Selling Laptop on eBay - Wanting to Avoid Scams

Hi all,

I'm getting a new laptop so will naturally be offloading my old one.

I put it up on eBay with the recent fee waiver early in the month. It was listed as wanting to do local pickup only and paying cash, but eBay wanted me to accept PayPal too.

A buyer has contacted me looking to pick it up this Saturday and has purchased the item on eBay. Now the buyer has some good recent feedback on eBay and the name given doesn't appear on any google searches as a scammer.

My concern is that the name they have introduced themselves as on eBay is different to the email from Paypal saying payment is pending.

My questions is how can I hand the laptop over on Saturday and avoid the buyer from reverse charging me on PayPal? ideally I would accept only cash but eBay wouldn't allow me to n to accept PayPal.



  • everyone on ebay is a scammer
    you should sell it on gumtree to someone on an oil rig or in nigeria

    • Everyone on gumtree is also a scammer.

      • ……but the oil rig and Nigerian prince is fine??? Fair enough….

  • cash on pick up only
    NEVER hand something over with paypal payment and no tracking number.

    There i no safe way to accept paypal and to local pick up.

    • +1

      I agree with Axelstrife. Email the buyer and advise them to bring cash. If they pay by PayPal reject the payment and tell them again to pay cash on pickup.
      If you accept the PayPal payment and let them take the laptop in person they can claim the cash back if they want.

      • That what I was thinking, I'll do that! Thanks all

  • Tell them if they dont pay cash on pickup, you will have to send it by post with signature on delivery

  • There is NO paypal protection for you the seller, if the buyer pays by paypal and picks it up. Refund the paypal payment and insist on cash. Pick up transactions should only be dealt with by cash.

  • Actually I thought that the buyer got no PayPal protection if they do a local pickup, selected at checkout.
    The PayPal logic being that they have inspected the item and accepted it. If you are worried you could write out a receipt of goods and make them sign it with their licence number.
    Caveat: just as I remember it, you should check

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      No, let's say a dodgy buyer pays with paypal and then proceeds to pick it up from you. Then he informs ebay/paypal he did not receive it. And since you don't have proof you posted it out, Paypal will refund the money to the buyer. So the dodgy buyer has your laptop and never paid a cent.

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