      I'm quite sure I could do it if I tried but it tastes so good as well!!

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        Does it really taste nice? Or is the addiction just telling you that?? Lol
        I'm sure cocaine tastes amazing

        But how much are assignments often the cause haha good luck

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          LOL good point, that's a reason I'm not trying cocaine :)

          haha thanks I tell myself I'll only drink coffee in my uni years, and then ill be healthier again!

        • @pennypincher98: Try yerba mate! Healthy alternative to coffee, still gives you the lift but without the crash.

        • @nubzy: Well this depends on cost and availability. How much and where from? All for something new though :)

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    At what stage financially am i able to buy a skim soy mochachino?

    Is it when i can afford a smashed avo on toast without having to sell my kidney?

  • Alright, practically, just get a loyalty card or become a member. You will get more than 10% off for most of the cafe.

    Usually, at Uni, the Coffee price is around $3 to $5.50. If you just need caffeine, order a large long Mac(you will get the most shots for it).

    Coffee is always a social thing, it's not an essential. but it's up to you.

    Enjoy your coffee.

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      Coffee is always a social thing, it's not an essential. but it's up to you.

      You seem unaware that caffeine is an addictive drug.

      • same as sugar, spending money, shopping if that's the point you want to make. :p

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    I do uni full time too. Never got into coffee. Saves me money as well.

  • Used to be about $15 a day..
    Then it dropped to $10.
    Now it is $1.50.

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    My 6th year at uni and hardly bought any coffee. My university provides you with the basics(teabags,coffee,milk,sugar,sometimes cups) for free..well technically not free since we pay a higher fee to go there. I usually bring my cup around as they provide you with sponges and detergent,sometimes paper towel as well. I like doing that as it is better for the environment and I get to use the cups I like.

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    My question for you is: Is a KeepCup actually very environmentally friendly? Shouldn't we just carry a coffee cup from home or buy a cheap cup from the Salvos? Wouldn't using cups/mugs that have already been made actually be better for the world?

    • Absolutely. Plenty of takeaway mugs at op shops.

      • Have you ever taken your own mug from home to a coffee shop? It would spill everywhere! Keepcups are to replace the non-recyclable coffee cups people use.

        • I have, some machines they won't fit on, some do and its fine. Coffee shops will also just pour it out into my cup which I don't mind either.

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      Yep, old mugs are better for the environment. But the point of keepcups is to provide a take away cup that doesn't spill that is reusable.

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    To answer OP question: I try to limit myself to one take away a day. When I got into coffee 10 years ago, I got up to 3 a day for awhile. Now I straddle that 1 to 2 zone each day (even weekends). I'd like to give it up but I enjoy drinking coffee a lot (and don't treat myself in a lot of other ways).

    • Yeah I don't treat myself in a lot of other ways either, but coffee is one thing where I could cut down considerably :)
      I try to limit myself to one a day as well (morning) but sometimes it really helps to have an afternoon pick-me-up haha. Weekends are coffee-less for me unless I really need it > moccona freeze dried coffee just isn't the same :(

  • I too get the forbidden nescafe at work however its free. I stuff my pockets full of granules for the weekend and produce my own milk squeezing almonds with my big toe.
    side note, 5+ table spoons of that blend 43 sends you coo coo

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    7 Eleven coffee $1 each day. So $7 per week

  • Is there really caffeine in Blend 43? How many teaspoons do you need for impact?

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      Bland 43!

    • I'm a 6 espresso (in the form of 3 mug flat whites).

      When I have to sub any of my flat whites, I use 6 teaspoons of blend 43 and I still do not get the same caffeine potency but at 6 teaspoons, it does satisfy the dependency.

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    Used to just drink instant but by new employer has an account with the coffee shop next door which has resulted in a total coffee addiction for me. The dangers of unlimited access!

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    My work has as $23000 machine. It's litt

    • Wouldn't that require someone with real skill to operate it?

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        we got sent on half day barista training course - some colleagues are really good so everyone just makes them do it haha

  • I am italian, I drink lot of espressos, 4-6 a day.
    Can't drink Nescafe as it makes me sick and gives me acid reflux!
    A decent espresso shouldn't cost more than £2. If you want special blends and things it's up to you!
    When living in UK i easily spent over £20 on coffee a week. Thankfully i was working in an italian restaurant so…

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      Ok, got it. Don't spend more than 2 pounds at my local Australian coffee joint.

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        So around $34 Australian, got it.

  • I drink Moccona as a general rule. Its primarily water so better for the wasteline too compared to milk based coffees like flat whites etc. We have sachets at work so could take a few home too but that would be illegal so I buy some for home at the shops. I did used to have flat whites every day but wasn't worth the extra $$ compared to a Moccona.

  • God this thread is making me feel old! When I was at uni in the UK 1995-2002 the 20p nescafe from the vending machine in the student union was a rare treat! If you were feeling really extravagant you could press the 'cappuccino' button and pay 35p(50c). £20 was a big night out!

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      geez, 7 years at uni?

