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Google Wi-Fi (Single Unit) - $106 Shipped (SG) @ Shopmonk


Just got one to try out. Cheap enough.

Primary Features :
Color : White
Connectivity Technology 2x2 802.11ac Wave 2 + BLESize (L x W x H) : 102 x 80,5 x 35 mm
Data Transfer Rate : 1,200 MB per second
Item Dimensions : 4.17 x 4.17 x 2.7 in
Item Weight : 0.74 lb
Wireless Compatibility : 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency, 5 GHz Radio Frequency, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

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    How is that cheap for a wireless extender?

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      It's a router but acts an extender if you have more than 1 unit.

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        Its not an extender at all. Its called mesh networking. Range extenders are garbage.

  • $5 Xioami extender works wonders.

    • +10

      Obviously xiaomiguy :D

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      Where can I find that $5 Xioami extender XioamiGuy? Please xioami the link.

    • It's better value but it isn't comparable. Your device won't smart roam when it gets closer to the extender. You have to manually change. With this it's auto, and no drop out.

      • One critical flaw of the xiaomi extender(possible most extender) is that the MAC address of the connected devices are identical to the extender , hence i is impossible to assign static IP addresses for the connected devices .

      • For a saving of over 96% I feel it's comparable.

        • It can't do what the mesh can do.

          The price argument I get. If you're simply looking for a no frills way to extend your wifi range, get the Xiaomi.

          If you're looking for a shopping center or uni campus experience and want much better range than the Xiaomi can provide, you'll have to pay up.

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    Need at least 2 units to make it worthwhile.

  • Any domestic use for BLE? 🤔

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    Just posting a deal I found for certain product. Whether said product is for you or not is another matter. Agree that you need 2 for full use of product. Just grabbing one for now to play with it. Heard good reviews (although for 3 setup) and wanted to see for myself.

    Anyways… Don't think I've seen it cheaper yet for single unit so I figured I'd post it and share it with others in market for something like this.

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      how is it with 2 setup?

      • They working allright
        But I don't recommend this router. All the setting on the App, unlike other router this one too simple only got few options .

  • Hi, would this be pointless/incompatible with adsl? I've just purchased a pair of powerline units but not sure what to do with them. I basically want to stream videos "uh-hum" from my mobile to tv via chromecast. The videos stutter at times and not sure what the best setup is to try eliminate it. Tv isn't a smart tv but does have an ethernet input.

    • Chromecast is wireless so powerline units won't assist with the WiFi or streaming to the Chromecast. Having the tv plugged into the powerline (one unit into your modem/router and one unit into your tv) should assist with any of the built in tv apps though. So long as you use the built in tv apps the powerline will assist.

      Just as a side note the WiFi stutter could be because a) connection and distance back to your router or b) quality of the modem/router. Your best bet may be just to get a better modem/router.

      • Thanks pw2002au, I was thinking of adding a router on the end of the powerline so the WiFi singnal is better in my room. My reassoning is so everything can communicate to each other as best as can be. I don't even know what communicates to what when streaming! Does the phone stream to chromecast or directly from modem somehow lol.

        • My understanding (maybe incorrect) is that the phone hands off to the Chromecast which then just requires Chromecast to router (ie no longer uses phone). It's likely the connection between Chromecast and your router that's buffering.

        • @pw2002au: I thought that might be the case, so if I put a router on the end of the powerline in my room it might speed things up a little. Or as you said just plug it directly to my tv, not sure what apps I have on it. Thanks for the reply.

        • @LGW: it should work but you are getting beyond my networking skills. Sorry.

        • @pw2002au: no worries, it's still far better than mine!

      • It's a billion 7800vdpx. Need to go through door/solid brick wall.

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    Price changed to 159

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    Will this thing turn my lights off like the ad

  • Each unit only has 2 ethernet ports, sadly. And one of them will be taken up by your internet connection. So that's one plugged in device for your router.

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