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Jaybird Freedom Wireless Buds - Red - 54% off ($135 Delivered) @ eGlobal


Okay, so these seem pretty cheap to me. I know it's from a grey importer and there have been mixed reviews but hey it's half price so I thought worth the gamble (+ Paypal protection).

I think there are only a few left so hopefully, someone else can get them too.

Jay Bird X3's are also decent at $109 + delivery.

Use 'HIDDEN' for 5% off.

May the force be with you,


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  • I have one of this. Sounds great, but the mic is broken after 8 months.

    • How did the mic break, you cant hear the other person during calls or they cant hear you. Did you have warranty and what is the process.

      • They can't hear me.

        I actually forgot about the warranty.
        Bought in from JB November 2016. Can I ask them for a new one then?

        Mine is actually a replacement product, as the first one broke as well.

        • Yeah, I say you'd be covered under consumer law.. a $250 headphone set should be expected to last longer than 1 year (and it's probs still covered under normal warranty anyway). Go to the ACCC website - it's quite helpful.

        • +1

          @Anj: Thanks mate! I went to JB hi-fi and they give me a new one! One thing I noticed is that their 'earfin' has changed to sth similar to X3s

        • @AMDneverdies: hahah that's amazing! Didn't think you'd action it so quick #thepoweroftheinternetz Glad to hear it :)

    • how great is the sound? do you have an over ear headphone to compare with ?

      • I have no idea - I learnt shopping for in ear headphones is really strange as no store will let you try them on. Like I get that it's unhygienic but you kind of have to buy on faith/reviews. The reviews are good… the X3 seems to have better reviews but I'm not sure if that's just bc the prices are cheaper and maybe so are peoples expectations.

        • X3 got better design, Freedom put its battery in the mic, + the add-on bettery one side is much much heavier then the other, the drag, the unbalanced feeling will make u crazy.
          never use one of those be4, but thats obvius right ?

        • @samelight:

          I've read the Freedoms have a better design - or at least slimmer less protruding. It's really hard within ears bc you can't test them.. It's been a real interesting experience. I've always used on ear (I love my AKG N60 and Sony MDR-G45 for sports usage). So this is the 1st time I'm trying in ear (besides apple standard earbuds lol).

          I've read that the imbalance isn't a huge deal - but I can imagine it would be (profanity) annoying lol

          Yeah, I couldn't quite figure out if that add on batt is just to charge it or you are supposed to actually use it with it on.

      • You can set your own equaliser based on your liking from jaybird app, the same as X3. It can get really bass-y, or really high-pitched. Depends on your liking.

        If you compare to over-ear headphones, one thing is certain: Your ear doesn't get hot after a long wear. But it has no ANC like in Bose QCs

        This video might be helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiNSOLpC1-Y

        • i never use any "high quility" earbuds be4, just wondering a 6mm driver can really produce a simualar quility sound as the 30mm drivers ?
          have u used any over ear headphone that u could say the Freedom sounds simular or even better?

        • @samelight: I have bose qc 35 and I'd say it's hard to compare.

          But qc has less bass than my Jaybird, probably because I set the bass to be as low as possible from the app.

          It depends on your preference.

          But if you like Bass a lot, I recommend Sony's extra bass in-ear headphone, which has a real punchy bass.

          Here's the link XB70BT it's on sale currently on JB

        • @AMDneverdies: i dont care much about the bass, a little is enough for me.
          the real question is does x3 have rich and detailed sound? simular to the qc35?
          base and pitch could be turn up by the app, but clarity is limited by the hardware itself.
          plz try to download and play some .flac music file, u could tell the headphones ar good or bad easily, let me know the results thx.

  • Just bought Meizu EP51 last week I can't wait to try them out for $30

    • Mine are still going strong used on my runs and transport when it's hot. Really good for the price especially on sale

  • +3

    I bought the X3's from Jbhifi recently for $160 and ive been impressed! The Battery life seems to be pretty good and the SQ from the earphones is fairly impressive too (not amazing, but good for wireless headphones!)
    I imagine the Freedoms would be very similar.

  • +1

    They X3 are currently cheaper on ebay in black and with accessories, probably the same store.

    • Thanks bought the one on eBay store.

  • How's this compared to the Beats X?

    • Sorry no idea :(