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25% off $10+ Spend @ McDonald's (Via MyMaccas App)


Good for bigger orders :) as always, need to use the app

Get those Monopoly wins cheaper :)

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    Yay it's back

    • just like herpes?

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    Has the app improved? Never used it but read plenty of stories about its bugs and general poor design.

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      Newest version on Android still has all the same bugs as the original launch version. The sheer fail of the app gets funnier as time rolls on. How it hasn't been fixed or rebuilt yet is beyond me.

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      It's better, but still pretty trash.

      When it first came out I couldn't even get the damn thing to load up the menu.

      It's actually usable now. You might have to restart it a few times, but at least the menu actually loads now…

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      Yea, didn't have to clear data anymore since the latest update. Still bit slow and laggy, but it worked fine for me the last 3 times without crashing or the menu not loading.

    • none of my local stores seem to work with it, yesterday manager said they have had ton of complaints.

    • I've used the iphone app a few times and I've never encountered an issue. Fingers crossed nothing happens now that I've said it lol.

    • Works for me now. No issues

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    Can just use the app to get the code and enter into the self serve machine if the app is playing up for anyone

    • I tried that for 25% off and nothing happened. Even though it produces a QR code, it says for mobile ordering only.
      The QR code worked for my coffee 'buy 5 get one free' thing once, but not a second time… I guess the scanner was broken. I went to the counter to order and use it, but the guy said there's nowhere to enter it, even after I pointed out the 4 character code that is listed under the QR code. He said the coffee card thing must only be for mobile and kiosk ordering, and offered me a paper stamp card. I pointed to the advert printed on his register that said I could use the app in place of the paper card, but he didn't know how to make that happen.

      Regarding the app crashing… yet. I need to clear data most times I use it. It crashes often. I expect so much better from a multinational company.

      Oh well, I should eat less crap anyway. There's very little on the menu that interests me. I wish they still had the CYT burgers/salads.

      • Yeah I can't scan mine either but when you bring up the QR code it should give you the 4 character code. On the self serve machine if you click on "Offer" in the top right corner and then choose to enter by hand rather than scan the QR code, then it should work.

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    Just in time for Maccas Monopoly!!

  • Yay 25% off CVD

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    Wow not again lol… I just had the $5 off $15 yesterday…. seems I am going to maccas once a week now…

  • Wow maccas must be makings gold mine from users with this app if they can supply so much discounts.

    • Do you really think a Big Mac costs them more than $5?

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    Last time I placed order and couldnt figure out how to use the 25% off. gave up finally. May I know how to apply the voucher?

    • go to counter and show them the promo as your last resort.

      Otherwise, their kiosk has this 'offer' on top left, press 'scan' on the app promo you click into, and scan it at the kiosk, remember to press some button to 'add to order' or 'apply to order on the kiosk monitor.

      i usually use kiosk as i can customise the burgers!!! It's so amazing that i can add things for free lol. i usually order the clubhouse grilled chicken, omg is so amazing.

      • Thank you very much. Last time I was able to see the 25% off logo somewhere in the app, but then the app crashed. After I re-logged in, I couldn't find it anywhere. The app is a joke.

        • It did happened to me before. And I was on IOS!

        • Might need to enter the 4 characters by hand when you go to offer, scanning the QR code has never worked for me.

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    24 NUGGETS + 0.50 ice cream = GG :D

    $7.60 :D

    • +5

      I still remember the $0.30 soft serve days.

      • me too, though i never had, just overheard from my friend is 30c only…..

      • I used to get free cones by saying "firty cents?!" as a super cute kid to the girls on the register

        • Why? How?

          That doesn't follow…

      • days of glory, never come back !

      • those were the days!

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      you can do 24 nuggs + 5c donation at the kiosk to fulfill the $10 minimum spend

    • you guys still can see 24 nuggets from app ?
      why i can not:( depends to each store ?

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    FYI $5 time limited small mcfeast meal (10:30-2) can be purchased at any time of the day through the app. Not a deal maybe more of a pricing error.

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      I did it last night

      it said 1030-2pm, even at the shop

      but worked all day on the app,

      $5 meal is fanastic, even a cheeseburger meal costs more

  • Is there an award for the worst app by the biggest organisation? Because this might win it.

