[Item Not As Described] Micro SD TF Memory Card 128GB US $11.49 (~AU $14.38) Delivered @ Cafago

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MicroSD card for a ridiculous price from a wellknown store - Cafago

+ price
+ size
+ paypal
- noname

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PS: When received I'd suggest test it with H2testw to ensure it's ok and contact the seller if not.

Mod: Comments suggest the item is 32GB and not the 128GB described, if you have purchased contact the retailer/PayPal to organise a refund for item not as described.

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  • Def fake.

    • It's not Aliexpress. People reported buying from this store genuine stuff really cheap.
      To have peace of mind I specifically pointed that they support PayPal.

    • Well you cant report it fake without providing test results when it arrives. Please provide, I'd love to be wrong about this also.

    • These things are guaranteed fake, they do something with the partitions to trick a computer into reading it as 128gb but once you try putting anything over even 1gb it will fail.

      Sorry guys too good to be true, had one of these before. If it is actually 128gb, uhm, please message me ;)

  • My data is worth more than $15.

    • There's plenty of ways using something that cheap for not very important data.
      btw, I've got a bunch of noname MicroSD cards working years without an issue…

      • Not worth the risk. Previously I bought a nonamed 16g SD card from China. It was damaged for no reason in 6 months. I lost tons of my family photos. Since then, I only consider well branded SD card.

      • You dont know WHEN it fails - like the crap Kogan ones that failed on my family trip overseas. Lost all my pictures on the card but luckily had Google Photos for backup. This is a bad bad argument and would not recommend using these sorts of cards.

        • Same here! Kogan micro sd 32gb. failed during overseas trip.
          Never buy from kogan again.

    • $15.01 then?

  • abm77, do you own this particular card? Curious to know what your experience is if you do? Price just seems a little too good to be true. Especially given the cost of most 128gb cards.

    • No, not this one.
      But guys on the forum I borrowed this from, sort of going nuts liking the deal. Usually rather skeptical.

  • +5 votes

    Looks nice and reliable :/

    • Yea) I'm going to store there my family photo archive for my grandchildren.

      • +4 votes

        That's what google photos is for. Even brand name sd cards can fail

        • Most brand name SD cards also come with data recovery software included though so you at least have a chance of recovering. They also have a proper warranty too ;)

        • @potplanty:

          I've never seen a branded SD card come with data recovery software already on the card. Anyway just use the free Recuva.

        • @CVonC: Every Sandisk I've bought has come with it and I've seen another brand or two.

        • @potplanty:

          hmm didn't come with the Sandisk Ultra 64GB I've bought from Australia Post and Officeworks.

        • @CVonC: Did you read the little manual it came with? Most likely had a link to the software and a code (or way of getting one) written there.

        • @potplanty:

          Oh lol nah never do. Thought you meant it wss already on the card. Like how portable hard drives come with backup software already on it.

  • +2 votes

    grabbed one. perfect for a media library whilst travelling/commuting.
    thanks OP

    • When received I suggest test it with H2testw at once to make sure it's ok.

      • +3 votes

        always do.

        I bought a bundle of inexpensive of microsd cards from everbuying 2 years ago , like this Ovo 32gb for AU$5.10 delivered and they all tested as described. I have one in my phone that has been running for 2 years.

        I think inexpensive microsd cards have been a reality for a while. - this is not to say there are not fakes out there - but the chances of actually receiving a "as described" cheap microsd card is now highly possible.

        • SD cards were cheaper 2 years ago (especially smaller sized ones).. when you can buy legitimate Samsung 32GB EVOs for $10 locally including shipping.. a no brand for half price isn't farfetched.

          Its a lot more expensive now.. and this 128GB is less than a quarter the price of known working cards

  • bought myself a bad decision priced @ $15

    thanks OP!

  • May as well buy one on eBay for $8. It'll be just as fake.

