expired Virgin Mobile - Unlimited Free Text + 1GB Data on "Your Caps" (Pre-Paid)


I was just having a look at Virgin Mobiles recharge options and found that the current "Your Caps" have some kinda promotion on for both text and data. Don't forget it already gives unlimited calls to other Virgin phones, which is of course still offered.

For any of the your caps recharge, until the end of January 2011, you get unlimited text to any Australian mobile (excluding satellite phones) as well as 1GB free mobile internet with every recharge, and you can accumulate up to 5GB at any one time.

Compared to the post-paid option (called Smart Cap plans), this is basically $10 cheaper per month, with slightly lower call rates (90c/min vs 99c/min), cheaper international sms (35c vs 45c), less data (varies). However, it should be noted that the Smart Cap plans are usually signed under a contract of 24 months + a phone. If you BYO with a Smart Cap you would get 20% extra credit (though, in my opinion, $10/month saving with current promotion is better). I believe Your Caps has a kind of "rollover" though, just like the Smart Caps (just recharge before it expires).

Summary of monthly price + credit (I think all give 1GB data)
$19 - $50
$29 - $150
$35 - $180
$45 - $320
$75 - $650
$95 - $850

Personally I think only the cheapest two or three plans are worthwhile. For the rest, it's probably better off you consider other providers that have more competitive rates and credit vs monthly price costs. Just thought this would be good for anyone specifically after Virgin pre-paid.

mod - from terms and conditions

You must have a minimum ½ balance of credit to access bonus credit and data.

Bonus credit can only be used for standard voice calls, text, MMS, calls to 13 & 18 numbers (excluding calls to Virgin Mobile customer service), is used first for eligible calls, services & excess data

All credits & internet expire 28 days from recharge, or earlier if you recharge with a non-Your Cap voucher.

Recharge within 28 days with a Your Cap voucher to rollover unused credit/internet

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    Is this a good plan if I am getting an unlocked iPhone4?

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      If you regularly contact people on Virgin, then it would certainly be decent.

      Otherwise if you have an unlocked phone and don't really have a preference as to what network you would like to be on, but just want the cheapest monthly plan, then you might want to consider TPG or Live Connected which are always known for their cheap monthly plans + generous monthly credit.

      TPG: http://www.tpg.com.au/mobile/plans.html
      Live Connected: http://www.liveconnected.me/


    sweet! the old plan included 5mb but gave a bonus 1gig for a limited time. now the new recharges give 1 gig. fantastic.

    dunno y everyone doesnt get their family and friends onto virgin. its free everything


      because of the rubbish network. i used to be on them, what a joke, data was impossible to use, usually at the worst time (trying to check email urgently etc). i was with them for at least 5 years, even as recent as 2009 it could take several minutes to be able to make a phone call (congested network). will never touch again.


      I'm in Melbourne. I have family and friends on Virgin. We seem to have been fine, but I have seen a few people complain about the Virgin (ie Optus) network, who lived/worked in specific areas (I forget which)


        Canberra, internet access was ridiculously slow, and that's when you actually have reception.

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