What Was a Bad Decision You Made That You Regret and How Did You Get over It?

So I recently made this bad decision on a car and I regret it as it is costing me now. It's a ford focus xr5 if you are wondering. But anyway I made a bad and rushed decision on it which is now costing me (previous damage where it wasn't recorded on the ppsr, engine light has come on and all this other crap) where I feel shit about it. Now that I look back on it, the guy was dodgy but it didn't seem it at the time, everything is piecing together slowly.

What was a bad decision you guys made in any scenario, not just cars that you regret now?

Just need some ozbargain motivation to pull through this.

Thank you everyone for sharing your experience. I have read every single comment and gained a lot from your feedback, I wish the best for everyone always, I just felt bad about the purchase because usually I am more aware than what I was. I guess it was just the excitement that made me lose my senses making the purchase, I will walk out of this with experience to ensure this won't happen to me again or anyone I know.


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          No - both health fitness business, both franchise
          First one made really good money and Master Franchise decide my profit was too high for ONE club and so open 4 others all around me. Lost $60k in first year and sold it for a $150k lost.
          Second one, open in a centre but expressed my concern that the centre is really run down and don't want to dump $550k to built a club. They showed me plan for development ($40M worth) and told me it will be done in 12 mths. Unbeknown to be, my lawyer did not go through the lease properly and on the third iteration of the lease, they removed 12mth condition on the development clause from the lease.
          Ran the gym at a lost for 2 years and dump around $150k of my own money to keep float and sold it for more or less $1 token price.

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    Good decisions come from experience which comes from bad decisions. Don't regret but be thankful you learnt.

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    If you haven't already. Join up to an xr5 forum and get advice from guys there, including where to get best experienced work done. Last thing you need are mechanics taking you for a ride.
    Once you fix her up and gave some fun cruises, you'll be happy again

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    I met my partner 5 years ago online, who was a international student from the Middle east. We grew closer together then after a few months of the relationship, she said, "I have no where else to go, I can't afford the rent anymore" so I let her stay in my house and eat my food for free. Doesn't bother me. I drove her to classes, supported her whilst she studied her master's degree, she cleaned the house, etc. Everything was going good. She is the most gorgeous girl I have ever met. I could see myself having kids with her, starting a family and spending the rest of my life with her.

    Then it happen. She said her dad couldn't afford the tuition anymore. His retirement savings are gone, or stolen by his employer (which was absolutely true) and he lost his job. Damn. 2 semesters of Uni is like 24,000 dollars. I thinking with emotions at the time, I was scared for her; she had no one back home and her parents were in a completely different country than her home country. She has no one but me. This was my and her's first serious relationship. I love her to death. She endeared me in every way. Her father is a abusive prick. She was locked in a house, not allowed to go out and her dad beats every day. She has terrible nightmares, she wakes up screaming in the night and cries. How could she go back to that? I thought.

    I made a decision to drop my savings into the tuition fees and got the rest on credit cards on 13mo interest free; even though I had my own car loan repayments and a personal loan from going through uni myself. I switch from contracting to a horrible fulltime job. For that year I was absolutely trainwreck. I lost weight from being depressed at my job, I fought with her of the most stupidest shit. I downgraded my house to a shitty flat for 200 dollars a week. I was scraping by with 0 dollars for a week. My partner could not find a job. After struggling so much, she finally graduate. I had pay for visa which was 2000 bucks in total. Damn I have to use credit cards again. All those repayments gone for stupid (profanity) paper. I manage to scrape by, then my car breaks down (2000 dollars) and I started to file the Partner visa.

    Partner Visa & medical costs around 7000 dollars, long process of bureaucracy, interviews and forms.

    I got into more debt and more credit cards. I cont. to struggle paycheck to paycheck. At this point my meth addicted neighbour got enraged and destroyed my hot water system. I had an actual fist fight with him. I was riding my bike now to work. Then I was barged off my bike, stomped on and my bike stolen. I was fighting more with my partner and I made her felt guilty all the time. I felt like I was being ripped from limb to limb. I was aging years when it has only been months. As if someone strangling me tighter every day. The worse hasn't yet to come. My lease ran out and I have been issued a vacate notice. I had nowhere else to go. I bought a tent and an airbed. Camped out, hoping, wishing I found a rental. I went to the gym for showers, and recharge my powerbanks. The (profanity) up thing, I had proof of income but no one wants to give me a chance. After few days it was horrible, my partner just sit in the car outside my work and used the wifi, did nothing. Then I desperately found a room and moved in straight away. Few months later, I found a new job, I moved into a new house. She found a Job and earning good money . I got the debts down very fast. We are doing alright now.

