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Xiaomi Mi Box Amlogic S905X 2GB RAM 8GB ROM TV Box - International Version US $66.99 (~AU $84.06) @ Banggood


Just saw Banggood having a collection of TV boxes celebrating their 11th anniversary.

Here are some listed items. Shipping is free and get faster shipping with small extra pay.

$66.99(~AU $84.06) +Free Shipping, ship with adaptor

$48.49(~AU $60.85) +Free Shipping
*Priority Direct Mail US$1.56 for 6-9 business days

$30.99(~AU $38.88) +Free Shipping
*Priority Direct Mail US$2.03 for 6-9 business days

$29.99(~AU $37.63) +Free Shipping
*Priority Direct Mail US$2.03 for 6-9 business days

Link to the collection:

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  • Thks have a mecool s912 but at this price might get a s905x for the spare room. Nexbox 905x 2/16 would have been a nice find …..nicer interface than mecool.


    Anyone got mxq? Why is kodi so slow when you make selections? Is new hardware any better or be more snappy?

  • https://www.banggood.com/Mecool-M8S-PRO-PLUS-Amlogic-S905X-2...
    $30.99(~AU $38.88) +Free Shipping
    *Priority Direct Mail US$2.03 for 6-9 business days

    This is the one to grab if you want to use LibreELEC (Kodi). Have had mine for a couple of weeks now and it's absolutely brilliant. Don't know why I bothered with a full x86 HTPC.

    • Loving that link.

    • I just want to have it with a HDD full of movies/tv and also a network drive with movies/tv shows.

      At the moment I have an old WD tv, not wifi, with the HDD plugged in and it works fine but limit if files it can play and only component out not hdmi.

      would this be a good choice out of the box and simple to use at night in bed (will be for the bedroom tv)
      No idea about kodi, how it works but dont want servers running or anything like that.

      • Out of the box, no. But it should only take a little while to set up LibreELEC, there's a few tutorials out there which make it pretty easy. You can use it simply to display your files (as you do now on the WD TV) or you can add in all the 'eye candy'

        Is the networked drive through wifi or Ethernet?

        • The external drive is connected to the router so would be wifi. I can access via phones, pcs, and PS4 at the moment. Distance to the bedroom and router isn't far, just one bedroom between them.

          When you say not out of the box, what do you mean? That you can't connect drives and view movies? I thought that one of the main functions.

          How do you navigate with a remote only?

          Looks like in need to study libre a bit. Or what's built is fine for my basic use .
          Will it look similar to this when looking through the movies, tv shows. https://kodi.tv/feature/movies Is there a guide how to provide the data to show cover shot/ show info ( like MP3 tag)

          Sorry for what maybe basic questions buy appreciate you helping me.

        • @PVA: Yes it will look like that - there are multiple views you can choose between that give different info. There are many skins to choose from which change the layout of the whole interface. Have a look through the plugins available - there are many more than what is on the official Kodi page as well.
          Kodi supports DLNA - you can "cast" to it, from your phone etc. You seem to want to have it serve files to your devices. Normally people keep there files on a NAS or PC, and I am not 100% on if it will act like a media server - there are other Android apps that will do that, and/or you could still have your WDTV do that function and Kodi would use it as a source.

        • @PVA: Have a look at this link. He refers to another of his videos at the start, which may also be helpful.

        • @Major Mess:

          The WD device is basic, and can only have a HHD attached, no wireless function - but it really can only play xvid files, mp4 it cant (it says it can but in reality it cant)

          I have bought the mecool box and will see how it goes, if I cant get it looking at the router attched drive thats no biggy, I'll be happy with continuing with an attached portable drive.

        • @PVA: Sorry I missed the bit about your drive hanging off the router - that should be fine, tho probably a bit slow when it first makes the database of files.

        • @PVA: All of the cheap Android boxes come with "the worlds worst infrared remote", and you really need to grab a USB wireless remote as well($9-$20). These remotes are pretty cool, and often have a full keyboard on the back. Some also have a microphone so you can then do voice searches.

          I have one of these - with built in usb rechargeable battery.

          Another is similar to this - takes AAA or AA batts.

          This is really not optional unless you want to control from a tablet/phone over the network - which can also get clunky.

          PS These are true wireless using radio's so do not require line of sight.

        • @Major Mess: thanks.
          I assume it doesnt need to make a database every time it starts up, so should be fine.

          Anyway $38, I'll give it a go.

          The router has a server function so the drive is available to all device we connect to - phones are set to upload photos automatically to it when plugged into power at home, and PS4 and PC connect fine to it (torrents go straight to it, legal torrents of course)

        • @Major Mess:
          so you cant click down down down the list then enter to watch a movie, that may be a pain for me at night as a remote you should be able to click around by feel - oh well, I'll have a go and see how it is - not much money spent yet so not a big loss.

        • @PVA: What I am saying is the ir remote you get will be shit. You will be waving it around and clicking, trying to get it to work. The remote with my boxes is crap even at a couple of feet from the unit.

          Here is a comparison of some remotes.

        • @PVA: Unfortunately running LibreELEC on wifi on the M8S Pro+ isn't possible as there aren't any wifi drivers for it as far as I know. If you want something just basic that runs the android version of Kodi, can always grab a Mi Box (which sadly has a few drawbacks such as lack of frame rate matching and passthrough HD audio (this may have changed with an update).

          No chance of being able to run with ethernet or Ethernet over Power?

        • @Porthos:
          the box is $38, I have just bought one and I will give a try out and see. If t all turns to crap I havent spent a huge lump of cash at least.

          worse comes to worse I can put with an old TV in the play room and it can be used there with not just movies but streaming etc I suppose.

          It will be a toy to play with if its no good I can go back to the old WD and keep recoding the videos to xvid (not a fun job)

          thanks for tha help, may ask more questions in a month when I get it.

