[PRICE ERROR] Asko Dishwasher Built In Stainless Steel $49.95 (RRP$1699) @ Betta

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Never seen such bargain from Asko dishwasher. Price error or big clearance?

Price error and product removed. The link now redirects to the Betta homepage.

Confirmed Price Error

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      They're paying you $56067 to take one?

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    Smash! Ordered one anyway

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      Just 1? I'm going to get one for every room in the house

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        Thanks for letting us know your caps lock is working bro!

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          Caps lock is cruise control for cool.

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        Nice try Broden

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        You only said that cos you're gonna buy 15 yourself!!!!!!!!!1!!1!!

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        Loud noises!

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    Don't forget Cashrewards !!

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    Awesome! Can't wait to receive my cancellation email!

  • i don't think it will be honoured

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    Why bother posting? You know it's a pricing error…

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    Thanks OP, bought 2.

  • Already have this dishwasher.

    Why not get a spare.
    Paid with PayPal jus in case and hit pickup from store

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    Yes im sure they are going to honour $50 for a $1700 dishwasher /s

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      They betta bloody honour it!

  • Ordered, cheers

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      Refunded, cheers.

  • Ordered one

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    When stuff like this gets posted on OZB everyone has a laugh (including me) but then the real tossers crawl out of the woodwork and start crapping all over the company because they won't honour the sale or refund the transaction within a time frame they find "acceptable". If you are one of these people, go ahead and buy, but don't whine like a baby when it all comes crashing down around you.

    • …i predict 'whining like a baby' will prevail. :P

    • ^ some people have no sense of humour or bantz

    • Agreed…. if anyone thinks they will let a $1500+ dishwasher go for $50, they're dreaming!

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      I partially agree with you.
      I generally do attempt to buy (offers that are extremely likely to be) pricing errors like this. The reason for this is that once in a blue moon, they actually do get honoured and if they don't, you sometimes get a $10 or $20 gift card. Or there's always the tiny chance that someone got the shits with stock they couldn't sell (these dishhwashers aren't a standard width) and just try and get rid of them at any cost.

      I ordered one this time, but if I don't get it, that's fine, no ACCC complaint from me!

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        Yeah Im cool with people playing the game, as long as they can smile about it if it's not honored. So I'm with you on all of that.

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      they really should be more careful… i'm sick of false advertising. there should be a law where they have to honour their side of the purchase agreement or do we just let them pass the buck and realize everybody *ucks up and give them a trophy for trying. this is what they get paid to do… and that money feeds their children. you'd hope that they'ed put in the minimum effort to ensure a job done well rather than a well done job. i want a 50 dollar dishwasher… the one that was advertised to me.

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        It wasn't advertised to you. Someone posted a pricing error on a bargain website and you, knowing this, decided to buy anyway. If you had any common sense at all you would have realised this. You have no one to blame but yourself.

        Someone was passed a pricing sheet, was asked to update the website and made an error. There's no scandal or conspiracy here.

      • Actually, I have dealt with media advertising, printers, distributors etc and THEY STUFF UP (designer, proofreader, Printer, whoever).

        The company Itself may have signed off a proof, but the printer still got it wrong! Some just send you all rather than a sample to sign off again.

        So if isn't found until it has been distributed.

        I have dealt with books that were distributed to educators (incl me).. the Worst a Rural Healthcare Manual (a Primary Clinical Care Manual - nursing procedures for all patients presenting at all rural facilities - many without doctors too). Primary means 1st person/facility to see said patient - ie a nurse. Doctors also used it where they were present.

        This is a very thick book and given to all staff and law to follow. It was distributed and recalled due to dangerous printing errors. We were told to destroy or return our copies. I still have 1 but I don't use it and will be dumping this week. How many are still using them?

        These are often faced With very poor resources the further out or more of isolated you go. Little staff (1 person facility even) so no time to sit on a computer and search, or search the manual. you learn this manual entirely and quickly as there can be no time to check what to do!

        Have you ever tried to unlearn something that has become routine/habit?

        So this group may not have known until people started buying it. Websites also have errors not found until it has s bought. This may have been completely outsourced and externally uploaded.

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      If you are one of these people, go ahead and buy, but don't whine like a baby when it all comes crashing down around you.

      But if they don't whine like a baby then they aren't one of those people to begin with so ofcourse the entitled whinging is a given.
      There's no way it'd be this price even at "big clearance" levels.

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        an aussie on ozbargain having a whinge… when people don't do the job properly, that they're paid to do, on a daily basis. you know your buisness is in trouble when your secretary can't spell… or… the bloke in advertising can't count past 50. they could probably get work in a juice bar… but i wouldn't trust them to wash their hands… or hand out the correct change there either.

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    dont forget cashrewards

  • ordered one. Thanks OZ

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    Got one, needed something to put a TV on.

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    Bought 5, thanks OP

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      Thank you for making Ozbargain proud.

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    Got one..Needed Computer table…:D

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    Thanks, needed a bedside table

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    Obviously a pricing error.

    I then people will whinge that it's not honoured.

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    Price match at Harvey Norman/TGG?

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    404 Not Found after finalising order

    • flood of orders crashed the server? :)

      • order still went through though and got notification from beta, now to wait for cancellation due to error lol

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        nooooo noooo misser we meed more Lemon Pledge

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    Yea not accepting it.

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    Pricing error

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    ordered & already got it delivered.. they threw in installation for free

    • -7

      are you serious. Did you receive the product or you picked up?

      • +20

        Are you stupid?

        • you follow

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    404! OMG. I got in too late

  • Thanks ordered one just for kicks…

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    Can you guys please gtfo the site so it stops being so slow.

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    Just here for the comments

  • Cant place order, keep getting 404 error

  • Thanks op.

    Bought 10. Enough for the family.

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      Thats cleaning up!!!!

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      you put dirty dishes in it not dirty family members.

  • Royal Diamonds case?

  • 2100 clicks and counting..Betta will be out of business sooner than later.

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      Or (temporarily) $104,895 richer.

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    Delivered , it was a model not a real dishwasher damn

  • website being hammered

  • 404 Not Found

  • lul

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    asko and you shall receive

  • JB and HN laughing themselves dead

    • because they've had 1000 less sales of dish washers than betta

  • Thanko.

  • betta be real

  • still working for people? keep getting 404

  • I just keep refreshing until it works

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    "We reserve the right to reject any order you place with us for any reason whatsoever. If we reject your order, we will attempt to notify you using the e-mail address you have given us with the order."

  • what are the chances we all get our machines? haha

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      unlikely if you ordered 404

      • with refreshing its working, but well played sir

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  • Don't forget 2.70% Cashrewards!

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    Wow, they're being listed on gumtree already

  • There is no way they will honor this, why bother?

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      I am at Harvey Norman now seeing if they will price-match.

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        You should of taken a photo of the browser page.

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      U high? This is OzBargain!

  • Definitely price error otherwise they would have mentioned price discount on the page.

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    browser just hangs on "review order", oh well, on to the next price error bargain…

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    Hi everyone,
    This was of course a system error and as most of you are already expecting, we will be cancelling all orders and issuing refunds by COB today. We do apologise for this.

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