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    I used to drink 3 big mugs of coffee, totalling over a litre, daily at work. We shared a perculator / drip machine thing within the team and everyone would take turns bringing in the coffee. First one in would make it in the morning and then second and third rounds throughout the day. Cost was around $8 a week for 5 litres of coffee. I honestly can't justify paying $5 for a cup for stuff that's hardly any better.

  • Usually have a stove top at home followed by an aeropress at work every morning. Try not to drink international dust at work, ever. If I'm really sleepy I'll get a real coffee but that would be once a week.

    But. I'm in a line of work where I'm expected to shout the whole team coffee (even though the coffee shop kinda sucks) so usually that costs $20 a day when I'm on duty. It's a social exercise that I wouldn't really partake in otherwise except for expectations!

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    $5 for 5 at 7/11 knowing i will get mediocre coffee, laugh at my co workers when they spend $4 on a single cup and still come up crap

    • Your 5 $5 coffees would have about the same affect and enjoyment as one of their $4 coffees though.

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        Uh no.. it also means i spend 5 a week and they spend 4 times that. I drink the coffee for the caffeine if i wanted better stuff i'd make my own with an aero press

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    I don't drink tea or coffee. Does that make me weird or incompatible with being an ozbargainer? :(

    • +1


    • It makes you a superior member of the hooman race!

      or maybe you're just not trying as hard as you could be, up to you.

    • Username may explain why you are still one of us.

    • Witch!

    • I started to drink tea to help me go to sleep :P

      EDIT: I'm also Asian and that comes part and parcel with the culture :P

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    1 Nespresso-compatible pod in the morning @~40c
    3-4 Green tea varieties throughout the day from Aldi @16c

    So a bit over $4 a week. Big change from a few years back where I probably used to average $8-9/day.

  • I spend about $40 a day on coffee and food, and yes I eat smashed avocado most days, (with poached eggs and bacon).

    • But eating smashed avo and a coffee is about $30 a day if you ask certain pollies. Must mean you eat a dominos pizza spread over lunch and dinner for the rest of your cash.

  • Someone I've seen did french press coffee with ground beans at uni. If you are like honours student or post graduate, I don't think that'd be too bad to just leave the press and stuff at uni.

    Other than that, Korean stores would have instant coffees in a tube (so you just have to carry around the tube and a cup). You'd have to look for a "black coffee" ones because instant coffee in Korea usually comes with coffee granules, sugar and creamer. That'd still come out cheaper than getting a cup of coffee from a coffee shop.

    • That Korean coffee tastes more like dessert than roasted coffee beans though

      • They do sell ones that are just black coffee. MAXIM KANU is one of them, there are few others. They cost like $5~10 per 10 around my place.

        I do agree those Korean instant coffees that has creamer and sugar tastes almost too sweet. Though, they kinda are desserts in some sense in Korea, so I let that slide.

        • NOTE - I'm Korean

          Everything in Korea tastes like a dessert :P Pizza, Pasta, a loaf of bread and many other foods

        • @cathyrrn: Well, that's partially because of how most of them came to be.

          Bread in Korea is not considered to be a staple food. A lot of people still think rice is essential for a meal. Same logic goes to cereal, corn flake in Korea tastes disgustingly sweet unless you specifically look for ones without sugar.

          Anyways, coffee took place of the drink people used to drink after meal, Sungnyung. It has a bit of sweetness to it and it was consumed after meals, like desserts. Sungnyung is hard to make with rice cookers. So people turnt to instant coffee. So it ended up becoming sweet and dessert like as a result. At least that's what I've heard.

          That said, I've seen people in boot camp going crazy with sweet things. I was genuinely thinking that my collegues were going through "sugar withdrawl syndrome". I was craving sweet things, but no way near as they were. So I guess there is some validity to what you are saying.

  • My workplace has a Breville double boiler. We aren't required to buy beans and milk, but in a small team of 6, sometimes I contribute. I get manna beans from here when it's on sale and everybody gets to try new beans. In addition, I am probably the one who drinks the most.

    On my previous workplace, $4.50 / day. We do have a coffee machine too, but it's one of those commercial type instant machine and it doesn't taste good.

  • How much is too much to pay for a coffee?
    What, you pay for Coffee?

    Where do you get your coffee?
    From my garden.

    What coffee do you get?
    As for taste, nothing tastes better than home grown and processed…

    How much do you spend per week on coffee?
    Averaged out, about 30 mins a week.

    Annually, 4 Hours picking and pulping.
    1 Hour per week for 4 weeks drying.
    2 Hours Hulling.
    30 mins every two weeks roasting.

    Yes, I grow my own…

    • looks like they provide the right shade for that 'uhuahhna…

    • +3

      pics? I didn't think you could grow coffee in our climate

      • 'our climate' is very broad. I'm just north of Brisbane and the coffee grows reasonably well. The furthest south I've seen coffee grow was in Macquarie Park (Sydney), it was one small bush beside the footpath with a dozen or so beans at the time. Coffs Harbour is the most southern coffee growing area I'm aware of from a commercial perspective.

    • +2

      If you earn $30 an hour - Thats $15 a week - $780 a year - $2.14 a day - JUST in labour. Materials on top.

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