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Blitzwolf Ampcore Turbo Cable Sale on @ Banggood Eg: BW-TC9 USB 3.0 to C 3A 1m US $3.99 (~AU $5.11) Delivered


Big sale on at Banggood on their Blitzwolf Ampcore Turbo range. Sale includes cables as well as quick charge powerbanks, wireless and wall chargers.

What is the difference between already good Ampcore and the more premium Ampcore Turbo? It's not really clear. For USB C cables it appears the main difference is Ampcore is USB 2.0 where as Ampcore Turbo is USB 3.0/3.1 Apart from that I can't say but if you've been waiting for a bargain on these cables this is the one!

BlitzWolf® AmpCore Turbo BW-TC9 3A Braided Durable USB 3.0 to Type-C Charging Data Cable 3.33ft/1m US $3.99 (AU ~5.11) 69% off

BlitzWolf® AmpCore Turbo BW-MC8 2.4A Braided Durable Micro USB Charging Data Cable 6ft/1.8m US $4.49 (AU ~5.75) 40% off

BlitzWolf® AmpCore Turbo BW-MC7 2.4A Braided Durable Micro USB Charging Data Cable 3.33ft/1m US $3.79 (AU ~4.85) 46% off

BlitzWolf® AmpCore Turbo BW-MF10 2.4A Braided Lightning Charging Data Cable 1.8m US 8.99 (AU ~11.50) 31% off

Also on sale: BlitzWolf® BW-CB7 2.4A 3.33ft/1m Micro USB Charging Data Cable With Magic Tape Strap US $1.99 (AU ~2.55) 63% off

Note: Processing and shipping of orders maybe delayed a few days due to golden week holidays in China

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