          Do you think it needs a better remote like major mess says?

        • @Major Mess:
          ah poop, that bad.

        • @PVA: True, if you can grab a cheap pair of EoP adaptors would solve all your issues and running LibreELEC will be miles above what your old WD TV could do (I use to have an old WD TV too and it was great to start with, but after a while I had the same issue as you having files not play or had to re-encoding files for them to work).

          I haven't used the included remote, already had one from my previous Windows 10 HTPC that most of the buttons stopped working after the latest Windows 10 update, hence why I went looking for something else to buy. Biggest thing would be to either get a bluetooth remote, or one with an external receiver (the one I have has an external one but cost me $50 or so like 6 years ago) But I have found that if using LibeELEC, HDMI-CEC works perfectly. So if you have a decent TV remote, can always just use that instead.

    • Do the following work on it?
      HD audio passthrough work
      6 channel LPCM
      2 channel 24bit 192khz

      • HD audio passthrough works without issue, just tested a file with Dolby True HD (along with the usual DD/DTS).

        Unfortunately I don't have any files that I can think of off the top of my head for the other two, any free samples you know of I could download to test for you?

        • Cool thanks. What about auto refresh rate changing in Kodi 23.99/50(25p)/60hz(30p).
          What about DTS-HD MA?
          For PCM 6 channel you could try a video with 6 channel AAC and transcoding in Kodi. - havent tried it on android, as I run windows and have that all sorted through the OS. 6 channel FLAC would be another format.
          24bit 192khz - there should be FLAC samples online, I will have a look.

          Thanks again. Even if not fully featured it sounds like great value for the bedroom etc.

        • DTS samples online


          The "audio/video format Trailers" menu gives heaps of samples.

          I will go looking for a HD audio FLAC.

          These files have DTS HD PCM 5.1 and DD5.1

          This search gives a few movie trailers with FLAC 5.1 and 7.1 at that site.

        • Sony have stereo 24bit 96KHz samples (as good as my current amp can bitstream anyway).

          EDIT HDTracks have samples - looks like they want your email address first. Up to you but they are a legit place to buy HD music, and have been around for years.
          Not sure how high the sample rate is tho - probably 96khz, but they have done 192khz releases. Probably will see more at the higher rate now pro studio gear is moving to 384khz(soundblaster just released a PC card at that rate).

          Just getting 96khz bitstreaming would make it a great audio player worth the price. Higher rates and you are definitely getting into the "wank" zone if you think you can hear the difference, unless maybe if you HiFi setup cost more than an inner city home - then your age would negate that negligible difference.

        • These guys have a big range of audio file sample rates. You can right click and "save as" to download. Clicking the files will stream the audio to your browser.

          A couple of years ago there was not even DD passthrough in Android, so you never know.

        • After all of that searching around, Kodi has samples on their Wiki.

          Pretty much covers it all there.

        • @Major Mess: Heh there you go, had no clue that page even existed! If you can wait till Saturday arvo/Sunday I can download the ones you want and let you know?

          Not sure how long this deal lasts for (I bought it a few weeks for not much more than this though) and will let you know.

        • @Major Mess: So managed to test out as many of the files that I could grab, and each of them worked. The 5.1 LPCM went to a dead link, but the 7.1 LPCM played no issues on my Denon 1713. DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD both worked, as well as music sample 1 from http://helpguide.sony.net/high-res/sample1/v1/en/index.html played no issue at all.

          Also forgot to answer before, but the frame rate switching works without a problem at all, something the Mi Box can't do at all (yet the Shield TV can weirdly enough?)

  • If I wanted one of these boxes for simple Netflix (at 1080p) and video playback (and maybe some Youtube), which of these should I go for? Not interested in gaming, just the aforementioned activities.

    • Mibox is the o my option to play YouTube and Netflix in HD and will have a much better user interface since its running Android TV and not mobile Android

      • mi box has no abc iview freeview sbs on demand etc …… in the play store the mobile android boxes have those straight out of the play store ……

        • So? You're watching that content in horrible resolution….. Plus android tv apps for all of them are on the way

        • how do you use them with a remote though, dont you need a touch screen or at least a mouse?

        • Apparently someone has converted the apps from a TV - so can sideload.
          Better still use the Kodi plugins and then no ads on SBS.

      • Just checked it out and it has too many issues for me. The big two being, no ethernet and no refresh rate auto changing(too important even if wifi worked out).
        A few posts down the page.

        Edit: review is from last year, so could have changed - but not having ethernet without an adaptor is a pain.

        • same for me, i have a mibox as one of our streamers and i love the remote and interface but no ethernet and having to side load means it's collecting dust compared to the android mobile devices we have as the rest of the family just go to the playstore and download what they want.

    • I've got the Xiaomi and love it. The storage isn't an issue for me since everything lives on my server and it's streamed wirelessly to SPMC. I'm actually shocked just how fast and responsive it is

  • i tried to order 2 using faster storage and it wanted $11 for postage ….. order one at a time and it was $3 each……

  • thanks bought one - but me rushing in, didnt click a referrer link or cashback link - yes I know, I dont belong here.

  • thanks op. Xiaomi is too expensive than other competitors… freaked out on S912 chipset one (second one) due to compatibility issues cited by some… so settled with the third one from the top… nice collation of deals…

  • i am gonna stay away from banggood now, as doggy as hell
    i have been buying cheap things from them for a while until i purchased a bladeless fan
    never receive it, one day they contact me told me the parcel got returned to them
    and ask me what do i want to do about it
    i contact them tell them pls resend it, the next day they replied me saying the item is out of stock.

    how can my parcel returend to you become out of stock??
    they never explain, and refuse to explain

  • which should i go for,? really just want it for plex, and net flix.