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Bonds 40% off Full Priced Items Site-Wide for 40 Hours + Free Shipping and Returns


Bonds is having a 40 hour 40% off sale on their website.

Before anyone says "it's always 40-50% off at supermarkets", you won't get the range of that is available on their site, for example womens bras and underwear. For supermarket range, you're better off with 50% off at Coles this week.

I highly recommend their 'Sporty Top' bra which has perforated cups to keep you cool and are very long-lasting, wash after wash. My first one has lasted over 1.5 years with weekly wear and wash.

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    Look right now

    Woolies 5pack of elastic briefs $13.50

    Bonds 40% off have only a FOUR pack of elastic briefs for $16.17

    Not even close

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      On the other hand, women's Bonds are not on sale at Woolworths (and are only sold in 2 packs) so the women's wear is pretty much the same price or cheaper.

    • Thanks for the heads up .

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      Please forgive the op for trying to help out her fellow ozbargainers by contributing deals.

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      Can be different quality between the Bonds you get at Woolies versus Bond online site. I've bought trunks from both and the online ones at bonds were often better quality for me. I thought they'd always be the same, but not in my case anyway.

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    and some things are sold out already. what a joke!

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    Their factory outlet stores are always 40% off. These sales are very regular.

    • The quality of their product is only worth what it costs at 40% off anyway imo…

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    Anyone recommend anything in their exercise range? Sports bras for example? leggings?

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      Yes, the Sporty Top bra as mentioned in the description :)

      • Oops didn't see that!


  • last time I had to buy 3 things to get 40% off so this is not bad.

  • Any bargains?

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    Dont forget the Cashrewards 6.4% cashback


    • 7.2% from Pricepal for founder members.

  • Not bad .. got me some plane tees.. albeit you get em cheaper at kmart.. hoping this is better quality

  • Thanks! Ordered some 7/8 tights. They're selling quick :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Made an order for $160.. paid through afterpay so it stings less haha. Much needed basics.

  • Bought a hoody. Thanks.

  • Can't ever find small size in supermarket. Thanks OP.

  • Basics used to be affordable,ever since marketers started the Calvin k,underware ads everyone now prices underware at ridiculous prices,Bonds seems to be on special everyweek like Swisse vitamins,fake RRp prices then specials at the real RRp.

    • underwear*

  • Where are the men's G-strings? Men don't like VPL either!

    • I'll take a VPL over a wedgie any day.

      • Wedgies are inevitable. I'd rather have a thin strip up there than a fist full of fabric.

  • +1

    $300 gone, thanks OP

  • Bonds quality is poor I wouldn't wear them. Their socks and underwear are the worst

  • +1

    Thanks OP. btw is it just me or is this shocking blinker at the link giving anyone a headache (or worse, seizure)

    • Yeah it's annoying and obnoxious. I couldn't adblock it for some reason so just closed the tab. You hear that Bonds?! You just lost a 2x undies sale!

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