This was posted 3 years 7 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sodastream Play - $39 @ Big W


Walked in to BIG W Darwin to get FIFA 18 and spotted the Soda Stream Play for $39 at the entrance.

Seemed a good price, maybe discontinuing this line?

Copy of receipt attached.

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  • Your comment is unessary and should be removed

  • I just use bottles sparkling water and add cordial or juice too it, no need for machines.

    • I do too but I think this works out cheaper over time and is better for the environment plus your juices etc are not watered down.

      • we have one and it takes a while to recover the costs compared to 75c homebrand mineral water but the convenience is great and i don’t need to store a weeks worth of mineral water between supermarket trips, and you can adjust the level of fizziness you like sour mineral water to have.

        the differences between models besides bling is the type of plastic bottle they use ….. not interchangeable between all models , but not a big deal if you buy a few bottles which you will need anyway.


          I was just eye'ing one of these off over the w/e, as half our recycling bin is plastic sparkling water bottles.

          I assume you can decant into an alternative bottle? 500ml bottles would be handy to takeaway.

          how many litres do you reckon you get our of a "60lt charger"? I know it depends on the carb level, but if say you used medium.

        • @supabrudda: From my googling last night you can buy 500ml bottles from Harvey Norman


          @staceyasinme: yeah, they're available, but they don't fit this & most of the others I believe

          "Compatible with Smaller ½L Bottles" the Jet (which I believe is what Kmart sells) & Genisis, The Play isn't. It's the US site, but I assume it's global.

  • I couldn't find it online do hopefully there's a few left in my local.
    Can anyone advise if there are cheaper places to do the CO2 cylinder swaps or are they same everywhere?

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      There are some hacks to use much bigger tanks at a fraction of the price. Otherwise Woolworths used to be the cheapest, price has gone up a little so they might not be anymore.

      Edit: looks like Kmart and Target are $19, this might be the cheapest unless someone else chimes in. Some guy on gumtree will refill for $10.

    • Coles express has swaps for $19. If you spend $20 in-store, you get 10c/litre discount on petrol, so i just buy a bottle of Coles water which is $1.

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    Looks like the flavours are on special too for $4.60

    Anyone tried the tonic or ginger beer?

    • I just use Bickford's with the soda water. Way nicer than the soda stream brand.

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        fair enough that sounds good, the tonic was the main one.

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    Looks like it's not national.
    Just checked a few stores in Melb, they're $69 for the Play

    Not sure how much the new CO2 bottles are, but DJs has them for $44

  • Would Harvey Norman or anyone else pricematch this?

  • Just checked my local (Tuggerah) and they're still $69. Asked a staff member and he was confused as the prices should be the same nationwide. The only thing he could think of is the CO2 bottles are near expiry 🙁

  • I can confirm that this Was on the $39 special in WA (Whittfords Big W). Yellow or White only.