    If I was to start again, I would never ever do that again. There are plenty fish in the sea. It (profanity) me up so hard.

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      "There are plenty fish in the sea."

      That's technically true, but since you guys both stuck it out together, I'd say that she's much more valuable than any other random girl you could've gone out with. Honestly she could've kicked you while you were down and ran off with a rich guy, but she didn't and copped it sweet speaks volumes.

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        MAte, wait for it next year, when she gets a job, meets a guy, and ditches this guy, its 99.9% sure to happen.

        that is life, and the law of the world, been there done that.

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      Rough. Good you got through it!

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      You are tough like a nail. Have a + from me.

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      Far out mate you are a warrior. You're going to kill it in whatever industry you go into.

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      Holy (profanity) dude, what the (profanity).

      …and here I am complaining about my shitty car purchase…

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      I can't believe that story still ended with a "we". I'm really happy that you guys got through it together. Love prevails. :)

      • I read that whole thing waiting for a she graduated and ditched me with debt, I still live in a tent with debt collectors chasing me. Please send $1 to xxx at X street corner lol.

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      While reading I was thinking, please don't finish it with "she left me after finding a job" glad you both stayed strong and still together. You are a champ.

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      It sounds like you hold a lot of resentment towards her. You should consider getting counselling if you feel that way.

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      Have a +, I was also reading that and hoping she didn't leave you after getting her PR.
      Glad it all worked out for you both. Iron sharpens iron .. or whatever the saying is.

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      Wow that's brutal

    • I don't think it was such a bad decision mate, you guys are still together, and still love each other, I hope, no? Also, I don't mean to be rude and it's probably easy for me to say, but it sounded like there were things you could have planned better so to not get yourself into that sort of situation. Anyway, good story, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

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      So glad you and your partner made it at the end, just don't think of her with all the negativity. She's a very decent girl for sticking with you through all those hardships and not running for some rich old fat dudes.

      In perfect hindsight, if you were to start again, go for the Partner visa first, defer her study to save on Uni fee which were $22k a year and get her a casual job. She can always go back to Uni when you both are on your feet. It would've stopped the snowballed effect happened to your life.

    • Wow. Have a + for all it's worth. Glad to hear you got to a better place in the end. Really puts my own challenges into perspective.

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      Brother this post makes all the time that I spend on ozb worth it

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      Wow dude, you guys when through hell together, i respect that, i personally would not be able to handle that kind of pressure and stress, i wish you both the best in the years to come

    • Yes, there are plenty of fish but its not about finding 'a' fish but 'the' fish. I am pretty sure you have done alright.

    • Awesome mate, God bless

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      Damn…you are super resilient to go through all that mate. Credit to you for sticking with it. A lesser man would have given up. You must really love her. I was 99% expecting you to finish that story with 'then she took whatever money I had remaining and left me'. So happy it wasn't that ending. I will say that she didn't really seem to contribute that much during that time though. Surely if she sees you working like a dog to support the both of you, she could have got a crappy part time job to help out instead of sitting around doing nothing like you described. I don't believe the notion of 'she couldn't get a job' in this country. She probably didn't consider all possibilities. I probably would have snapped at her by that point. Wish you all the best for the future.

    • Wow dude, that is harsh.
      Did she sleep in the tent with you?! Got confused in that part…

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    us family purchase a series of pointless property education few from 21st century education Jamie McKintyre and also former Universal Trading Solution Warren Stroke share programs. bloody pro spruiker scammers and sell little to no benefit programs. They mad use loud music, hype and called life changing weekends. sure there are many like of these still exist out there now.


    If anyone ever desperate want to learn property or share investment. my 2cents self learning from internet and research hard or no charge seminars on what you need can get these doggy programs seminar secret knowledge. should not be need a $4995 program.

