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McDonald's Monopoly $276,000,000 in Prizes — 1 in 5 Instant Win, Collect to Win & Chance to Win



Closing Date 17/10/2017


Description See tables below
No. of Prizes 32855800
Total Prize Pool $42,949,672.95

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Number of Purchases
Entry Methods Mobile App, In Person
Prerequisites Purchase

Note that the total prize pool is actually $278,528,970 which exceeds OzBargain's 32-bit limit of $42,949,672.95.

Eligible Products with 1 game ticket:
Medium Fries, Chicken McNuggets 10 pack, Medium Soft Drink or Thick Shake, Any Gourmet Creations Burger, Hash Brown

Eligible Products with 2 game tickets:
Large Fries, Chicken McNuggets 20 pack, Single Loaded Fries, Shared Loaded Fries, Hotcakes, Large Soft Drink or Thick Shake, Large McCafé Coffee, Chicken Salad, McFlurry

iOS App: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/monopoly-at-maccas/id1137491…

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=au.com.mcdonal…

Instant Win Food Prize RRP each Max No. of Prizes Total RRP (higher value item)
Big Mac® OR McChicken® Big Mac $5.75 McChicken $5.55 Peeled: 700,792 App: 288,275 $5,687,135
McChicken® OR Quarter Pounder® Quarter Pounder $5.85 McChicken $5.55 Peeled: 700,792 App: 288,275 $5,786,042
Cheeseburger OR Hamburger Cheeseburger $2.90 Hamburger $2.50 Peeled: 875,990 App: 360,344 $3,585,369
Small Sundae OR Apple Pie Small Sundae $3.05 Apple Pie $2.40 Peeled: 2,452,772 App: 1,008,962 $10,558,289
Small Fries OR Fruit Bag Small Fries $2.00 Apple Bag $1.80 Peeled: 4,905,544 App: 2,030,240 $13,871,568
Small McCafe® Beverage Small McCafe Beverage $3.70 Peeled: 3,153,564 App: 1,297,237 $16,467,964
Sauage McMuffin® OR Ham & Cheese Pocket Sausage McMuffin $3.50 Ham & Cheese Pocket $2.00 Peeled: 525,594 App: 216,206 $2,596,300
Bacon & Egg McMuffin® OR Sausage and Egg McMuffin® Sausage & Egg McMuffin $4.20 Bacon & Egg McMuffin $3.95 Peeled: 525,594 App: 216,206 $3,115,560
Small Soft Drink or Small Frozen Soft Beverage Small Frozen Soft Drink $3.25 Small Soft Drink $2.35 Peeled: 3,679,158 App: 1,513,444 $16,875,957
Instant Win Non-Food Prize Value of Each Max No. of Prizes Total Max Value
$10K CASH $10,000.00 3 $30,000.00
LENOVO 2 IN 1 LAPTOP $2,799.00 2 $5,598.00
GOOGLE PIXEL MOBILE $1,079.00 2 $2,158.00
KLIPSCH SOUNDBAR $1,249.00 10 $12,490.00
SAMSUNG TABLET PRO $1,499.00 2 $2,998.00
"SONY 65"" TV " $3,699.00 9 $33,291.00
SONY HOME CINEMA SYSTEM $1,199.00 6 $7,194.00
HP DESKTOP PC $2,399.00 1 $2,399.00
12 MONTH MOVIE CARD $1,000.00 8 $8,000.00
15K ESCAPE TRAVEL VOUCHER $15,000.00 1 $15,000.00
$5K FLIGHT CENTRE HOLIDAY GIFT CARD $5,000.00 8 $40,000.00
$1K OZSALE SHOPPING VOUCHER $1,000.00 20 $20,000.00
SUZUKI IGNIS OR SWIFT IGNIS $20,990.00 SWIFT $18,490.00 2 $41,980.00
CALTEX 1 YEAR OF FREE FUEL $3,500.00 2 $7,000.00
1 YEAR OFFREE PARKING AT SECURE $7,800.00 6 $46,800.00
PIAGGIO SCOOTER $2,490.00 2 $4,980.00
1 YEAR OF EUROPCAR CAR RENTAL $20,000.00 1 $20,000.00
WEBER 4 BURNER BBQ $1,499.00 10 $14,990.00
SONY ACTION CAM $649.00 30 $19,470.00
SONY HEADPHONES $699.00 40 $27,960.00
SONY HOME AUDIO SYSTEM $499.00 35 $17,465.00
"SONY 32"" TV " $699.00 35 $24,465.00
EPIC ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD $890.00 10 $8,900.00
$500 OZSALE SHOPPING VOUCHER $500.00 50 $25,000.00
