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20% off @ Final Inspection Car Care Products


20% off everything on the store, high-end detailing services and supplies.

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  • From what I remember, this brand is ridiculously overpriced.

    • I agree, there are better products out there that are cheaper and I'm very sure also works better.

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        Which FI products have you tried?

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          To be honest, no I have not tried any f.i products.
          I think they are overpriced with little to no review from industry professionals.

          Take for example:


          Both are paint coatings, yet Cquartz UK is not only $200 cheaper but it is also a world class product with years of proven track record. $200 cheaper!

          Side note: If you have not tried cquartz uk, please do a simple google search and you'll see for yourself the amount of users both weekend warriors & professionals alike reviewing it and why it's popular. Now try googling for a Final inspection full metal jacket review from an industry professional, also taking into consideration the cost of FMJ.

          I think F.I products are over priced even with 20% off.
          Sticking my neck out to inform other that there are better and cheaper products out there.

          But if you enjoy using F.I products, more power to you 👍

        • @Nivlac:

          Wow that is a good price for CQuartz. Haven't tried the FMJPP so can't compare. The fact they only sell online in Australia - although now starting international, there a far fewer users so not many reviews. Would be good to have more unbiased comparisons available online admittedly.

        • @opilot87: cquartz and cquartz uk are 2 different products. I would recommend uk edition, easier application, just don't let it cure for too long and you're good.

  • Is this like an eMing Moll?

    • No, this is the antithesis of a Ming Mole

  • I used their Detailing service on my car once when they were still affordable in 2007. Now it's just ridiculously high. Result was really excellent. Not too sure about their products, made by somewhere else and FI brand inserted in Aus.

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    +1 because it's not often these guys have 20% sales. The products you can buy on the website are the exact same ones they use in their detailing shop.

    @moluu1 In the old days some of their products used to be re-branded stuff but over time they have kept re-inventing the products and from what I am led to believe worked with the chemical suppliers to get more bespoke formulations to suit their requirements.

    The microfiber stuff is particularly good and lasts a long time.

  • They make some seriously good products. Yes cheaper stuff at SupercheapAuto but this is high-end, like Miele/Bosch they are more expensive than others, doesn't mean they are overpriced. Can especially recommend Gloss Boost (better than even the most expensive quick detailer available), Power Wheel Cleaner (have a bulk stock from years ago which has been superseded several times but is still awesome) and FMJ

    • Have you tried the LEATHER FEED ive been using the nu finish vinyl and it works good but only lasts about a 5 days before it seems to wear off. Ive been looking for something like a paint sealant but for leather.

      • I have only tried the older version which is very different apparently, and ended up getting Bowden's Own to replace it before the new FI product came out. To be honest the leather in my car is pretty cheap and plasticy so don't think anything is going to have a great effect, no complaints about both products though

      • Stop using Nu finish on your leather, you are doing more harm than good.

        Modern automotive leather is 'sealed' from the factory. Most products will just sit on the surface, hence why you nu finish appears to be "wearing off" because it's only sitting on the surface doing nothing until it rubs off or evanporates. A proper conditioner/feed (such as leather feed) is applied in a very thin layer and should soak in. With leather it's a case of feeding it regularly rather than a one off set and forget 'sealant' type product. I used the previous version of Leather Feed on a previous car with full grain natural leather and it was quite easy to use. Unfortunately the leather ended up falling apart anyway probably due to abuse by previous owners more than anything.

        With the more modern cars and leathers and amount of mis/disinformation out there I am skeptical about any putting any chemical on leather these days. My car manual says to clean leather, wipe with a damp cloth. For now I am inclined to follow those instructions and move on with my life.

  • Used Damien's products for about 15 years. Very good stuff…yes expensive but excellent quality. The nano fibre is great for minimising scratches and the power wheel cleaner is second to none, safe on duco and very effective at removing road grime/brake dust, based on black pepper ingredient. Support a local Australian business and all round nice guy.

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