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      $4995 program

      I don't mean to be rude, but this completely confuses me… who would pay money for a property seminar? Let alone five thousand dollars…!?

      • Devil's advocate: a 0.5% fee in exchange for training sounds reasonable

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    Unprotected sex… /Jk

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    Back when I had my first job, I spent my entire year's savings on importing a Japanese sports car through a friend of a friend of a friend. It was my first experience being cheated. The car that came was worth a quarter of what I'd spent on getting it over. I sold it at a terrible loss, and reinvested the returns on a motorbike that worked properly for three weeks. I sold that at a terrible loss too. I did all of this when property in Melbourne was still affordable to any normal guy.
    Regrets? I've had a few. But I did it myyyyyyy waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy…

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    going back about 12 years ago, i was 20, just finished Uni, working a full time job making OK money, but still didnt have my own car, as I'd been driving my brothers car around. Always had a thing for Audi's and was driving by Lorbek's in Melbourne and saw an A4 Quatro Twin Turbo that caught my eye. stopped by to check it out, $42k. i enquired about the car and was told it had just been sold… "but we do have this one!". He then points me to an MG ZT-190. $42K as well, took it out for a test drive loved it.

    wrestled with the idea for a couple of days, when i was told by a work friend who was part of the MG Caar Club that MG had just gone bankrupt and to be cautious. Spoke to Lorbek and bought that up and was told "oh no, BMW just bought out all their shares and own them now so its all good". then it begun.

    1. purchased the car (1st mistake)
    2. bought a 3 year warranty through All States Warranty Network for $3k (2nd mistake)
    3. took it to Lorbek's car detailer to get it detailed courtesy of Lorbek. Makes a massive chip into rear wing whilst buffing, denies it.
    4. two weeks after said purchase, MG clears out all their vehicles at their locations. Brand new versions of my car, sold off for $15k-$18k. mine had 15,000 km on clock.
    5. 18,000km my fuel pump goes. $1,500 repair bill. All States Warranty would pay it as they classed it as "wear and tear". got some advise from an awesome bloke working for The Age (i think he was the editor at the time) who advise me to push back on Lorbek. They paid the bill.
    6. 30,000km my clutch goes. i had to pay for that bill.
    7. 45,000km fuel pump again,
    8. 65,000km my clutch, master and slave cylinder went. paid for that bill

    at this point the car sat undriven for about 3 years. the only good decision i made with that car was getting a custom clutch built, and switching to a customized ford XR8 fuel pump… neither of those have caused me any grief since…

    id love to say i got over it at some point, but always think back about how Lorbek screwed me over, nun the wiser at 20 years old for a quick sale.

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      20, just finished Uni,

      $42k car

      Yeah nah

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      Delay gratification! Unless you have $$$$ just buy a normal cheap car with low mileage.
      You can buy a fancy car later in life when you have the spare $$$$

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      42k car at 20? Compensating for something?

      • i was making decent money at the time, had no overheads, living at home, didnt pay board or anything… reality was that, i was just spending my money on crap instead of wisely saving up… i figured if i wanted a nice car, i wouldnt really get another opportunity once i had a wife/kids/mortgage/utilities.

        you live and learn i guess…

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    I'm still relatively young (23), so haven't had the opportunity to make too many big mistakes yet.

    But I'll be graduating from uni at the end of this year and have been rejected from every single graduate/entry level position I've applied to. (Gotten a few face to face interviews, but can't secure that offer.)

    I feel like I've wasted the past 5 years of my life, I'll just be another unemployed graduate…

    I'm studying electrical engineering - should've went into either software or computer science, or even a trade like most of my high school friends did…

    How will I get over it? I'm not sure to be honest.

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      I was you mate. Studied bachelor of commerce, got absolutely donuts in all job applications.

      went back to uni to study master's in something slightly different - still commerce but with IT as well.

      When meeting recruiters at career fairs, as soon as i said the word Master's they wake up and start actually listening and write my name down etc. Got an internship pretty quickly which then led to a full time job.

      So I guess my regret is that i had to add $40k+ to hecs so that I could get a job, which my colleagues only needed bachelor's for.

      Now i'm looking for a new job and I'm going to use my qualifications to again stand out in the process, and also negotiate a higher salary. Everything will work out.

