expired Coolermaster Masterkeys Pro L RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry Switch) Blue $133.2, Red $133.2, Brown $156 @ Warehouse1 eBay

Coolermaster Masterkeys Pro L RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry Switch) Blue $133.2, Red $133.2, Brown $156 @ Warehouse1 eBayAffiliate

EDIT: Thanks to neosushi for the update on prices.

These seem like the cheapest (full size) Cherry MX RGB keyboards, if that's what you've been looking for.

Cherry MX Blue - $133 Warehouse1
Cherry MX Blue - $156 Might Ape
Cherry MX Blue - $156 Future Gear
Cherry MX Brown - $156 Future Gear
Cherry MX Red - $133 Warehouse1

Original 20% off Selected Stores on eBay Deal Post

Warehouse1 have the Blue, Red and Brown listed for $145 on their site(Silver $153). If you live near their store, you could get it a few dollars cheaper (otherwise, the cost of postage makes eBay a better option).

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      But not RGB or backlit.

      Good price for a Cherry Blue, if you just want a cheap one for work, though.


    I was looking at corsair, k70 I think it was. Any thoughts?


      It's a good keyboard. Fairly popular. I like the floating keys. For me the lighting is a novelty that gets old. If you touchtype you don't ever look at the lights anyways but it's nice to have.


      I bought the full size version (from another seller) and had at least 10 sticky keys so I swapped it for the coolermaster rgb…


      I owned a Corsair k70 (which I now use at work) and changed over to the Masterkeys Pro L for gaming at home. If either lack of dedicated media keys or wrist wrest are deal breakers then go for the Corsair. Otherwise the Coolermaster has better keycaps IMO and is generally cheaper. Even though it's not made of metal it's still plenty solid and good value for money comparatively.


    Tenkeyless pls!


    Hmm still looking for a cherry MX Brown keyboard, coolermaster seems the most popular on ozb?


    Been looking to get my first mechanical keyboard!! which cherry MX colour should I get? I am a causal gamer.

    Which one is the most popular colour nowadays?


      I have only used brown and blue.
      Brown is regarded as the best all-round. From my experience and from what I know of the other switches, I would agree.
      Blue is great for typing, I use my blue switch at work.
      Red switch is supposed to be the best for gaming, with it's shorter travel. Not sure what it's like to type on.

      If you want something that's good for typing and gaming, you won't be disappointed with the brown switch.


    Warehouse1 on ebay has reduced the price of this keyboard to $166.50 (now $133.20 after coupon, delivered) but with limited stock, best get in quick!

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      Thank you. Have updated deal.

      Wish they lowered the price before I bought one. :(


    Now if only there was a way to bump deals.
    Shame people will not see this.

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