  • Does anyone know why Maccas keep advertising these deals? is the business going down?

    • Probably using it to get more app users, more app users might attract more investors as it's a quantifiable number.

      • Getting people onto the app probably means more chance of targeted advertising

        • +2

          And (combined with Kiosk) less crew members taking orders = save $$$$

        • @pifts:

          This ^,

          They want to automate the business — no more McJobs.

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    it doesn't need to be over $10 in all situations
    i think as long as the standard meals (med size) are over $10; the 25% will still apply

    TESTED @1005am today 06/09:

    small mighty muffin meal (small oj drink) = $7.75
    hash brown = $1.85
    Subtotal = $9.60
    less 25%
    TOTAL PAID = $7.20

    • Interesting!

    • I've had the 25% off work on 2x $5 McFeast deals with the drink changed to water, which makes it $9.90 less 25%.
      I also ordered 24 nuggets and a hamburger for $10.95 less 25%, but I think the people at the store accidentally deleted the hamburger because I didn't receive it, and I wasn't charged, but I still got 25% off the $9.95 nuggets.
      That makes me think that you can order something to get over the $10 mark, but then cancel it when you pick up the order. eg 2x $5 McFeast, but tell them you changed your mind and only want one when you get there, and you should get it for $3.75. Not confirmed though.

  • Interesting to note that this offer expires on 17th October. I think this is the longest 25% offer Maccas have offered. Let's hope that they don't withdraw it before then.

  • Going to buy $500 or $1000 worth to start of my day

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    To save others the hassle..…these are currently the only McDonald’s stores in Perth (WA) that accept mobile orders:

    844-846 Canning Hwy, APPLECROSS
    235 Great Eastern Hwy (cnr Daly St), BELMONT
    Garden City Shopping Centre, Almondbury Rd, BOORAGOON
    Level 1 Westfield Carousel, Albany Hwy (cnr Cecil Ave), CANNINGTON
    Cnr Ranford & Nicholson Rds, CANNING VALE
    Cnr Marmion Ave & Burragah Way, DUNCRAIG
    95 Forest Lakes Dr, FOREST LAKES
    70 Hale Rd, FORRESTFIELD
    2150 Albany Hwy, GOSNELLS
    622 Hay St, JOLIMONT
    Cnr Morrison & Farrall Rds, MIDVALE
    363 High Rd, RIVERTON
    Cnr Berwick St & Canning Hwy, SOUTH PERTH
    Southlands Shopping Centre, Burrendah Blvd, WILLETON

    Just spent the last 30 mins trying to understand why I couldn’t order via mobile at any of the stores close to me. :(

    • +Innaloo

      • Not according to the app - https://i.imgur.com/kI3eAQq.jpg

        • I've ordered there about 5 times through the app. I checked and you're right that it's not working now.

        • @bboarder: They must've removed some stores recently. I ordered through the app at my local (Banksia Grove) a few weeks ago. But now I can't.

    • +1

      Not sure how close to Perth you're referring to, but stores like Kwinana, Rockingham, Baldivis, Mandurah, Harrisdale, Armadale, Kelmscott all accept mobile orders.

      • You're right. Just had another look and it seems their poorly designed app limits the search to only "Nearby" stores. Not all stores within the map area.

        Here's a more complete list of Perth & Mandurah stores that currently accept mobile ordering:


        844-846 Canning Hwy, APPLECROSS
        69 Jull ST, ARMADALE
        20 Settlers Ave, BALDIVIS
        BP Service Centre, Kwinana Fwy Northbound, BALDIVIS
        BP Service Centre, Kwinana Fwy Southbound, BALDIVIS
        Cnr Eddystone Ave & Ocean Reef Rd, BELDON
        235 Great Eastern Hwy (cnr Daly St), BELMONT
        Garden City Shopping Centre, Almondbury Rd, BOORAGOON
        Level 1 Westfield Carousel, Albany Hwy (cnr Cecil Ave), CANNINGTON
        Cnr Ranford & Nicholson Rds, CANNING VALE
        Cnr Marmion Ave & Burragah Way, DUNCRAIG
        95 Forest Lakes Dr, FOREST LAKES
        70 Hale Rd, FORRESTFIELD
        2150 Albany Hwy, GOSNELLS
        Cnr Micholson Rd & Yellowwood Ave, HARRISDALE
        Whitfords Ave (cnr Dampier Ave), HILLARYS
        622 Hay St, JOLIMONT
        2901 Albany Hwy, KELMSCOTT
        Kwinana Hub S/C, Gilmore Ave, KWINANA
        Cnr Morrison & Farrall Rds, MIDVALE
        Anchorage Dr Cnr Bergen Way, MINDARIE
        363 High Rd, RIVERTON
        2 Robinson Rd, ROCKINGHAM
        Cnr Ennis Ave & Elanora Dr, ROCKINGHAM
        Cnr Berwick St & Canning Hwy, SOUTH PERTH
        208 Warnbro Sound Ave, WARNBRO
        Southlands Shopping Centre, Burrendah Blvd, WILLETON
        2 Peony Blvd, YANCHEP