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      Is it possible it's because you haven't graduated yet?

      2 things a prospective employer likely wants:

      • Graduation Results
      • Start work immediately

      Sounds like you don't meet either of these criteria, and you're likely up against candidates who do.

      Don't panic too much until after you've graduated.

      I'm not an expert here, but that's how I see it.

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        Grad/entry positions are usually designed to start in the February after graduation. You start applying in your final year and it is a process that goes for months.

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      I've been there mate. It's very easy to get dissolusioned quickly. Unfortunately you just need to keep grinding and you also need to realise that 'grad positions' are merely one way to get in. You may need to take an alternative route.

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      Don't rule your self out from the software or CS jobs though! I studied something closer to Mechanical Engineering, and I got a job at a 'high tier' software firm out of uni, some places hire on potential rather than experience. I also got rejected (as in didnt even get the first call back) fron some super shit grade eng firms, so there is no real pattern to this stuff. Just keep grinding, you'll eventually get something.

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      Just keep trying by applying more.
      I was in the same situation few months ago and had to spend 3 months after graduating without a job. Some people already had jobs lined up after graduation. But at the end I got one.

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      Keep at it and you will eventually land one. I was in a similar boat nearing the end of my degree. Things looked gloomy for what seemed like an eternity, but then 2 offers came along. Hang in there!

      Also, ask for feedback face to face interviews. Find out what to improve on for the next one.

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      You'll be fine, man. I went through the same thing when I finished my business degrees. Applied for so many grad position interviews and assessment centres, but couldn't sell my skills on qualifications and retail work alone. Spent 6 months looking for a job I could try and start a career from. Ended up signing up for a part-time volunteer gig entering data with a charity and spent about 3 months with them before finally getting an offer somewhere. I'm not sure what kind of volunteer electrical engineering gigs there are out there, but volunteering works wonders for the CV and just attending interviews helps hone your skills.. so just keep it up! Rejections suck, but know that you're not the only one receiving them!

    • Hey we all went through that! Congrats on almost graduating and all the best on the job hunt. I'm sure you'll pick something up or would you consider doing a masters?

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    I purchased an extended warranty from Dick Smith once

    • +4

      I bet you'll never do that again!

      • I guess you're right. He can't even if he wants to..

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    Buying something at 10% off during the July eBay sale where they offered 15% off a couple hours later in the day.

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      This hurt me

  • I recently went to make An eBay purchase and put in "party18" voucher. It then said party18 has expired. I regret not making that purchase 1 minute earlier.

    • I made a USA purchase during the last 15 minutes of PARTY18 offer, thinking it was a big deal. I regretted that bad decision. All I wanted was 18% off, and found out later that the seller would have given me a much much heavier discount on the Buy It Now price had I messaged her privately. That could have been done any other time another day. Next time, I won't get taken in by these offers and I'll negotiate a best offer price myself. :) :) :)

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    Listening to people 5 years ago saying the housing market is going to crash 'anytime now' fast forward to today we have had the biggest boom in history.

    Trust your own instincts

  • Doing post-grad study. Could have used that money to buy a house back then and sitting on it waiting for its value to rise. Now I am with a degree that can get me better pay, but struggle to save up enough for a house.

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    Wasting 3 years of my life on a biomedical science degree that I didn't use & missed the housing property boom in Melbourne's eastside e.g Doncaster. Could only afford outer westside 2 years after graduating from law.Then fast-forward to 2015, past on a higher (but manageable) priced Braybrook property for Werribee South instead.

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      same here. wished i had purchase property in sunshine it a few years ago it would have been a good investment now.

      • Agreed. Thumbed my nose at Sunshine then because of the rep. Same can be said about Werribee, near the CBD but different capital gain margin to Sunshine. A few years back, still very affordable in the 200ks, now in the 400ks & still rising, I reckon. Of course, things could be worse: I could have no property at all so am thankful.

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    It’s ok op. Been in the same boat. Bought a car 7 years ago for $12k similar things started to happen ended up scrapping for $2k. Worst past is my parents saved really really hard to chip in and pay for the car. I guess I was young restless stupid and dumb

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    purchase a digital camera on interest free from havery norman about 13 years ago.
    thought i could make small repayments as i go with 24months interest free. WRONG.
    they charged me monthly account keeping fees and if i made a repayment there was a payment handling fee. Jesus i felt stupid signing up for that, saved up for one final payment and closed the account.

