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[Backorder] Acer Chromebox CXI2-4GKM Desktop (3205U, 4GB RAM, 16GB SSD) with KB/M US $126.87 (~AU $160) Delivered @ Amazon


A nice cheap desktop for general browsing, price dropped over $100 usd today so not sure if pricing error.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Buy these for family, and no more hours wasted on tech support!

    The CPU is similar to a Core-2 duo, but you don't have the overhead of Windows. Great for web and word-processing.

    • This is damn cheap, I don't know how great it is but it even has peripherals thrown in.

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    can I install win 10 in this box?

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      I wouldn't bother. just buy a Vorke V1 if you want Windows on it.


      There's too much fluffing about with drivers and configuration to get Windows working properly on Chromeboxes. Also the issue of storage.

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        Trying to install Windows in 16GB is not my idea of fun. And the license will cost slightly more that the PC.
        Even installing Linux on these is not the best idea. Buy it for ChromeOS or not at all.

        • One other option is OpenELEC/LibreELEC built. 😉

      • Would a Vorke v1 be better than a laptop by any chance? LOL

        Ignoring the lack of screen of course.

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          Its limited to 4GB of RAM and you can't upgrade it.

          You can throw in a 1TB drive into it alongside its included 64GB msata SSD. Good for media storage and playback on a 4K TV with HDMI 2.0 interface. OK for office productivity only if it's word processing and smaller documents.

          Not many laptops do 4k60p, certainly not if you are looking at something like a Dell Inspiron 3000 series.

          For major productivity and games maybe buy a second hand Dell Optiplex 9010 but noise and power consumption is 3-4x higher.

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          maybe buy a second hand Dell Optiplex 9010 but noise and power consumption is 3-4x higher.

          I'm using a 9010 SFF. Power is only 20W idle, and fan barely audible for normal use.

        • @manic:

          thats very efficient. How did you measure? 20w measured with kill-a-watt?

      • +2

        I have the Vorkev1 and think it's great. Needed to upgrade a 50" tv to a smart tv. Plus another pc.

        Mounted behind the the TV, you wouldn't know that it was there 😊

        Oh, I am no tecspert or rocketsurgeon either.

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        I've just updated the deal for the Vorke V1. It's now $7USD Cheaper!

    • If you want windows might be better with a intel compute stick

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    I had a camelcamelcamel price set and this beat it by $68. I no longer need it- Assuming the Vorke ever gets here.

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    Love Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. This will be my fourth. GalliumOS + Chromebook/box makes for the perfect linux media center or laptop. No idea what I'll do with this latest one, since all the others are still performing wonderfully. I just love 'em to death. Small, power efficient, flexible, upgradeable. Wipe, reinstall, play, repeat.

    • Thanks. Didn't know about GalliumOS.

    • Can I ask what are you using them for? Thanks!

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        2 x ASUS CHROMEBOX-M004U

        —> Box 1
        RAM upgraded to 4 gigs. This one is my TV media center, dual-booting GalliumOS. Connected to Sony Bravia TV via HDMI. GalliumOS handles sound and video over HDMI flawlessly. VLC runs every media file format, and pulls files directly from the wireless router USB storage.

        —> Box 2
        RAM upgraded to 8 gigs. Dual-booting GalliumOS. This one on my desk. I swap to this when I don't need to run my Windows rig — when I'm doing serious work (instead of gaming) that doesn't require any hefty Windows-only applications. Box pulls 10 - 15 watts max, which keeps the power bill down.

        Intel Compute Stick
        Running Windows 10. Previously used this as my media center, jacked into the back of the TV via HDMI, until I found GalliumOS. Prone to overheating, and fan can be a bit noisy. Neither of these problems present with the Chromeboxes.

        Chromebox CXI2-4GKM - ON ITS WAY!
        I have no specific need for it. Just curious about this Acer model, I guess. See what it does better or worse than I'm used to. Not as upgradeable as the ASUS Chromeboxes, it seems. Frankly, I do not expect the Acer to best the ASUS in any way. If I can get Minecraft running decently on it, under GalliumOS, I might give it to my daughter as a replacement for her crusty old laptop.

        • Many thanks! Much to learn here, I really appreciate the detail and the links too. Cheers!

  • cool!

  • +1

    Interesting toy.

    Can I use google's DNS and use PIA VPN?

  • How does one get MS Office on this (just basic Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc)?
    Also, is it possible to work on dual screens (i.e. HDMI monitor + displayport to HDMI adapter for 2nd HDMI monitor)?

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      If you need a local office app, rather than using the online suites from MS or Google, then you can install LibreOffice/OpenOffice via GalliumOS or Crouton. Partitioning to be able to dual boot Linux and ChromeOS is easiest and will give you best performance. If you're a Windows veteran then this is the perfect opportunity to discover what Linux can do for you.

      Have not had cause to run my chromeboxes on dual monitors so I can't advise you there.

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      You can use the google's office apps. Or you can use online Microsoft office inside the web browser.


  • Interesting product. Would make a pretty good media player.

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    Just an FYI. Chromebox CXI2 Chrome OS auto-update expires on May 2020.

  • When will Android Apps go from Planned to Stable?


  • -2

    So I take it this doesn't come with a monitor?

    • Nah treeman, but you can use your imagination.

  • Anyone know if the unit supports Australian voltage? Can't seem to find info on the power adapter other that it's 65w.

    I know a lot of electronics are 110-240 these days, but some are still US 110v only :/

  • Thanks. Bought 2

  • Missed it. Now USD $224.11 or AUD $292.17 for me

  • Did anyone else buy one of these during the sale? Have you had issues with the wifi? I bought two, and both of them seem to slow the wifi to a drip when the attempt to play a video, or load a website, or when it's a Tuesday.

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