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Discounts for Debit Mastercard Holders: $8 Movie Tickets, $10 off Crust Pizza Order of $40+, 5-10% Off Emirates Fares and More

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  • Thanks OP might make use of some of these :)

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    • Crust: direct link - no code needed
    • Event Cinemas: direct link - no code needed
    • Emirates: direct link - generic code is AUMCC17, though T&Cs require you to pay with a Mastercard.
    • Munich Brauhaus: links directly to their website - generic code is MCDEBIT17
    • Expedia: direct link - generic code is MASTERAU12
    • Kogan: links directly to their website - no code needed

    Valid Mastercard BINs are 516361, 519244 and 528013, but they're not needed as I've linked everything above.

    Right-click > open link in incognito new window so your referrer isn't ozbargain.

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      MVP post right here.

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      Good post OP, but the post should be amended to include the above info given by ldstr as its a lot more to the point and will save everyone a lot of time.

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        Agree. I don't know why this happens quite often.. A good, useful, succinct comment with a lot of the good info you need for a deal is not included in the OP even though the OP had been active multiple times since the comment came up.

    • Great list, thank you for this.

    • 536036 is also a valid BIN. Macquarie Platinum

    • Thanks, used the direct link for Event Cinema gift shop; nice and easy.

    • the hero we all needed

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    This is handy.
    Now I can watch Thor and Avengers without feeling guilty.

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    I wish promotions would offer their discount movie tickets from more mainstream cinemas like Hoyts.

    There aren't any Event Cinemas in Victoria.

    • I just realised this too. There's no event cinema in VIC

      • You guys are lucky. Event cinemas suck.

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          Last time I went to a Hoyts it was the one at Tea Tree Plaza and it looked like nobody had bothered to clean it for the last year.

          On the other hand, Event Cinemas at Marion and the shiny new GU Film House in Hindley Street in Adelaide were always pretty good cinemas, albeit pricy.

          That said, each one is different so it wouldn't surprise me if these were outliers or some such.

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          Village is the biggest rip these days… least hoyts gets discounts via optus n telstra, albeit I'm limited to village. took the kids to queensland a while back and rocked up to a little country cinema and signs everywhere saying that because of disney deal they had to increase tickets for star wars the movie we were seeing … went up to a whole 9.50 i was like jeez $22pp from village and couple of bucks less for kids…. they wonder why cinema is dying $100 for a family to see a movie… not including food…

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          @akoli: But Telstra also offers Village ticket for 12.50. Still $1 more than Optus's Hoyts, but I won't call it a rip off. RACV also offers Village ticket for that price, but I think only in bulk

        • @hanofee: do they now… that's good to know thanks…contract only or any sim thats on telstra… actually I have a business account at work for all out telstra contracts…use it mainly for office 365 but sure the marketplace will give me cheap tickets. thanks man

          Full price is a rip in comparison to other cinemas.

        • @akoli: buy a $2 sim from telstras website for free incl free delivery
          register an account after activation

          boom, free telstra thanks tickets

        • @furythree:

          Yeah I am Telstra sim whore for google play credit so am not short of sims (and a few that i can no longer use due to play credit being blocked). thanks everyone

        • @akoli: why did they get blocked?

        • @furythree:

          as of Sept they stopped the service because people where abusing it… I believe if you are on a plan that was in place before then you are good to keep using the service but all new plans are blocked, it shows up as an option but when you try and buy it gives you an error. Gives me an idea I have some older sims If I credit2me them and transfer the credit they may still work…I have one active at the moment with $30 of credit to play with

        • @akoli: ah crap

          i think i still have a sim for that

          alas ive stopped playing hearthstone so dont need it lol

          i just PM this guy on ozbargain https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/71832

          and he gives me a better rate than 50% off telstra minus the hassle since he'll send it in one go from his dozens of sims

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      Haha meanwhile it’s the opposite in Queensland. We have two Hoyts Cinemas, and the rest are Event Cinemas. So, for once I’m glad to see a discount for Event Cinemas!

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      Event is basically Village outside of Tas/Vic, just with different branding. Event even have Vmax screens, just like Village.


      I just don't get why they don't run nation-wide cross promotions.

    • Voucher works in Village cinemas website (except NFT sessions)

      • Just tried - doesn't work?

    • Mainstream is a relative term. Event Cinemas is the major cinema in QLD. Hoyts are so expensive in comparison.

      • His username sure checks out.

  • Thanks op works on 536036 too

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    Payment of event tickets can be done with MasterCard credit card

    • Can you apply the voucher? Keep getting the 'voucher invalid' message. Have tried other dates & time & movies.

      • Instructions said to wait 30 min before redemption

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          I took the voucher printouts to my local events cinema (bris vegas), the very helpful box office staff member redeemed those for Thor tickets ($3 extra vmax) , no online booking fee. $11 for vmax to see Thor.

    • How long did it take after ordering for the tickets to be in your inbox?

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    Thanks OP. Evenif the ticket is free, I won't go to event cinemas in George street Sydney. The whole place smells like sewage. The seats are as good as park benches. No maintenance at all..

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    for event cinemas offer

    Offer valid only until the 19 October 2017. Vouchers valid until 30 November 2017. Available for redemption any day of the week, except after 5pm on Saturdays.