WEBER FAMILY BBQ $769.00 25 $19,225.00
UNIVERSAL 1 YEAR OF MUSIC $616.85 50 $30,842.50
CALTEX $500 FUEL CARD $500.00 8 $4,000.00
1 MONTH OF FREE PARKING AT SECURE $650.00 10 $6,500.00
1 WEEK EUROPCAR CAR RENTAL $500.00 2 $1,000.00
INSTAX CAMERA $200.00 175 $35,000.00
KOBO EREADER $249.00 5 $1,245.00
SONY XPERIA MOBILE $299.00 15 $4,485.00
SONY MINI PORT SPEAKER $99.00 75 $7,425.00
NAVMAN DASH W GPS TRACKING $199.00 12 $2,388.00
SONY PORTABLE SPEAKER $229.00 20 $4,580.00
SAMSUNG TABLET $199.00 3 $597.00
HASBRO BOARD GAME PACKAGE $219.94 300 $65,982.00
MONOPOLY BOARD GAME $39.99 500 $19,995.00
PUSHY BOULDER BIKE $399.00 40 $15,960.00
$100 CALTEX FUEL CARD $100.00 150 $15,000.00
$50 CALTEX FUEL CARD $50.00 710 $35,500.00
$50 PUSHY BIKE GEAR VOUCHER $50.00 100 $5,000.00
$50 OZSALE SHOPPING VOUCHER $50.00 100 $5,000.00
1 MONTH QUICKFLIX MOVIE STREAMING $13.99 1,000 $13,990.00
FREE DAY OUT $25.00 3,650,000 $91,250,000.00
$10 OFF DAY OUT $10.00 5,490,000 $54,900,000.00
FREE SPORTS LESSON $10.00 2,200,000 $22,000,000.00
FREE MOVIE TICKET $21.00 60,000 $1,260,000.00
FREE PARKING AT SECURE $20.00 500,000 $10,000,000.00
$400 EPIC SKATEBOARD VOUCHER $400.00 2,000 $800,000.00
$200 EPIC SKATEBOARD VOUCHER $200.00 10,000 $2,000,000.00
$100 FLIGHT CENTRE VOUCHER $100.00 15,000 $1,500,000.00
$100 CRUISEABOUT VOUCHER $100.00 17,500 $1,750,000.00
$100 OFF ESCAPE TRAVEL HAWAII HOLIDAY $100.00 10,000 $1,000,000.00
$50 ESCAPE TRAVEL HOTEL VOUCHER $50.00 20,000 $1,000,000.00
$25 FLIGHT CENTRE VOUCHER $25.00 40,000 $1,000,000.00
$10 OZSALE SHOPPING VOUCHER $10.00 125,000 $1,250,000.00
ISUBSCRIBE $5 MAGAZINE VOUCHER $5.00 1,000,000 $5,000,000.00
PREMIUM QUIKFLIX MOVIE STREAM $5.99 50,000 $299,500.00
UNIVERSAL MUSIC ALBUM DOWNLOAD $33.80 5,000 $169,000.00
UNIVERSAL MUSIC 2 TRACK DOWNLOADS $3.38 250,000 $845,000.00
$10 OFF EUROPCAR CAR RENTAL $10.00 300,000 $3,000,000.00
Collect to Win Prize Collect one Ticket for each of these Monopoly properties (rare in bold) Colour of Tickets Value of Each Max No. of Prizes Total Max Value
SONY HOME CINEMA SYSTEM Leicester Square, Piccadilly, Coventry Street Yellow $1,199.00 9 $10,791.00
SUZUKI IGNIS OR SWIFT Park Lane, Mayfair Dark Blue IGNIS $20,990.00 SWIFT $18,490.00 2 $41,980.00
1 YR FREE PARKING AT SECURE The Strand, Fleet Street, Trafalgar Square Red $7,800.00 4 $31,200.00
"SONY 65"" TV " Bow Street, Vine Street, Marlborough Street Orange $3,699.00 6 $22,194.00
$10K CASH Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street Green $10,000.00 2 $20,000.00
HP DESKTOP PC The Angel Islington, Euston Road, Pentonville Road Light Blue $2,399.00 1 $2,399.00
CALTEX $500 FUEL CARD Pall Mall, Whitehall, Northumberland Avenue Pink $500.00 7 $3,500.00
$5K CRUISEABOUT CRUISE Fenchurch St Station, Liverpool St Station, Kings Cross Station, Marylebone Station Stations $5,000.00 1 $5,000.00
SAMSUNG TABLET Whitechapel Road, Old Kent Road Brown $199.00 3 $597.00

Game board: https://maccasplay.com.au/pdf/MCD1118_04_Monopoly_TableDecal…

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  • +6

    I can die now. 😌

    • +5

      Cheers for the detailed post.

  • +3

    This is such a gimmick. I remember the days when I literally bought maccas 3x a day for a month and didn't even come close to winning anything significant lol

    • +3

      What do you call significant?