        49 Banksiadale Gate, LAKELANDS
        Cnr Lakes Rd & Minilya Pkwy, GREENFIELDS
        Mandurah Forum S/C, MANDURAH
        Old Coast Rd, FALCON

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    This deal does not apply for stores that don't allow mobile ordering, right? Every store except my local (Milton QLD) does… what the actual f

    • +1

      Deal will still work. You'll just have to go into the store and scan the code at the self-service kiosk (explained above) or show the code to the staff member at the counter.

      • +1

        Got it thanks. I just wanted to feel like I'm in the future and do it from my desk >=[

        • Yeah I'm the same. I do it with the KFC app on my lunch break at work and it saves heaps of time! Hopefully Maccas get their act together and activate mobile ordering at all their stores soon.

  • Love food + love bargains + Ozbargain = obesity

  • any idea how i can get the app to work - it just crashes

  • +1

    this app constantly crashes, utterly useless.

  • Am I missing something?

    I go into app and see nothing about discount codes etc…

    Nevermind… Have to subscribe to offers…

  • Is it for single or multiple uses?

    • single.

  • can I ordered through the apps and then pay for in store cash?

    • nope if you want to use cash, you'd need to go to a kiosk and input the 25% off voucher then select pay at counter. or you could just order at the counter and show the voucher. I have had bad experiences where the staff had no idea how to input the voucher into the register so i much prefer the kiosk.

      • where do I get 25% off voucher?

        • +1

          inside the my maccas app

  • Anyone else been creating a new account after every order to get a new 25% off voucher? Seems as though its not working anymore where my new account says "Check back here soon for your rewards!". Usually it took 5 mins to show, its been 48 hours and nothing :(

    • Yes I was doing the exact same thing. Voucher not showing anymore. Maybe it's just expired?

      • Its working again. They must be onto me. I was using the vouchers to buy small mcfeast meals but I would exchange the fries for a gravy loaded fries and the drink to a large soft drink just to get 4 monopoly tickets. After the voucher it would only cost $5.50. They have since removed the option to swap fries to gravy loaded fries :(

        • Ah so it is! You should still be able to do your mcfeast meal swap out. I couldn't select which sides I wanted on any meal because the app was acting up. Cleared data and cache and now it's back to normal.

        • @philsaggy: They have restricted side swaps across the whole app, you can only choose salad instead of fries. One exception, a local store near me offers pulled pork loaded fries, you can swap for those but the increase is an extra $2 after the 25% off voucher. They must of forgot about the pulled pork option at Maccas HQ.

        • Maybe it differs by store. Dunno… I can do it no problem after I cleared app data/cache.

        • @philsaggy: might be just my area, i have deleted the app, cleard cache and data and nothing fixes it. Can you change your store to Mt Gravatt east (near Brisbane) and see if it works for you? Also what store are you ordering from so i can see if it works for me?

        • Couldn't find that store but tried other locals and yeah, salad or fries only sides. Could be a store by store thing or that the app sucks ass. So many bugs happen on that app. I order from Norwest Marketown, in Baulkham Hills NSW.

        • @philsaggy: Yours is the first I've tried that still has the normal side options, everywhere else is salad or fries. I'd be taking advantage of that if i were you haha. 2 x $5 McFeast meals, swap side to gravy fries, swap drink to large soft drink for $10.75. Decent meal and you get 8 Monopoly tickets.

  • Have checked both iOS and Android and can't find the 25% discount.

    Anyone used it recently

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