    • +4

      Voucher I received has an expiry of Dec 7,2017

      • +1

        Same for me… But email says 'Vouchers are valid until 30.November.2017' in Terms & Conditions… Confused!

      • How long did it take after ordering for the tickets to be in your inbox?

        • +1

          few minutes

  • bankwest qantas debit card works well with this including qantas points

    • Is the account free?

      • +1

        $2000 deposit per month required to waive $5 account fee

  • Thanks OP

  • Does it work if paying with a credit card MasterCard?

  • Doesn’t let me redeem it on my Bankwest MasterCard credit card. Guess it’s only for debit cards as detailed on the description :(

    • I used the direct link from ldstr's post. Went directly to gift shop and paid by Bankwest Zero Platinum credit card. Had to create a new account for the gift shop. Worked fine, received the confirmation and eVouchers in separate email almost instantly.


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      These PRETZELS are making me thirsty

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        Lisa needs braces

        • Dental plan

  • Any good movie worth watching till November 30th?

    • +10

      Blade runner 2049

    • +2


    • Jigsaw?

  • omfg how long has this been going?

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    Anyone else getting maximum 2 tickets per transaction?

  • MeBank has a free transaction account with a debit MasterCard.

    • Yes, this is the one I use. Generally pretty good but their app is no Commbank, but it's better than the clumsy Web wrapper that Westpac persist with.

  • Has anyone successfully redeemed the events tickets online yet? It keeps saying it's invalid and the website won't let me type in letters.

    • Normally will take some time to get activated after receiving the vouchers

      Email starts as 'Please allow 30 minutes for your order to be activated prior to redemption.'

  • Damn I have a Visa Debit Card :/

    • +4

      Citibank recently changed its visa debit to mastercard debit, if you have one or may be time to get one.

      • Actually I do have a citibank debit card. Thanks for letting me know!

    • Ok thanks for letting us know. Apply for a CITIBANK transaction account- no monthly fee and no Min balance. Also you get foreign traction fee waived. They give you Mastercard debit card.

  • "When you join Mastercard Debit Rewards you get access to a bunch of awesome offers just by being a cardholder."
    This is all great but cant find how to join the mastercard debit card rewards program

    • Do you have a MasterCard debit card?

      • Of course. Most people have one without realizing it. Since these days Mastercard or Visa debit cards are standard issue for accessing your bank account. Keycards/Access cards are being quietly phased out

  • too bad, no debit Mastercard :(

    • +5

      Citibank plus account is a master debit card with no fees and no min deposit. And no International fees when withdrawing cash overseas. Good to get one if haven't already!

      • I think you will find its a Visa debit card my friend. I know because Ive had one for a number of years

        • +1

          They've moved to Mastercard. I got my card earlier this year.

  • +1

    So when are Visa card holders getting deals????

    • +10

      When they get a Mastercard.

    • You get it now

  • Thanks OP, terrific deal. Bought Event cinema evouchers with my Bankwest Credit Card; will watch new Blade Runner and Thor.

    • -1

      I think the deal is only for debit cards

    • Credit card? Is it working with a credit card too?

      • +1

        It's for anyone who can read the most upvoted comment in the thread.

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    shame my coles reloadable mastercard dont work.

    • Oh no, that's what I was going to use. It should work though, shouldn't it? It's a debit card, and a mastercard.

      • I guess its not

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    It Amex has deals then MasterCard this means Visa should be coming shortly, anyone gonna post Visa deals soon?

    • +1

      anyone gonna post Visa deals soon?

      Let's wait for the deals to appear first? Haha

  • +2

    Thanks, saved $200 on family accommodation in Phuket.

    • Or…12% more is just the mugs price ;) I know i would never blindly pay for accommodation without scouring net for best price/coupon combination with all hotel booking sites ;)

      • +1

        Yep. Actually, the code has given me $300 discount on Expedia, in comparison to $100 HotelsCombined deal. Hence just $200 off.
        Needed to cancel the existing booking and re-book again with cleared http cookies. Thug's life.

  • Hey guys, r u suppose to submit redeem the voucher through a separate Portal?

    I entered the details under "Have a Voucher, Promo Code or Gift Card?", it keeps saying "this voucher is not valid"…


    EDIT: It's been 40 mins since I first received the vouchers.

  • Oops, I bought the movie tix and realised there's no Events in VIC too ;(

    • I remember Event vouchers can be used at Village but you may need to either call up to use them or go into the cinema to book. They won't work on the Village Website.

      • Voucher works in Village cinemas website (except NFT sessions)

        • Ahhh they must have added it. haha was like 1.5yr ago since i used a event voucher.

  • Works with 521729

  • Happy days. $8 for Event Cinemas, apply the voucher to the midnight session of Star Wars, +$4 got the VMAX surcharge and the usual booking fee. Still $14 less than the normal price.

  • Total price for 3D VMAX when booking online is $16.25 ($8+$7 surcharge +$1.25bf). Add $1 if you need 3D glasses.

  • +5

    There is a free month of premium Xbox too >> https://debit.mastercard.com.au/offers/xbox-pass

    • +3

      Use multiple email addresses and you can stack them.
      Make sure you use incognito mode in your browser and close it after each code.

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