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LG C7 55" $2545/Sony A1 55" $3566/Sony KD49X7000E 49" $1016/KD55X7000E 55" $1186 at Good Guys eBay with Voucher (C&C)


Possibly the lowest for the LG model with C & C .

2017 Sony OLED, not a bad price!

Few more notable ones:

2017 Sony KD49X7000E - $1016

2017 Sony KD55X7000E - $1186

Also, dont for Cashrewards for an other 1.3% off.

Thanks to Original 15% off Good guys Ebay post

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  • Why is the Sony so much more expensive than the LG?

    (You know who Sony buys their OLED panels from, right?)

    • With the LG Panels on board, the reviews have been awesome for the Sony A7 overall! I know….!

      I wish I could afford the A1 right now, but still a great deal for someone who is in the market!

    • Read all reviews they are almost identical with quality of image. Sony has a better processing chip X1? but barely noticeable…$1500 noticeable? not in my opinion and that of most reviewers either.

      • I've seen both of them instore recently and the Sony picture quality is much better IMO. I guess it is subjective. That being said, if I can afford an OLED, A1 would be my preference. For now, ill stick to my existing 49" Sony I guess.

        Also, I run plex on my Sony Android tv which is a big + for me and I have read that LG Web OS doesnt support plex, which is a bummer.

        • +2

          Fair enough about Plex. As far as picture goes according to all reviews they are almost identical and I would trust them over store settings on TV's as they may want to push one over another. Also Sony UI is slow ,reported many times in many reviews as well. Bottom line Sony is always massively overpriced especially in this country OLED or LCD the same thing. Take the 900E or 9000E or 90E same thing but in the US it is $1799 RR on Sony website yet here $4499…go figure? no matter what math you throw at that with shipping, tax, exchange rate $4499 is one greedy haul :-)

        • +1

          @riggit: I'm with you on pricing for sure with the greedy tax! Android tv is definitely a tad slow, but for $850 I paid for a 49" UHD, I don't think I can ask for more.

          I have been eyeing an OLED upgrade, but I don't think the wife would be keen on splurging over $2000 on a tv right now. My first choice was the C7, until the A1 came along. You never know with these Sony Tv's, when they decide to clear them out for new models, they go for a really good price. Mine was on clearance for $880!

    • I always assumed it was because of the sound technology implemented in the Sony's- "Two actuators behind the TV vibrate the screen to create sound that's truly engaging"

  • Hey guys need ur opinion, is a used lg 65 e6t 2016 for $3k good value? I'm pulling the trigger on 1. Just need to know if it's worth that much money especially on a used tv.

    • arrgghh $3k on a used tv that isnt even 75", nooooooo hahahaha. Wait for a sale and get a samsung 65" or Sony X8500e/x9000e for around or udner $3k. Orrrrr see if you can find an LG 65" OLED used for that much.

      • It's OLED mate LG OLED65E6T

        • My parents bought one of the few remaining new ones of that model 2 weeks ago for $4.3k, so $3k isn't too bad.

    • +2

      It's a good price for a 65" OLED, but last year's model isn't much chop alongside the 2017 panels.

      Personally I'd save the money and target the C7 and grab a soundbar/system as it will drop at least once more before any clearance prices.

      Longer term view, I'd probably wait for a 2018 or 2019 panel, as there's going to be a shift in the technology used for blue OLEDs which should boost colour reproduction and panel brightness further.

      • +1

        Thanks for your input mate, i'll keep that in mind

      • Apparently it was bought in dec 2016 for $6175 with receipt and all. Am i just trying to convince myself here? Haha

        • +1

          That leaves 3 months on warranty; are you able to inspect the item before sale?

          Check out a C7 in a store, then inspect, then decide. Best price I've seen is $3840 for the 65" C7, but I think that will get close to $3500 in the next 4 months.

        • +1

          @jasswolf: it was bought at jbhifi, they give 3.5 years in store warranty for tv's above $4k apparently so that leaves around 2 more years of warranty. I checked the c7, one of david attenborough's docs was on, not really impressed though. But when i turned my eyes on a sony a1 with a demo running, oh my! PQ was jaw dropping!

        • @Izefyre: Exactly the way I felt! the A1 looks bloody good!

  • I recommend checking out the Sony in person, It's got a weird tilt to it. Most reviewers hate it.

  • +1

    The 65 inch is $5315 inc delivery too

    Re the tilt you cant notice it from front one and this Tv is a work of art!

  • shouldn't the sony A1 price be lower in the title?

    $4,195.00- 15% is $3,565.75, not 3991?

    • +1

      You're right! they have dropped the price on it now to match their website and JB/HN deals! It was 4695 at the time of posting

  • You've not factored in the delivery charge for the C7, which takes it to just under $2600. That said, it's a record price, assuming the cashback deal the good guys wasn't honoured.

    Would love to know why Costco Australia isn't included in the B7 exclusivity deal, as I think it'd be selling like hotcakes at $2300.

    • Yeah mate. they have dropped their prices now!

    • I was at marsden park costco and never saw an lg b7 55. Might look it up again later. They said b7 and c7 are virtually the same, is this true?

      • It's true: same panel and SoC, but the B7 isn't sold here. It's exclusive to Amazon and Costco in the USA I think, and there's availability in the UK at least.

        If memory serves, the B6 was a while coming to Australia, but the B7 is definitely not coming to our shores.

      • Cosmetic differences only, bezel on B7 is silver and base is half moon shape, nothing else is different.

  • +3

    Well I just pulled the trigger on a C7 after months of procrastination and waiting for my price of $2500 to hit. I never thought it would come this soon, $2545 is close enough. Off to Good Guys this evening to pick it up. Time to move the near 50KG 50 inch 10yr old Kuro Plasma out of the lounge room.

    • You will love it it's an amazing tv.

    • Hey mate, I am not sure if you've picked up the tv yet. Just realized that Good guys have dropped the price further. Maybe your credit card has some sort of purchase protection!

      • haha yeah I just saw it and boy was I annoyed. Apparently nothing I can do, their 30 day price guarantee doesn't include ebay. Pretty bad of them to do that though 24hrs after seven people paid $100 more. I am not sure if I have the strength to fight it either, I know what these battles can take…. oh well plus I used my credit card through paypal so not sure that counts either.

        • +2

          that's a bummer! Oh well, been there myself and sometimes we just have to convince ourselves that it was the best deal at the time of purchase!

          Hope you're enjoying your new tv!

  • +1

    Sony's 55x9000e at $1950 is a great buy with this offer. Hard to find this TV under $2k

  • Anyone got advice/comments around the 65" range of Sony vs Samsung ?

    Hard to work out the real world difference between the X7000, X8500E and X9000E which are all in a similar price bracket.

    In particular X8500E (at $3k) and X9000E (at $3.1k) is really hard to work out which is better..

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