Bunnings price match on Aldi

Anyone had any success getting Bunnings to price match Aldi on a similar but not the same item?

I am looking at an airless paint spray gun…



Very similar specs.
Same length hose, similar power, similar flow rate, same pressure.


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    No chance.

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    Why would any company price match a different item?

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    Stores may not even price match for same items but different colour, let alone completely different brand.

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    "if you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%"

    You know same and similar are not synonyms, right?

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    They will literally just laugh you out of the store with that request


      they did not laugh me out. they said it does happen sometimes. but it was decided by marketing.

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    I hope Ferrari price match the quote I got for a Corolla……

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    If the aldi one is so similar why not just buy the aldi one?

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      because if there are warranty issues, bunnings will replace or refund, aldi will only refund.
      not much point in a refund from aldi, if the replacement unit from bunnings is $117 higher.

      plus bunnings are often easier to get to


        I'd say Aldi would now be outnumbering Bunning stores. I know in the vicinity I have three Aldi stores I only have 1 Bunnings.


          funny i have the opposite in Melbourne Suburbs
          3 bunnings
          South oakleigh heatherton and clayton

          1 aldi

          Aldi often has long long queues out the door that can be intimidating
          and bunnings has huge parking zones that could be considered significantly easier that the 10-20 spaces at most Aldi .


          @carlb: Lucky bastard. I'd prefer more Bunnings. Can't get enough :)

          Funnily enough I checked, Bunnings appears to have around 70 stores across Victoria, whereas Aldi has more than 70 stores in greater Melbourne alone.

          It's interesting, than, knowing in that region there are more Bunnings than Aldi.

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    Price match only for identical item.


      No, not only identical item, but identical model number.

      Bunnings often get a supplier to make a model number specifically for them.

      Eg Widget A has model number ABC-123 for Aldi, but the identical product at Bunnings may be model number ABC-123B.


        In op's case where the exact model of the product is not provided, bunnings will just look into brand , item name and item specs to see if it match their own.

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    it seems bunnings do have a policy of matching some of Aldi's specials.

    "Expect Bunnings to find something to undercut this by $1"

    "Edit: Okay, just found that Aldi have the same chainsaw for $80 this week. This is obviously another pathetic attempt by bunnings to overshadow them by knocking a few bucks off, so go support Aldi if you can find one with stock."

    "Must be to price beat ALDI."

    "They are getting the jump on ALDI, so expect the price to go back up once the ALDI deal ends."

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      In that case, why don't you just go to a Bunnings and ask for yourself?

      plus bunnings are often easier to get to

      So what are you waiting for?

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        I was not asking if anyone thought i would succeed. I was asking if anyone had tried before, in case there were any tips or tricks.

        I will have a go, and let you know you are all correct :-)

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      Unsure why this guy's post has been so heavily neg'd?

      As what he's posted is correct - perhaps 'matching' wasn't the perfect word to use - as the stores stock different branded products but there's definitely a pro-active effort by Bunnings to negate SOME of the hardware special buys that Aldi has with very similar spec'd products that they have.

      That said this is a different thing from 'Price Matching' and by the letter of their policies on this you'd have (as others have stated) zero chance of success on this.

      I'd imagine any of the aforementioned matching/negating etc would have to be driven by Head Office decisions and its generally something they'll promote on their website etc (Bunnings this is).

      So the question posed by the OP isn't necessarily as silly as some are implying but its not going to be in any sense of the policy a 'price match'……that said there's no harm in going in and very civilly and constructively explaining that you know that Bunnings do try and match or beat some of the Aldi hardware specials and is there a possibility that they could do so for you on this item - you'll certainly have to speak to the supervisor or manager BUT if you stay calm and show knowledge of their policy in this area there's a slight chance you might have luck. You never know….. :-)

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      policy of matching some of Aldi's specials.

      None of those deals were a result of "price beating" policy. It's not even policy, it's just competition. Learn the difference.


        price beating is competition


          Price beating non-identical items = not their policy as you thought it was.

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          i am not talking about an advertised policy. i am talking about a marketing competitive internal policy. they clearly change their prices as a result of some of aldi's specials. if they do it repeatedly it is clearly a policy. just not an advertised one.

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    on a similar but not the same item



    if it's not the same model they're not going to price match it plain and simple

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    So what did bunnings say when you asked them?


      the Bunnings i went to had no stock of the ozito version. so it was a bit of a moot point. i had a long talk to the nice people at the info desk. they said that it does sometimes happen that they will price beat aldi on a non identical item with similar specs but it is decided by the marketing dept. they would not be able to authorise it.


    Model number must be the same as we know from Officeworks "exclusives", but geez there's some OTT responses here.

    Eventually, it will be legislated that price match candidates should be like-for-like, with respect to known dimensions, performance and/or quantites.
    So that ridiculous Ferrari/Toyota example is nuked, for a start.

    Quality? That's assured under the ACL to a minimum standard for a given item that can be reasonably expected. But if item A weighs 200g and has a poor surface finish, while item B weighs 500g and looks nicer they're obviously not comparable.

    I'm sure that can be overcome, but there needs to be minimum quality and performance standards for every SKU…political cahones and some EU style bureaucracy.
    Not so palatable, actually.

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    Not a crazy post at all, Bunnings are price beating the Aldi drywall sander



    Was $249 at Bunnings previous to Aldi's catalogue.. I was actually holding out hope that they'd price beat the airless spray station as well - same sort of price beat difference, I emailed the store and they said it's up to marketing whether it happens.. Given the sander has and the airless spray station hasn't.. Doesn't look good..

    Might run the gauntlet for the Aldi one tomorrow..


      They're similar, but even in my Utopia not price matching candidates. There's enough differences to distinguish one from the other.
      In this case, the Aldi version appears better value given the 110W advantage alone!

      Edit, both variable rpm.

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    Might try to see if Bunnings will price match bratwurst at their sausage sizzle. They'll probably tell me they don't sell the German model. 😉

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