expired Samsonite Cosmolite FL 2 75CM $241.30 FL 2 81cm $255.55 Delivered @ Luggage Gear


I've been watching the price of these for a while and looks like they have dropped again. Mixed reviews on products and warranty, however seems to be a pretty good price to take a chance.

Note - 81cm - May exceed dimensions for most airlines.

Apply coupon code - Kdpod9

75cm - $241.30

81cm - $255.55

Includes free shipping.

Edit - Unsure if version Fl 2 and 3.0 are different. 3.0 is available on eBay using 5% off coupon P5OZZIE. Slightly more expensive

75cm - $253.61

81cm - $267.85

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    Piece of junk. Used it twice and on my second trip, I discovered a crack and Samsonite will not cover it under warranty as its not a workmanship/quality issue but caused by the carrier. Basically they only cover if the wheels fall off or the zipper doesn't work. These hard cases are not as strong as they claimed to be.


      Don't think they cover wheels either!!

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        Indeed! Had a big heated discussion with one of their service centres about this. If the wheels stick out, they don’t repair under warranty unless you can prove that it wasn’t because of carrier damage (then why do they design these things with wheels that stick out! Airlines won’t cover wheels either. In my case Samsonite did replace them under ‘goodwill’ since the suitcase (this particular model) was less than 12 months old.


    it looks like they are selling the 2.0 model? i don't know much about luggage. but i've looking for the COSMOLITE 3.0 .

    never mind , i saw the 3.0 on their website. thanks

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    Thanks for the post but I would add the following Samsonite as the header - should get heaps of votes


    Great price op!! But already have 2, havent tested it out and given the mixed reviews, dont want to risk more..

    Fl2 is cosmolite 3.0 i think. tags show SPINNER81/30FL2. Just that copper colour is discounted more than red, blue and black.

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    I don't know why people keep saying this is a bad product, I have a 81cm case cosmolite and it's the best purchase I've ever made - no issues whatsover and I have brought it overseas multiple times since


    dang.. been wanting this.. buy or nah buy or nah… spent so much lately from discount after discount after discount…..

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    Too expensive still!! I bought some from aliexpress and taobao. honestly they are awesome and much cheaper

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    My experiences with the Cosmolite 2 and Cosmolite 3.0 is that the Ver 3 is slightly lighter (roughly 0.2kg), the wheels are a different design and use lighter materials (personally I thought the wheels on the Ver 2 seemed more robust, but no problems so far with the 3.0), and the "wet area" inside the case is a see-through mesh in the Ver 2, but a more conventional plastic/vinyl cover in the 3.0. The zips and locks are also a slightly different look and feel, better on the 3.0 in my opinion.

    This colour is an "acquired taste", but the luggage itself is great. I've been using it for years. $250 is a steal!


      thanks for the comparison! i was trying to get into Myer's website to see if there is any information for 2.0 but it looks the website has been hacked.


    Aww price went up.

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    Still expensive. No Thanks. I will buy branded one from overseas for less than half price.


    P5OZZIE code won't work? Bah it's cause it's in the tickets travel section


    Wow crazy prices I think 'll use my bags into the ground till there are some decent sales


    Has anyone had any issue with purchasing luggage with these said sellers?

    I personally have purchased a Crash (brand) luggage from Ebay from a scum seller, at a discounted price, and then once received, it felt different to the exact same model i have but smaller size.

    Badge, wheel. Zipper etc were the giveaways. I even contacted the brands official page and they confirmed it was counterfeit.

    Neither ebay or paypal did anything. That piece of shit is still selling the fake items.

    I had a look at the above ebay links, and prices are quite tempting but given i got burnt once, i wanted to check if these sellers are trustworthy.


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