      I won a lot of free food last year.

  • +3

    Time to work out the most cost effective order (i.e. lowest cost/ ticket)

    • +4

      2 large ice waters usually does the trick

      • +2

        sadly they've caught on to that hack

        • +2

          Purely on ticket effectiveness I'm thinking a large hamburger meal. You'd need to get 2 for the 25% off voucher to work it would turn out to be $10.05 for 8 tickets ($1.26 a ticket). If you want to sacrifice the meat you could save another $1.65 and bring it down to $8.40 ($1.05 a ticket)

  • +7

    I guess I have to go to McDonalds now, since I was signed up for this last year they sent me a code in my email for a Chance card and I won a small fries.

    They could have given me the $10,000 instead. :D

    • +1

      Thanks, i had deleted the e-mail. Didn't realise there was a chance card on there. Ended up with a small drink or frozen soft drink.

      • I received an email about the promotion coming back but not a free chance card. 😞

        • +2

          The email came through last night with the chance card.

        • +1

          @Phalaxis: I don't think I received this free code? Just the it's coming back email?
          EDIT: Never mind it's in the email! Good marketing :)

          Got a $10 off day out. At least it's something but was hoping for free food :(

        • @pennypincher98:

          EDIT: Never mind it's in the email!


        • Near the end, just scroll and scroll and then you'll come to a "free chance code" -> download Maccas monopoly to play. If you need further help finding it, let me know and ill give you an image.

        • I don't think I received an email despite entering heaps last year :(

        • +1


          If you need further help finding it, let me know and ill give you an image.

          That would be helpful, thanks.

        • +2

          @Scrooge McDuck:
          No worries it should just be halfway down

          After the download app option, there should be a "your free chance to win" with a code like this you need to enter on the app QYZYYMYZF8NV - obviously I have already claimed my code so you cant use it :P

        • +1


          Thanks for that. I received a different much shorter email without a code.

        • +1

          @Scrooge McDuck: oh, you recieved a different email? You would've thought they would have all been the same?

    • +5

      I won a BigMac or McChicken yayyyy! Lunch tomorrow's sorted :)

    • +2

      Cheers hadn't noticed that! Scored a free cheeseburger :)

  • +4

    For anyone on a Keto diet — Quarter Pounder in a lettuce bun with no ketchup and less onion, and a cup of Coca Cola with no sugar.

    • I don't think you get tickets on Quarter Pounders. You'd only get them on the Coke. Or fries, but obviously you wouldn't want fries on a keto diet.

      • +2

        Quarter Pounder is one of the instant win food prizes.

  • +3

    entered with a free chance code sent to me, won a small coffee

  • +5

    4 x instant win food items today.

    • Nice! As soon as 5 PM hits…

      • More Macca's? ;)

        Nah, no more today.

  • +2

    Won a small McCafe Tea or Coffee from my email code.

  • +1

    Won a small McCafe Tea or Coffee too from my email code

  • +1

    Won a small drink or frozen soft drink from my email code.

  • +1

    Got dudded :( ordered a combo with lge thickshake, got given it in a McCafe cup - no tokens

    • +1

      thickshakes have been served in those plastic see through cups for around 4 years now

      • +3

        Yeah but for this deal they're not supposed to be :/ Ah well, scored a free 1/4 pounder with my lge fries :)

  • +2

    I got The Angel Islington and Pentonville Road so unless I'm lucky Euston Road is the rare one

    • +1

      Me too, I got both those tickets in the same combo.

      • +1

        Thanks, I'll update the OP soon. :)

  • +1

    Free small coke or frozen coke :/

    • $10 off day out :/ Want to swap?

  • +1

    Free Small Fries or Fruit Bag and Free Parking with Secure-A-Spot. Still no game tokens, and will probably never use the free parking (happy to trade for a cinema ticket, a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder).

  • Won a free sports lesson and Free Small Fries or Fruit Bag

  • Is bond St rare?

    • Nah, I've got Bond Street first up, doesn't seem that rare..

  • Fenchurch St station is rare

  • +1

    2 free small fries and a sundae/apple pie. And $10 off day out voucher :)

  • I wonder…. Can I order $1000 of goods using the app. Costing me $750, get all the tickets. Give food to homeless?


    • +1

      Chances are slim that the winning tokens will all be located at the same store, but you'd sure get a few instant wins.

    • yes but you would still be $750 out of pocket

  • +1

    also this is really good formatting!!

  • +1

    correction: Cheeseburger $2.90 RRP, gone up to $3 at my local last week

  • Piccadilly and Park Lane are rare

  • Won a free day out and a few more food prizes.

  • Has anyone won a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder yet?

  • Can you redeem more than 1 food item at a time?