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    Meth. A trip over seas and support from family and the few friends i had left

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    Drinking last night… Think I will get over it by drinking again tonight!

  • So many things.

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    I had a bunch of bitcoins laying about in a HDD. The HDD failed and I formatted the HDD and threw it away because back then, the value of bitcoins were like $10 for all of them ….

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    Getting married.

    Still paying for that now. Got 2 beautiful children out of it though so maybe the emotional and financial pain is worth it. The legal system is soooo screwed though when it comes to these things.

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    Married in Haste, Repenting in Leisure.

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    Don't regret anything I've done but regret many things I didn't do when I had the perfect opportunity. Overthinking and not letting go of inhibitions rather than embracing moments more open and freely has always been my downfall.

  • I spent a shit pile of money on some renovations that I’d wished I’d thought more carefully about before I did them. I bought things I couldn’t afford and then had no money. I said things to people I care a lot about and regretted them… it’s a long list.

    As Clark Griswold Snr. so wisely once put it, ‘you just cocked it up’. But you dust yourself off, learn that bitch of a lesson and get back in the game.

  • So how do you guys deal with that?

  • I bought a Honda CR-V which was mostly fine, especially when warmed up. However the gear box was dodgy when it's cold and I ended up replacing it. Lost about 3 grand, it's still with me 6 years later. Great car btw otherwise.

    Also lost big money on shares, but that's fine, buy index funds not shares.

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    Bought a Toyota Echo for what I thought was a good price. 10 years later when I went to trade it in discovered it was worthless because it was a repairable writeoff. At the time REIV checks were state based and I'd done the check for that state which was clear. The dealers had bought it cheap and moved it interstate which apparently at the time was common practice. I had all my paperwork but when I went to Fair Trading, discovered they'd since closed down. Boy did I feel like a massive idiot. Don't feel too down about it, it's a rite of passage of youth to make that excited purchase where you convince yourself nothing can possibly go wrong because you want it so badly! These things are how you gain experience in life and how you pass this information on to your friends and family.

    My Dad died when I was 19. I regret not calling him more - my parents had split up and he lived interstate. I refused to believe he was dying. I really really regret that.

    I have a very long list but I also feel like now, I also have a lot of experience and knowledge and with that brings more calm than I had in my youth, and when I do get things wrong, it doesn't affect me so much anymore.

    Chin up, get out with friends or go and do something fun to take your mind off it. You haven't harmed anyone, it was just a simple mistake.

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    Life is tough. It just is. We make mistakes all the time because we're human and the world is very, very complicated. But this mistake - gee, it's just a MACHINE dude and the money loss aint going to cripple your future indefinitely. Just live and learn - don't stress over it.

    The worst mistakes are when you really damage people you love. Much worse than just missing an investment opportunity - if you don't see that, people, then your values are really stuffed.

    • this x 100

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    I signed up to a site called ozbargain..and now I have a lot of guilt because I have about 1000 ebooks i will probably never read :(

    • +4

      But you know how to do everything note with the 5000 Udemy courses right? Right?

      • Hah yeah I forgot about those :) ohhh the guilt!!!

    • +1

      Because you're too busy refreshing this site, it's an addiction :(

    • +1


      Jeez - I've bought laptops and hard drives I never use.

      Not forgetting all the cheap s**t from Banggood!

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    people get so caught up on making mistakes, yet forget to realise that every single person ever born has made many many mistakes. its how we learn. you might have heard the phrase "you live and learn". as long as you are learning from your mistakes, taking some piece of knowledge away from it, then dont worry so much. this experience you went through, if you learn from it, will teach you to be much more diligent in purchasing anything in the future, to not believe everything a sales man tells you.

  • My life is full of events, that seem to reply in my mind at random times, i find myself signing or make growning noises to drown out the the cringy memories.

  • +5

    I accidentally turned on channel 10…

  • +3

    I once purchased a US$0.01 item and it rounded to AU$0.03 ($0.02 + $0.01 fee, both round up) because I used the wrong card, I regretted it very much. My Citibank card seems to round down to AU$0.01. I don't think I'll ever really get over it, feels bad.

