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LEGO Clearance Sale up to 50% off Big W Retailer Price @ Big W Instore


Did lots of work/research to figure out those specific items on sale( you will be very hard to find out from BIG W LEGO Shop section or Website, as they are always shy about clearance sale), will update if others find out more.

Most items are not available online, you have to visit your local Big W store, they do not put price tag on the shelf, please double check the price by scanning the barcode instore to make sure the right price.

Lots of sets with decent discount, lucky if you can find something.

LEGO Technic Volvo EW160E 42053 $40 off @ $99

LEGO Technic CLAAS ZERION 5000 Trac VC 42054 $100 off @ $125

LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator 42055 $110 off @ $265

LEGO Super Heroes The SHIELD Helicarrier - 76042 $100 off @ $375

LEGO Speed Champions Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team - 75883 $45 off @ $104

LEGO City Airport Air Show 60103 $46 off @ $49

LEGO City Fire Station - 60110 $36 off @ $89

LEGO City Volcano Exploration Base 60124 $40 off @ $79

LEGO City Airport Passenger Terminal 60104 $40 off @ $79

LEGO City Police Bulldozer Break-in 60140 $46 off @ $49

LEGO Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter 75149 $40 off @ $79

LEGO Star Wars Tie Striker - 75154 $23 off @ $65

LEGO Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter 75155 $34 off @ $75

LEGO Creator Lighthouse Point 31051 $20 off @ $49

LEGO Creator Vacation Getaway 3-in-1 Camper Van $39 off @ $69

LEGO NINJAGO Ultra Stealth Raider 70595 $40 off @ $49

LEGO Star Wars Battle on Scarif - 75171 $24 off @ $55

LEGO Nexo Knights Jestro's Headquarters 70352 $50 off @ $75

LEGO Nexo Knights Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster 70351 $20 off @ $39

LEGO Super Heroes Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash 76055 $36 off @ $89

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Hulk vs. Red Hulk 76078 $29 off @ $59

LEGO Duplo Town Square 10836 $39 off @ $49

Some TLBM sets are 30% off


Again, ring and check stock level with staff member before heading to store, lots of Brodens knew these deals. I met female Broden in Doncaster who was loading 4 of the Tractors into her trolley, non left on the shelf.

Prepare your 5% off WISH gift card via Cashreward prior to purchase, good luck.

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    wow!! excellent work OP


    All online sets gone sadly. Will try luck tomorrow morning in store..

  • +2 votes

    +1 just for the amount of effort


    Hey OP, is the link to "LEGO City Police Bulldozer Break-in 60140 $46 off @ $49" correct?


      fixed, cheers


        Out of stock for online. (as you already mentioned in the OP)


          Big W only stocks limited amount for online purchasing and their system is just way too old. Have to ring store one by one to check the stock level + Click and collect is also not available

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    "I met female Broden in Doncaster who was loading 4 of the Tractors into her trolley, non left on the shelf."

    Ofcourse it's for her 4 kids rolleyes

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      oh no… it's you (the female broaden) lol

      4 same sets for 4 kids?? come on…


    I cant ever see all the sale items on the big w site. it seems to have a set price filter between $20 and $188.
    so no item over $188 are displayed for me. despite clearing the "shop by price" filter.

  • +1 vote

    Gutted. Thought the Volvo was one of the cars from the 80s.

    • +6 votes

      Easy to make your own 80's Volvo out of rectangular brown bricks…


        I was thinking more of the silver colour. Was a beast of a tank to drive.

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    ring and check stock level with staff member before heading to store

    Please don't be rude to staff. Some of them will be bombarded with inquiries.


    Any Minecraft range LEGOs?

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    There is a massive (15+ pages) toy clearance that started on Monday. Mainly stuff that has been around for ages.

    There were a few interesting things on it, but I can't recall what they were anymore. Didn't post it earlier, because most items wouldn't meet minimum quantities.


    Thanks OP. Managed to score the technic tractor and a couple of the city sets at Rockdale NSW store. Those thinking of going there it seems like they have been cleaned out already on the city and technic sets. Still a few of some of the others listed above though including the Volvo EW160E.


    great job OP! I wish the claas is available near me, will check tomorrow morning


    I really want the Lego Technic 42054 Class Xerion 5000 Trac but none of my local Gold Coast Big W have it ;(((


    Most stock left at the tweed store. I got the Marvel hulk set and a nexo knights set. The technic tractor and ninjago gone sadly.

    And I'm not associated…damn tick box!!!

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    +1 for effort. :D


    Managed to get the SHIELD Helicarrier at Chermside. There was 1 left at the layby counter this morning if anyone is looking for one.


    Got the Milano of GOTG :)


    target price matched the airshow set for me


    Got 60140 City Bulldozer,60103 Airport Air Show and 42054 LEGO Technic CLAAS ZERION 5000. All of them are less than half RRP.
    Excellent work OP!


    Got Kmart Marion [SA] to price match 60124 Volcano Exploration Base for $79. Thanks OP!


    Nice work OP. Picked up an 60104 on Wednesday by pure chance before I saw this post.


    Thank you, just got the shield helicarrier from Werribee plaza. They may have another one left. Don't call them because they have no idea about the name or number on the lego set, they just simply answer you 'sold out'.


    Picked up a City Bulldozer Break in set for $49 and a Star Wars Resistance X-Wing for $64.



      Thats fantastic, as X-WING is $79 on their website


    Thanks OP! Although I missed out 42054 altogether (there were 6 at Southland and 6 at Highpoint on Wed but sold out by 5.30pm), I managed to pricematch Big W at DJ as usual (I got the last one). Combined with the AMEX Vogue offer, that's a whopping 70% off RRP!!


    Managed to get the 42054 via price match at Target today. Thanks OP.


    Great! Managed to get the LEGO Marvel Helicarrier in WA, I think I must have gotten the last one in Perth.


    Got Target to price match LEGO City Volcano Exploration Base 60124 $40 off @ $79, thanks OP.