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Partlist iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Tempered Glass 2 Pack $2, Huntkey SAC404 4 Outlet (B1G1F) $19 @ MSY Technology

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  • Is the Samsung portable SSD good value at that price?

    • I got mine during those ebay sales at $139 for the 250GB ver. So it's not too bad if you are keen for it now. Otherwise, just wait it out. Surely would go down even more now that the T5s are a thing

  • I can't seem to select pick up with the power board, $12.5 delivery kills it for me.

    • You need use the Pickup Link from the home page. You cannot choose pickup from the online store.

      • Thank you, it's been a while since I have ordered online from them.
        What a painful site. I have to admit the pain is probably worth it, great price and what I needed. Thanks again!

  • The glass screen protectors are not $2 online.

  • Is there any reason I should get the Samsung Portable SSD over say an internal SSD + external case?

    • *DELETED <wrong thread>
      Might as well reply yours
      I don't see any noticeable difference, if you can find an internal Samsung SSD + enclosure cheaper than the external one, go for it.
      Make sure not to get cheapo enclosure with crap SATA to USB, will get hot quickly or slower speed.