    • T&Cs say 1 per transaction

      • Thanks. My plans of feeding the family have been shattered ;)

        • Nothing to say only 1 transaction per day. You can always redeem each prize in a separate transaction. (Not sure if they'd make you queue up again though.)

  • +4

    Won 2 Timezone $10 vouchers. No timezones in SA.
    PM me if you want the codes.

  • +1

    so far got a free small fires/fruit bag and a free day out

  • Hmm got mayfair.

    Need parklane lol

  • +1

    Got Marylebone station and released there is only one prize meaning one Fenchurch St Station probably.

    Prizes so far: Marylebone station, Bond St, free sports lesson (LOL!), $10 off day out, free mccafe beverage. Certainly not bad for $2.50 investment! Cheers free chance card + UberEATS :D

  • +1

    For the Caltex $500 Fuel Voucher I got Pall Mall and Northumberland Avenue in one meal. (Pink)
    I presume Whitehall is the rare one

  • Does anyone know if I can redeem any prize or get any tickets at Macca's inside Sydney International Airport (in the departure area after security)?

  • +1

    Some updates I just found about rare pieces:
    Fleet Street - rare for reds
    Marlborough Street - rare for oranges
    Regent Street - rare for greens
    Old Kent Road - rare for Browns.

    Hope this helps some people!!

  • +6

    Also for anyone who is a student and/or member of Student Edge, you can get a free medium soft drink (1 ticket) with any purchase over $3 (large fries are $3.10 > 2 tickets or single gravy loaded fries $3.40 > 2 tickets)

    Can work out $3.10 for 3 tickets plus fries and drink!

    • ooo

    • +1

      If you dont want frise $3.35 for soda water

  • +2

    Bought a large fries and got small mccafe beverage instant win and then won a small soft drink on the second chance token.

  • -1


    Just got Liverpool St Station (a Chance card) today. Apparently I got a $5000 CRUISEABOUT CRUISE. Do I need to collect more cards? Or just that one is good enough? I never won anything before, ever, so I doubt this is true and so easy? How do I exchange it? Anyone wants it? I might sell it.


    • You need to collect Fenchurch St Station, Kings Cross Station and Marylebone Station as well in order to win the cruise. But good luck since their is only 1 Fenchurch St Station card in existence. Some people try and sell their cards on ebay but it's pretty pointless buying them unless you found the rare one in a set.

      • +1

        Thanks for the info. I thought I won $5000 ;) :P

  • +3

    The past two days after discovering the student edge voucher, thanks to pennypincher98, I have been getting large fries and medium soda water for $3.15 with 3 tickets and gave the fries to a homeless down in circular quay.

    Today I won a free movie ticket!

    • +1

      That just warms my heart to see people giving food to the community and taking my advice :)
      Congrats! I just keep winning free sports lessons and 2 small coffees.

  • +1

    Should we start up a forum/wiki on swapping vouchers?? I've got multiple bond streets already…

    • +1

      Feel free to start a forum topic. :)

      Does anyone have Chance Cards they aren't using? I find a lot of them strewn over the tables in store.

      • +1

        Where do you find them, what store?? Such a shame that everyone is too tidy where I go and just chucks it in the bin..

  • Won a day out (x2) and a $10 off voucher

  • Snagged a burger, two small drinks and a McMuffin so far

  • Won a couple of free drinks, $10 off day out voucher, also some properties :-)

  • So far, won a Big Mac/McChicken, a McChicken/Quarter Pounder, a Small Fries/Fruit Bag… And then, a Pall Mall… 😊

  • After 21 random tickets (including Chances), I've gotten:

    • 3 x Small Fries/Fruit Bag
    • 1 x Sundae/Apple Pie
    • 1 x Big Mac/McChicken
    • 1 x Small McCafe Tea or Coffee
    • 1 x Free Sports Session

    Has anyone here actually won the property prizes in previous competitions?

  • Won a couple $10 off day out vouchers and a pass to the aquarium :)

    Question: I scanned a food ticket (free Qtr Pounder) onto the app thinking it'll appear on under prizes on the app. But I just got a 2nd chance draw entry. My food ticket would still be valid right?

    • Yes. You just hand the ticket over when redeeming your free food.

      • Thanks!

      • Chance card wins require the app. Sticker wins must be handed over the counter. It's a shame you can't just use the app for all wins.

    • -1

      Does this mean we can get both a chance card and food/drink ticket when we redeem? evil grin slowly appears and spreads on face

      • Just realised this is a 2nd chance draw entry not chance card. My mistake :)

  • Finally got around to installing the app. Some of the reviews were saying it had more problems than last years app. My personal experience was that it had less problems. It wasn't perfect but I managed to get all my codes entered. I got a free sundae and a couple of free day outs.

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