    • Well, I have doubts as well…
      However, the difference is that this is not an anonymous eBay seller, but an ambitious store which I expect to be very mindful about selling fake goods.

      • The problem isn't that it's fake. It's not pretending to be a Samsung or Sandisk card. It's that it's a no-name card without SD card certification and a capacity-to-price ratio that's too good to be true.

        I wouldn't trust it with my data.

        • The problem isn't that it's fake. It's not pretending to be a Samsung or Sandisk card.

          You mean counterfeit?

        • @kamoi:

          You mean counterfeit?

          no. the item in this deal doesn't bear any tm. a counterfeit item is an item that has been manufactured to confuse consumers by passing off as another item.

        • @whooah1979: @whooah1979

          I'm quite aware of that. You've missed the point of what I'm asking @lint here.

        • @kamoi: I don't really know what point that is LOL.

          You mean counterfeit as in it'll actually have 4GB of flash while reporting itself as 128GB? Who knows, may actually have 128GB of flash that didn't pass QC.

        • @lint: Why being fake isn't a problem? (unless you meant counterfeit)

        • @kamoi: I'm not saying being fake isn't a problem. I'm saying this item isn't fake for the same reason @whooah1979 has already explained. I don't know what point you're getting at here?

        • @lint:

          You have me very confused now :P

          The problem isn't that it's fake.

  • Not sure I'm gonna plus this deal, even though my order came though for AUD13.75 (selected currency to AUD). It's gonna be a gamble, a bit of a sporting bet to see if it gets though the H2testw and beyond the return time limit for the paypal protection to finish.. It's only going to be for media transfers between computers.


    crazy price nevertheless

    • Not if it is only an 8GB card.


        hah.. that would be funny. i will ask refund for the rest of the 120GB.

      • So … it's not 128 GB, it's … 1 to 8 GB?

        Seriously, how's the data card going?

        • It’s only been over a week since the deal is posted. Probably have to wait for one month for the snail mail to deliver it.

  • 8% cashback from TCB and also this code gives the same discount


  • Great for loading up my entire MP3 music collection on my "ipod". Thanks OP.
    PS: If it turns out to be a fake just open a PP dispute and get your money back.

  • Thanks Op and Dave. Yes, I also got paid price of AUD$13.75 by selecting AUD$ as my currency:

    Order Subtotal:AU$ 21.91
    Discount Total:AU$ -8.16
    Grand Total:AU$ 13.75
    This order earned 9 CAFAGO points

    Got 200 points through the account registration and activation process. However, can't yet see how to cash these 200 points in on the purchase. Also got a coupon for four Euro off a spend of 50 Euro through the account registration and activation process.

  • +2 votes

    $14 for 128Gig?? Lol

  • Paypal came back as TOMTOP

  • For $15 and the safety net of PayPal, what's there to think about? If it is a dud, refund via PayPal - if it works then winner!

    As for reliability, my wife is a professional photographer and she has had name brand cards fail and no name cards fail - you just can't tell.

  • I'm feeling lucky… might be alright for music for music in the car or something non-critical.

  • Almost guaranteed to be fake, or slow, or flakey.. probably all 3. I still gave it a shot though.

  • I bought some cheap SD cards before…. they are faked…

  • The real question is how can this be fake when there's no branding is it not already fake in the first place?

  • Use in a dash cam or Xiaomi smart cameras?

  • mmm it says its speed is only 10MB/s whereas the equiv samsung or sandisk class 10 are at 100 / 80 MB/s…
    Seems a bit slow probably why its at this price…

  • I feel like I'm paying $13.75 to put myself through the trouble of making a PP claim - but I'll take the risk.

    Is it just me, or does this site look suspiciously like gearbest? Related, or just a common CSS template?

  • For those who like making PayPal claims, why stop at 128gb when you can have 512GB for AUD$10.99?


  • Ridiculous price

  • bought one, thanks.
    If its fake we have paypal protection so easy skins.

