expired Motorcycle Helmet Shoei GT Air ($510) Delivered (Store: Fc-Moto.de)


Get a 20% discount on the RRP ( incl discounted items - Shoei as well)

valid from 31.08.2017 to 07.09.2017

link : Link : https://www.fc-moto.de/

You can opt for currency AUD as well ( some products get bigger discount with EUR currency, dont know why)

Local AU store for price comparision : https://www.thehelmetwarehouse.com.au/store.php?crn=314

I paid in EUR currency, refer below:

1 piece(s) Shoei GT-Air Motorcycle Helmet Black

Shoei GT-Air Motorcycle Helmet Black (Size: M (57/58))
382.40 € 382.40 €
Subtotal 382.40 €
Coupon: FCSUMMER20 (Value: 20 % )
Product discounts are deducted from the voucher value! -61.18 €
Delivery method DHL World (outside Europe) 19.90 €
Payment method PayPal

0.00 €
Tax area other countrys (without VAT)
Total amount (without VAT) 341.12 €
Total amount 341.12 €

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    • +7 votes

      Helmet certification laws have changed now to allow helmets from overseas without the Australian Standards sticker. Not sure if that's the case in all states though.

      • +1 vote

        Wow this is quite the revelation! Hubby is so excited to be able to buy helmets from overseas for so much cheaper than from here! And better range too :)


          Check out RidersDiscount both the site and also eBay store to take advantage of eBay Coupons.

    • +4 votes

      Motorcycle helmet laws in Australia have changed - no longer require specific Australian standard approval, i.e. some o/s standards are now allowed.

      Plus I've never heard of anyone being done for an out of spec helmet unless they're acting the fool and the cops are wanting to throw the book at them.

    • +2 votes

      I had an opposite experience with a Dainese jacket with them. Saved around $250 compared to local, super happy.

      Helmet laws changed for SA, as above comments.

    • +1 vote

      Maybe upvoters will actually read something before +'s are pressed, then again oz b crowd here

      LOL talk about a hypocrite, maybe naysayers will actually be up to date with helmet laws before saying something.

    • +1 vote

      back when I had a ST3, I bought boots and gloves from them without issue.
      For the price difference, I ended up getting the Dianese gloves(~$150) for free compared to buying the same boots/gloves locally.


    Nice so DOT or TUV marked stuff can be substituted for AS?

    • +1 vote

      Check your relevant state body.
      For NSW DOT is not sufficient TUV is and all UNECE22.05 rated stuff is approved.


    @seven - can you post a direct link to the GT-AIR? Looking at their site, it seems to be different.
    You save 5% 474.05 € incl. VAT, plus Shipping


      correct me if I am wrong, you didn't put through promo code at the check out and AU address ?

      as you put overseas address, VAT will be removed. Shipping charges are 19.90 €.

      I have not tested promo code on all the shoei helmets, tried on NXR (BLACK and White) and GT Air ( Black) which was showing 20% off.

      Link : https://www.fc-moto.de/epages/fcm.sf/en_AU/?ObjectID=2587584...

      you can try Shoei GT air ( white), its says 5% discount as you add in to the cart and applies promo code. Further discount will appear, plus add shipping charges and total will be around 507 AUD ( I paid EUR 341.12 €) .

      I am happy with my purchase able to save AUD 200 atleast, same helmet MCA was asking for $780.


    Don't forget to get yourself the darkest tinted visor for riding in the sun
    I actually have an extra pinlock visor in dark tint for summer in QLD and it also cuts the temp inside as well


      GT-Air has a built-in flip down tinted visor so no need to get another one.


        Aha, thought I saw that on the new ones. just didn't know what models have what features
        Can you replace all the head lining in these , anti-fog for the visor ect ?


          Yep, all liners are removable and pretty sure you can buy replacement pads.
          They also come with pinlock shields as well so no need to worry about anti-fog stuff.


    Anyone able to compare, the nxr, gt air, ryd and qwest models? Looking for a quiet and comfortable helmet as probably the biggest factor. Don't want to overpay if not needed still.

    I have a shark atm, which sounds like a rocket engine inside my head, even when riding at only 60km/h.

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