[PRICE ERROR] Asko Dishwasher Built In Stainless Steel $49.95 (RRP$1699) @ Betta

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Never seen such bargain from Asko dishwasher. Price error or big clearance?

Price error and product removed. The link now redirects to the Betta homepage.

Confirmed Price Error

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          I wear ladies' things

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      RIP. business not willing to go out of business to met price error

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      If this happened to me on eBay as a seller I would be banned for refunding too much lol

    • what was that going past? (male buck prances by…)

    • You signed up a few days ago.. your membership came in handy really fast.

      I hope you can do us special deals from now on.

  • Successfully place another one

  • It's been repriced to RRP $1,700…. :)

    i think someone was blocking my order… haha

  • Betta have now realised the error and price is back to $1700.

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      still a bargain if you pay in pesos

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    inb4 getting called 'professionals' by Betta CEO Graeme Cunningham.
    Let's hope he's not as crazy as Gerry Harvey.

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    As I was checking out my sub $50 Asko dishwasher and having agreed to a $49 delivery for a total of $98.95, I clicked proceed to payment then the price changed instantaneously to $1700 INCLUDING DELIVERY.

    Ah, well.

    • That's called misleading and deceptive conduct, I'd be contacting Fair Trading.

      • I'm treating it as a fair result.

        I thought that there was a < 1% chance of Betta honouring the deal but was ready to grab it at that price if I could to wind $1500 of next April's kitchen renovation.

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      And that's why you don't buy if your gut tells you it's a price error.

    • Mine did the same thing to me. I was about to checkout and I clicked 'deliver to address', it was suddenly '$1700 INCLUDING DELIVERY'
      I tried clicking local pick-up to get it back to $50 but I got an nginx error and then I saw it was a price error in the comments here :(

  • I'll wash your dishes for $49.95. But once only ok

    • Sure thing.. works only once definately need to rma it for a full refund afterwards

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    I came here just for the comments :O

    • Same here !

    • betta last than never

    • You're out of your god damn mind.

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    Pretty cheap filling cabinet

    • Works well as a doorstop and doorway hurdle

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    I opted for express delivery and just had it delivered. Worth the extra $175.

    Then the courier realised how much I paid, he offered to buy it for $750 cash, I accepted.

    Then I bought a lotto ticket online for the money and won $5000.

    I then bought bitcoin for $4000, it jumped very soon afterwards, I am now $10000 in the black.

    This is what I call a good day at the office ;—)

    • You're missing the referral link so that us other plebs can sign up too! (Oh and the obligatory bitcoin wallet balance screenshots too).

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    pricing error. they arranged a stripper to my house for compensation.

    • A grease stripper for your dishes that are piling up?

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      Does your stripper wash dishes? If so then I'd say that's a fair deal.

  • Would have bought a few. Needed new bedside tables, work bench, and step ladder.

  • To those that missed out betta luck next time.

    I could have really used a water tight cabinet to keep my valuables in

  • You still earn the cash reward, no?