expired Osaka from $736 Return Flying Qantas (Feb-Aug 2018). Depart from SYD/MEL/BNE/CBR/ADL


Destination: Osaka

Airline: Qantas

Departure Dates: 7 February – 15 March 2018, 10 April – 16 August 2018

Valid Till: On sale till sold out

Non Stop Flights (return):

  • $742 – Sydney

One Stop Flights (return):

  • $736 – Melbourne
  • $736 – Canberra
  • $737 – Brisbane
  • $737 – Adelaide

Frequent Flyer:

Qantas Frequent Flyer (Oneworld)

This fare books itself in “Discount Economy” class and for a Sydney to Osaka round-trip earns 5,200 points and 60 status credits

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    That's a pretty fab price!

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    Would be fab if departing from Perth!



    Where's Osaka ?

  • +2 votes

    I can't help but read this post with a bit of attitude.

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    Interesting. All non-diret flight airfares via Sydney are cheaper than Sydney to Osaka return. Go figure!

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    Osaka looks beautiful!

    • +1 vote

      you will be disappointed


        What makes you say so?

        • +5 votes

          Osaka is a big city without the splendors of Tokyo or much at all (other than shops and some pretty good food)

          It it, however, a gateway to many much more interesting places, including Kyoto just down the road.

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          @dtc: +1
          Osaka is my favourite city in the world, and for short holidays, it's a great base to explore nearby cities such as Kobe and Kyoto. Lots of great day-trips from there.

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          I have never tired of Osaka & Kansai region - stayed there on holiday so many times.

          Tokyo is great for the excitement (for a short visit) - but Osaka is my second home now. (Was in Tokyo for festivals again in May but escaped asap to the country & quiet coast of Izu Peninsula to soak in nature & Onsen.) It depends what you want from Japan.

          I love Osaka for the friendly informal ways of the locals (try speaking the local dialect & you'll get a warm welcome). I trained on 1 trip in Rakugo (traditional story telling) in English - where I learnt about the differences in Tokyo & Kansai ways.

          And the famous Kansai food🍜!!
          Osaka is said to be the "kitchen of Japan".

          Osaka is a cheap base with plenty of good value accommodation - for wonderful attractions nearby by train. Kyoto is often booked out well ahead for weekends & festival times. (Very basic single room & use of kitchen has cost me as little as $13/n! You only need a basic room for sleeping as there is so much to see.)

          Apart from historic & beautiful Nara & Kyoto, try South to atmospheric Koyasan for a temple stay to see the monks chanting in the morning mist, & walking the UNESCO listed 1000 year old stone paths of the Kumano Kodo.

          South of Nara there is interesting cycling around the archeology at the ancient capital of Asuka, or Sakura (cherry blossoms) up Mt Yoshino & catch the monks in their ancient training.

          Sakai the neighbouring city to the South of Osaka is the important knife making area of Japan - watch knives being hand made by traditional Masters. Met the last scissor Master left in Japan there.

          Kobe a short train ride to the west is famous for Kobe Beef - sold around Chinatown. Also some Onsen (spa) at the base of & in the mountains. (My photo was used on posters in Kobe last year to promote an event to Foreigners!)

          A good value train ticket overlooked by travellers is the Kintetsu Pass (available at Kansai airport) for 5 days in Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara) to Ise, Iga, & Nagoya for ¥3800 (200 cheaper purchased outside Japan). Have taken the train for a few days to Ise to visit the Emperor's Shrine - one o! the most sacred sites - beautiful. Or maybe Iga - the traditional Ninja training base in the mountains. Both are included in the pass.


          Osaka has fantastic value for money with food but overall a pretty boring place compared to Tokyo. Kyoto is much more interesting than Osaka but it would probably get boring spending more than 3 days there

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          Very personal choice - depends what you are interested in.

          How long have you spent in each city?
          What do you want from your experience in Japan?

          would probably get boring spending more than 3 days there in Kyoto… you could hardly see the most interesting attractions in twice that time. Assume you aren't interested in traditional Japan. It is the second most visited place by tourists in Japan after Tokyo.

          Osaka was traditionally the commercial & food capital, with political & governmental power in more formal Tokyo. That split is evident today in the different functions of each city & attitudes of the inhabitants. And like most capitals, Tokyo is the hub of culture & technology. Osaka is more down to earth, not in your face overactive like Tokyo.

          I've spent months in each of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, & many other places in Japan. I love Osaka - never found it boring. Can't stand Tokyo for more than a week or so, but has it's interesting aspects & attractions.

          A lot of it (for me) is the difference in attitude of the people. Tokyo is so full of people from all over Japan & elsewhere. They only go there to work & seem disconnected. Osaka people I meet have long connections with the city & show pride in their area. They enjoy life far more than anyone I've met in Tokyo, & enjoy meeting people like foreigners more.

          Tokyo is more hard work, hard play, & hard drinking (to drown out the despair many feel - a regular topic of conversation with this foreigner). Osaka people regularly drag me off the street to show me something they think I might like (from a drink or food, to a traditional show with men dressed as women in kiminos) - far more formal Tokyo people never do that. Kansai people sometimes recognise me & will politely be interested or take a photo, unlike Tokyo people.

          Both cities are made up of interesting districts, which you need to understand to find what suits you. Knowledge of Osaka is far more hidden to travellers than well documented Tokyo.


    Good deal.
    April departure date is just slightly past the cherry blossom season in Osaka but might be able to see blossoms further up north.


    FYI these flights also have some availability for classic reward booking in business class - that is the route I would be going down.


    FABULOUSSS hectic!


    Can not find any dates where you can get this price, it is all good posting a great price but with that date range very hard to find the actual deal and cannot confirm if the deal is real. The only similar prices I can find are for flights on China Air with 12-hour stopovers.

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