Poll: Best OVER-EAR Headphones under $400 in 2017

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What is the best Audiophile over-ear headphones (under $400) for the year 2017?

High fidelity audio comes at a high price, and with the large number of options available it's fairly tedious having to read through reviews for each of them. So why not ask the crowd and the see what everybody else is listening to?

Over-ear headphones are bulkier than their in-ear or on-ear counterparts, but the benefit of having headphones sitting over, rather than on or inside your ears means they're much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Some of the things you need to look out for in a pair of headphones apart from their sound quality:

  • Open back or closed headphone types
  • Wireless or Wired
  • Built in microphones for smartphone usage
  • Active Noise Cancelling features
  • Sizing of the earcups and their materials (affecting comfort)
  • Will they require a headphone amplifier to sound good?

So what's your favourite over-ear headphones under $400 for 2017? Make your suggestions below, and be sure to justify why it's the best one for you.

(edit: removed "audiophile" from question to make the poll more general)

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