    Wasted AU$0.02. :/

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    Had my priorities all out of order, I had been in a steady relationship for 6 years. We travelled, bought a house, were best friends. We got married on a holiday to the US (Vegas of course). We travelled back home and decided we wanted to start a family. I of course decided I needed some job stability and a higher income and managed to get a temporary role which paid about $115k. We tried for a few months and then my wife was pregnant. We were excited and terrified at the same time. I started working longer hours and outputting more to prove that I was the best for the job. Executives were happy with my performance. About three months in and my wife goes in for a check up…. I get a phone call, we lost it, miscarriage. My wife and I are both realistic people and looked at it logically- these things are common and just happen sometimes….. we gave it a few months and tried again, I was spending even more time at work- doing stuff on weekends for my job and just burying myself in it. I was gaining weight, burning out and feeling down. Month after month we were disappointed, by failing to get pregnant. My depression was spiralling, without being aware. My wife was getting depressed. Then one day, she left me. We separated for three months and reconciled. I started to put her first, my work second. Things were improving. We tried for a child again…. it got to a point where I dreaded sex, the stress of possible failure again. I started hiding in my work again…. we saw a fertility specialist again- we were both healthy. IVF was suggested. We looked in to it, but it needed consideration. I kept busy again, my wife and I weren’t really talking. She saw a counsellor and on Good Friday of that year, she tells me we need to break up….. 3 years on, I’m still devastated and see a psychologist myself. I still have my job and kept the house. I’m seeing a nice woman- but it’s not the same.

    If there’s anything I could recommend. Communicate with your partner, seek help before it’s too late and remember at the end, it’s just a job.

    • +13

      I logged in just to say thank you for being so honest. Monday, I will make a call to "seek help before it’s too late". Thank you.

      • +4

        It’s truly one of those times I wish I could wind the clock back. It’ll be something that I regret for the rest of my life. I not only lost my wife, but my best friend.

    • +2

      powerful story, thank you for sharing. i too have seen what the effects of focusing too much on your career has. i was dreading reading your post to hear the word 'suicide' but luckily i didnt. my cousin on the other hand. its not nice to come home to see someone hanging from a rope…

    • +3

      If I could like this a million times I would. What an incredibly strong man you are. Stuff like that really changes you and your perspective on things. I hope in time you start to feel like you again and that it all gets better, even if it's a different kind of better.

    • -11

      Pretty much all her fault, She shouldn't of left you at any of those times, you didnt need children either or you would of adopted.

      • +5

        It takes two for a relationship to work. I refused to acknowledge I was depressed and was in denial. I was pushing her away when she was trying to be supportive. We both definitely should have worked better on things, but it’s a difficult thing. Decisions weren’t taken lightly, this all occurred over a two year period- so we were actually together for closer to 9 years. It’s easy to identify the problems now in hindsight and with assistance of my psychologist, but in no way do I blame her. We both let it come to what happened equally.

        • +1

          Guys and gals think and communicate differently. Its hard when everyone is depressed and not communicating.

      • +1

        Most insensitive and insightless comment i've seen for a while.

    • +1

      Wise words. Thank you.

    • Made me think of this

    • -1

      yep, that will end up happening always, its sad.

    • +1

      I'm so sorry mate. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing your story - hopefully it wakes a few people up. It's very hard though - dealing with the pain of miscarriage and fertility issues can be overwhelming. Sometimes "keeping busy" seems the best thing to do but you are right that communicating and sharing the journey together/supporting each other is in fact far more important.

      I hope things get better for you going forward.

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    Thank you everyone for sharing your experience. I have read every single comment and gained a lot from your feedback, I wish the best for everyone always, I just felt bad about the purchase because usually I am more aware than what I was. I guess it was just the excitement that made me lose my senses making the purchase, I will walk out of this with experience to ensure this won't happen to me again or anyone I know.

  • +2

    Many moons back I decided to not unify the Korean peninsula….

    • +2

      May you shine 10 quadrillion times brighter than the surface of the sun…

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    When I was younger I found out I had kidney issues and never accepted them.

    This year I was admitted into ED with renal failure and started dialysis.

    • +3

      OMG, hope you are okay mate.

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