  • If you believe this, there's a prince in Nigeria who needs your help moving some money too.

  • Has to be a fake, c'mon.

  • Thanks for not explaining how to get it for this price.

    I ended up paying 20 odd this morning for it in a rush and assumed the price had just gone up a bit.

    Oh well, given that a few of you guys will likely be doing PayPal claims at the same time since this is likely a fake, I might end up getting my moneys back anyway. Hopefully it holds 128 though, could give a (profanity) less if it's slow as ass as long as it has that much space. How do you do a PayPal claim anyway, boys and girls? Never done one myself.

    • The process is pretty straightforward, just like in about every other shop. To get this price you need to apply the discount code.
      Just ask them to cancel your order and do it again if you like.
      But yeah, the risk of getting a card with fake capacity is pretty high.

    • Thanks for not explaining how to get it for this price.

      There's a code? Enter the code during checkout…..

      • Sorry boiz.

        I'm a (profanity) idiot and somehow missed the code. From what I read on the comments it seemed like you had to change the currency to AUD manually to get the discount, not that there was a code to use. That's on me then, if it works out still a great deal, but that's me. Sorry guiz.

  • I am no expert on SD cards, but as others have mentioned SD cards have not dropped in price over the last 2 years, technology has advanced, more manufacturers etc. I don't see why this cannot be a legit 128mb low quality no brand card. From memory these are just NAND gates so when they are manufactured, I am sure they will have varying quality chips(speed and read/write cycles) Good ones get put into well known brands and the low quality ones get put into low quality products such as these cards or low cost electronics where they are not critical.
    Many years ago when leaded LEDs were nearing their peak, I went to a LED packaging facility and they use to sort their LEDs by grades. The LEDs used the same chip, same packaging materials, same machines, same batch, but they were sorted after packaging and the high quality ones were sold for more than 10x the price of the low quality ones.

  • Has anyone had their orders shipped out yet?
    Almost 10 days and they are still sitting on mine.
    I've emailed them requesting update or refund.
    If they don't reply I will open dispute with PP.
    Site seems a bit dodgy as it defaults to German and the merchant is "TomTop".

    • Latest update on my order is:

      09/20/2017 9:45 PM

      • Got an email reply from them. Been delayed.

        • I cancelled my order after seeing the paypal transaction was with tomtop. They sell the same 'product' on the tomtop site and some of the reviews there already mention fake capacity (and the others look like either fake reviews or people who don't know how to test the card properly).

          Google 'tomtop scam' and the results indicate their business model is to give discounts for positive reviews to boost their reputation and sell low quality/defective/non-existent products and issue refunds quickly if the customer eventually complains.

        • @sushico: how did you cancel the order? I might open pp dispute. Thanks for the heads up.

        • I replied to the order confirmation email asking for it to be cancelled and the amount refunded, as I didn't realise they were affiliated with tomtop and I was sure that the card had a fake capacity.

          They replied the next day saying that a refund would be issued within 3 working days but didn't comment on my assertion that they were selling fakes.

          At least the refund came through on time!

  • They posted after 17 days. Got an email.
    Why is TomTop so bad? I've had maybe 100+ orders with tomtop as part of their name, over the past few years, and they've been as reliable as other huge sellers?

  • Checked my email then, it FINALLY got shipped out this morning.

    After all the shit I've heard on here, I'm expecting I'm gonna have to open a dispute at the end of it, but thankfully, taking a few weeks to do something they said they'd do in 1 or 2 business days should look nice on the dispute.

  • Decide to open dispute and surpise, a email saying theyre shipped. Paypal says only until November 2nd for dispute.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. I might put something in my calendar to open a dispute the day before it expires - so I have an extension.

      edit: Paypal says I have until 20/03/2018 to report a problem. Not sure why mine is different to yours.

  • Only commenting so that I could come back and see the outcome of people who actually went through with an order. Gonna grab popcorn in the meantime.