Pizza Hut 3 Large Pizzas, 2 Sides + 1.25 Drink - $33 Delivered


So, this is a new coupon I got at my last delivery. I'm in WA, so not sure if nationwide.

It's basically a 3 + 3 deal, delivered for $33, assuming one of the sides you want is a drink.

Cheapest out there right now, delivered!


PS: The code is good for phoned-in orders as well— enjoy!

Pizza Hut

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    Havent had Pizza Hut in ages. How does it compare to Domino's nowadays? I find Domino's just passable if the store does their job and puts the adequate amount of topping. So many times my pizza has patches of dough with no topping or i can count the slivers of ham they put on it.

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      Well, ours is really good. About the only negative, both Dominos & PH pizzas have shrunk a bit. But the PH pizzas are much nicer than Dominos, imho.


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      i can count the slivers of ham they put on it.

      How many slivers of ham did you count?


      I prefer them over Domino's for the most part, the only thing lacking with Pizza Hut is the lack of range.

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    Time to revisit ye olde pizza slut


    w00t, can confirm this works in the Canberra! (I used the Kippax store)

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    Terms and Conditions: Add an extra $1 for cheesy garlic bread. Add $3 for Stuffed Crust or Gluten Free base. Add $4.50 per pizza to upgrade to a $13 pizza, or add $7 to upgrade to a $16 pizza.


    Just tried to order & find PH has taken all pizzas off of their menu for this coupon except ham, pepperoni, or cheese.

    Then, when I figured it out, I got to the end & was being charged $35??

    Rang their number— busy. Thinking they're told to spit on them out the door, too.

    Ah well. Time to go back to making my own on cheap, Woolies pita crusts (which I like better anyway).



    P.S: the cheesy garlic bread, which is only a measly 4 pieces, is an extra $1.00, the previous pizzas offered are now $4.50 EXTRA, on top of their cost in the coupon itself.

    Guess PH wants to let Domino's bury them?

    Who releases a coupon & then goes in to adjust so it's worthless/everything is "extra"?

    Oh well.

    *getting super-smaller, too. :(

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    Bad deal!

    Only 3 pizzas to choose from for the deal, the rest you have to add money!


      I guess this is why it cost us $38? We chose a pepperoni, Meat eaters and cheese (yes we have a vegetarian, that whines when we don't cater for her, yet will have the pepperoni and Meat eaters).

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