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Fisher & Paykel RF522ADUSX5 519L French Door Refrigerator $1556.14 Delivered (after $250 Cashback from F&P) @ The Good Guys eBay


Looks like a pretty good deal for the ice and water dispenser version. Just picked one up myself to replace our nine year old LG.

From previous deals, the invoice for The Good Guys eBay will look normal/come from a store (for the cashback claims process).

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    oooh. exactly the fridge I've been waiting for a deal on. best I've seen in the last few months is $1800 so this is brilliant. Still finding it hard to pull the trigger though..haha.

    • Yeah, it's a fair whack of cash but you'll get your money's worth. At least that's what I told myself…

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        I agree but CFO doesn't. I tried the. "But we're saving $1000 off RRP" line and she didn't bite :(.

  • How do people find the drawer fridge at the bottom? when it's filled with items, is it difficult to open?

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      Not difficult at all unless one has bad back. Its more practical as we tend to use the fridge part more often so no need to bend down :-) and from a refrigeration point of view the bottom freezers are closer to the motor etc.

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      I have this exact fridge and it is fine.
      The freezer compartment pulls out and there is then a slide out drawer at the top of the freezer compartment which houses the auto ice maker and some storage space. Note you can't stack the bottom freezer compartment too high or it will clash/hit the small freezer drawer at the top when you try and close it.
      I paid over $2K in April for this fridge so this is an absolute bargain.

  • i have this fridge but the larger version. its an amazing fridge. buuuuuut….. the water dispenser its not THAT cold and u can not control the temp of it.. the water gets warm quick because i think the container that holds the water is very small.. as in, if 3 people want water at the same time 2 people will get slightly cold water.. and the third warm water.

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      I've read similar criticism and tbh id be happy with the model withou them, but it's more expensive!

      So do you think the French door style is worth the premium over the usual?? Eg. This one, that's about $500 cheaper for same size


      • I am exactly thinking the same, whether french door refrigerators are worth the premium…

        • I have my doubts about the design, even without considering cost. 1) The door seal/latch mechanism looks like a potential failure point. 2) There has to be some door shelf realestate lost due to the centre divide. 3) There's more door trays to clean 4) Both doors need to be open to access veggie crisper, which seems like more effort.

          On the plus side there's … not much I can think of.

    • Just put some ice in it :)

  • how does the delivery work with TGG. do they install the new fridge and remove the old one?

    • It may depend on the store. The impression I got from my local is that it is delivery only but I didn't explicitly ask whether installation was included.

    • I assume it'll just be their standard delivery only which is just drop off. There's a premium service where they unbox and remove packaging and old appliance, but they still don't install. I'm not sure how all this applies to ebay store purchases though.


  • Will they deliver this on the weekend?

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      Yes, mine is being delivered this Sunday. Best to check with your local store though.

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