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Bonds Guyfront™ Trunks: Buy 2 Get 1 Free


Bonds Dodgy Undie Amnesty

From the T&Cs:
To be eligible to receive a free pair of Bonds Guyfront™ Trunks branded men's underpants, purchase any two pairs of Bonds Guyfront™ Trunks branded men's underpants in one transaction at any Bonds underwear stockiest between 15/10/10 and close of business 30/11/10 and submit a valid claim by mail to be received by 5.00pm AEDST 31/01/11

Visit www.bonds.com.au/undieamnesty to print out your claim form.

My virgin post… please love me! ;)

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  • Hello virgin! :D

  • Cool, where do they sell guyfronts cheap? I'm not sure what cheap is, probably a lot for Bonds.

    • They usually sell for $22. Which may be considered expensive, but they are extremely comfortable. And with this offer it drops the price to about $14 each.

    • cheapest I've ever seen is $10 on special at BigW. Currently, Kmart's $12 a pair. Not sure if the patterned range are included, which are $14.

  • Kmart is having a a deal on them now.
    $12 per trunk ($3 off).

    So 2 trunks would be $24, and when you get your free trunk, it would become $8 each ($7 discount per trunk).
    Not too bad at all!

  • Anything to stop me buying ten pairs, doing the freebie thing and then returning the original purchases?

  • Dodgy undie amnesty?

    The only dodgy undies I've had recently were the Bonds I purchased. Sticking to generic store brands now.

    • What was wrong with them?

      • Ripped/frayed on the butt. Only 1/3 pairs though, but I've never had a pair die that fast. They were probably hipsters however, and not the "guy-front" model.

        • You could try these guys, AussieBum. They claim that they saw a 40% rise in sales when Bonds moved to China. They're apparently the only men's underwear made in Australia. Really bad name, though — and the website is verging on pornographic.

        • i clicked on the aussiebum link expecting pornography suited to the male type…. only to be suffocated by images of bulging packages. sigh

        • FYI, AussieBum are targeted towards gay men.

          Not that there's anything wrong with that…..

    • These are the only Bonds underwear I've ever worn & must say that they're comfy enough. Can't comment on other styles or range, but perhaps you should giv'em a go with this deal. Maybe you could share with some friends :)

    • I clicked this thread only to make the same comment!

      Mine are all falling apart!

      Then again, I work them hard… lots to support ;)

      One pair had a hole between the seam/edge and the main material from they day I bought it. Most of them have the little black numbers all falling off and landing in weird places intact (you'll know what I mean if you have them). Finally, one has stretched very thin in one spot, for no apparent reason.

      Pretty poor quality I'd say.

      I watched the Bonds Dodgy Undies commercial today and laughed to myself.

      • If they were defective from day one, you could have returned them. Not sure what numbers you are referring to. Perhaps you mean the lettering on the waistband? Mine are still ok after at least a year. As for the stretching,, was it from a repressed wedgie?

  • received by 5.00pm AEDST 31/01/11..
    bit too long, ey ?

  • I never got my cheques from that old bonds promo! I bought about 8 pairs of undies and diligently filled in those little forms and never got anything! Hopefully there a bit better with this promo!

  • I don't buy Bonds products.
    I still remember the news while ago that Bonds sacked local OZ workers when they decided to move their factory to China. They can provide cheaper products now (because of this, I believe) which is fine but not sure if I can respect that decision. I don't mind cheaper products made in China (as I do buy them and they are proper quality), but I will choose other brand made rather than Bonds.

    • isn't that just contradicting yourself then…

    • I don't buy Bonds.
      I don't wear Bonds flying Air New Zealand.
      I don't fly Air New Zealand.

      • haha it is not that smart comment yes I admit.
        I just wanted to say;
        I don't like Bonds because they sacked their own workers to move overseas. Plz don't expect all consumers to jumps on your products just because it's now cheaper. They still don't forget it. There are heaps other simlar price range products available and you are now one of other brands (lost part of their strength by gaining pricing competitiveness).
        Oh, btw, I was not a sacked worker by Bonds anyway. I'm in NSW.

    • Avoiding Bonds because they recently moved manufacturing overseas only makes sense if you're going to switch to an Aussie-made brand, otherwise you're rewarding competitors for abandoning Australian manufacturing long before Bonds did.

  • I saw these for $25 in a shop yesterday, then I went to kmart and they got em for $12 lol.

    Didnt buy any though.

    i buy ralph lauren boxers for $9.95 at pauls warehouse. much more comfortable and better brand.

  • I've always found the "guyfront" flaps to be pretty dysfunctional - easier to pull the undies down from the top. But a positive side-effect of the guyfront style is it houses your package more comfortably than the standard Bonds "trunks".

  • According to Lasoo, Best & Less sells 2 for $16!

    • That's for the Flyfront Trunks, not the Guyfront Trunks, so not included in offer.

      • You're right, just bought them from Best & Less and couldn't claim it!
        Oh well… Still decent price regardless.

  • i dont see how bonds can justify the price without this promotion, i bought them but for almost $15 a pair at Big W it is a huge rip off. You can go to Kmart and get 'Alpha' brand which is super comfy and last for ages for about $4-$5 on sale..

  • Alpha!! More like Charlie Romeo Alpha Papa (CRAP) Most uncomfortable undies I've ever worn, talk about creeping up your date and also damaging your hardware!!

  • dont know what you bought, but the trunks are made of a stretchy material which is good.

    Bonds is low end undies anyway! I can go to Pauls Warehouse and buy Ralph Lauren trunks marked 'slightly imperfect' for $10 a pair. The ladies love em ;)

  • Just got back from Target in perth - city store
    Black guyfronts with orange band scanning at $4.39
    Grey guyfronts with orange stripes and band scanning at $8.15
    Grey guyfronts with green stripes and band scanning at $8.15
    got 25% off all other styles - $15 for patterns $12 for plains
    not sure why above three are scanning so low - but take advantage. Plenty there this arvo

  • Has anyone actually got their free pair or is this a scam by Pacific Brands?

  • Yep, no problem, got mine yesterday.