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20% off at The Good Guys eBay Store (Excludes Apple, Miele, Asko)


20% discount off storewide (The Good Guys eBay Store)

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Max discount of $1,000
Limit 3 transactions per person during the offer period
Maximum of 10 items per transaction
Excludes: Miele, Asko and Apple

The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.
Your eBay.com.au and PayPal accounts must be registered under the same email address.

Terms and Conditions

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  • +18

    Hoping for 20% off on Logitech Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 - Phantom.

    • +7

      More like hoping for another price error to $19 :p

      • I am guessing the $10 coupon won't work with eBay Good Guys?

        • You're correct - they specify it's not valid with their ebay store

    • 20% off on = 0% discount?

  • They haven't got the coffee machine i want on their ebay site zzzzz

    • +53

      Thanks for letting us know. Please keep us updated.

      • +10

        No probs matey, do you want me to just DM you personally?

  • +18

    Inb4 price increase comments 😏

    • +1

      Inb4 price increase b410 tomorrow

      FTFY. Although hopefully TGG will play nice. As noted above though, they already don't have a coffee machine on tgeir ebay store that's on their main website 😣

  • +2

    Hopefully there's some good deals on HDR 4K tv

    • +1

      the sony oled 65 inch is 6195 now, max disc $1000 so 5195 is a bargain, but see if they up the price tomorrow

  • +3

    I wonder what the price for the Samsung Note 8 would be :)

    • Is the Note 8 in the Ebay Store? Could only see the s8's.

  • +5

    Moto G5 Plus for $239.20 if current ebay price remains at $299!

    • -4

      Hmm codes not working for me, you adding this in the Checkout "add vouchers"?

      • +1

        The post says the code is only active from 10 Oct 10:00am

        • +6

          Yes Yes it does, thanks(at work speed reading/being a numpty)

        • +4

          Sounds like a great job, I'd love it except I can't speed read :(. Any numpty-only positions?

        • @leyton01:

          Well, we like to to call skipping the important bits and jumping the gun "speed reading" so that's no issue.

          Would you be willing to fill a work experience temp position for 3 months to forever period with no carrier advancement opportunities?

  • Anyone here tried asking jbhifi price beat the goodguys ebay price with 20% discount ?

    • +2

      Doubt that would be successful. a) They don't match auction sites b) Part of the discount on these deals is funded by PayPal/eBay

    • +2

      I called JB about this and they said they only match australian brick and mortar stores

    • I have price matched 2 weeks back
      20%off ebay binglee (qled tv 65")

      • +4

        It would depend on cost price. If it's still above cost and you find the right salesperson then of course they'll do it.

    • I did last year, after 4 days from when I asked they did match. I just went in with a screenshot of the ebay checkout page, with click and collect selected. Had to email it to the store manager when in store and she passed it up the line. Was a microwave and oven.

      • Out of curiosity, why didn't you just buy it from eBay?

        • +3

          i had already bought the oven and microwave a day earlier from JB, so i asked them to price match the 20% off TGG cause the difference was just over $600. figured i had nothing to loose and $600+ to gain.

    • You can simply ask for that price. They will look into it if they can do it. They have a set price range on how low they can sell a product. That's why you always get a sales person involved and don't buy anything in JB at retail price, always ask for a discount.

      • Even on DVDs?

        • Yes. I had an experience before, one guy was at the counter getting a chromecast, he asked for a discount and he was given $5 off. :)

    • I did it early in the year on the 55 inch LG oled. They matched the price which was $3000 back then

    • +1

      The Good Guys are JB HiFi. They bought them last year.

    • If they're still making profit they'll do it. It helps to know someone who works at jb so you have the lowest price they can go

  • +1

    Guessing it excludes apple so no Apple TV 4K for me :(

    • unfortunately yes, updated description to show excluded brands.

      • Any chance adding those Panasonic premium 4K PRO TV to the eBay store?

        • +16

          unfortunately i don't have the ability to add items to eBay, just a store worker who is a fellow OzBargainer and saw an internal advertisement and thought that you guys may be interested in it.

        • @CaptainTerific:

          Thanks for the heads up. Good work. Just need to buy a TV this week and really want to get the Panasonic one. Cheers mate.

        • @CaptainTerific: Would the instore folks at The Good Guys be able to match these prices?

        • @alishaikh: 20% off is exclusive to a purchase made through eBay, click and collect should be available on most items offered if you want to be able to walk in a pick up the item rather than waiting for postage

  • +17

    Something something Amazon

    • +1

      Wouldn't matter to TGG they can also sell on Amazon

      • +4

        high humidity could damage electronics

    • Rain forest? Piranha? Anaconda?

  • +6

    Starts tomorrow. Please edit your description.

    • No wonder I tried few times the code and it doesn't work

  • Currently, before shipping:

    LG C7 OLED prices: 55" @ $2396, 65" @ $4000

    Hisense N7: 55" @ $1116, 65" @ $1836, 75" @ $2956

    • hows the sony A1 compare to the C7 55" ? is it worth the extra 1k?

      • +4

        LG OLED is better for gaming (lower latency), HDR (supports all formats out of box) and ease of use (simpler, more stable OS).

        Sony OLED has better motion, upscaling (both due to better processing) and speakers.

        • Agree with this assessment @T1OOO:

          The Sony A1 uses the panel as its speaker, and the SoC is superior, but it has an inferior panel from a technical perspective.

          I'd save the $1000 and get your own sound solution, and if you really want Android TV (it's a great OS), you can get a set top box with it.

          I'm sure firmware updates will refine the LG's motion and upscaling a shade as well.

        • @jasswolf:

          How is the Hisense 75” N75?

          My parents have last years model 75M7000 and it’s a good TV but has issues with judder on sport if you don’t have motion smoothing on which causes a soap opera effect Movies etc

          Also the HDR is 400nits

        • +1

          @Twisty: Yeah, neither are UHD premium certified devices, hence them being $1000 TVs. If you're looking for the Hisense UHD Premium model, that's the N9.

          As for updates, it's a new OS, possibly an SoC update and some minor panel tweaks. I'm not familiar enough with the model to comment on any image processing updates.

        • @jasswolf:

      • +1

        I was asking myself this exact question yesterday, and found these assessment, for what they're worth.

        I guess a lot of people are asking themselves that question!



        This obviously assumes that Australian models perform the same.

    • I will snap up a 65" C7 for $4000 if they're actually available at that price

      • Max discount is $1000, so if the price holds…

    • Jumping in with the other LG OLED TVs (also without shipping and discount):

      LG E7 OLED: 55" @ $3,795.00, 65" @ $5,995.00

      Let's see if the price changes.

      • May I ask why you'd want the E series? It's like an extra grand just for glass bezel and an average soundbar.

        • I think he wants a glass bezel and an average soundbar.

          To each his own I suppose.

        • Fair enough. Just seems like a waste of money to me.

        • Just supplying other options - I believe the E series (this year's model) has a higher lumens than the C series.

          EDIT: No change to pricing from my original post.

        • Same panel, same lumens.

          "[E7] uses the same panel as the other TVs" - http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/140870-lg-oled-tv-2017-explo…

    • +1

      These TV's? Looks like they've jacked their prices

      LG OLED55C7T 55"(139cm) OLED UHD Smart TV $2,995.00
      Hisense 55N7 55"(139cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV $1,395.00

      • My prices were after discount, and represent either an all-time low (or close to) for the model in AU.

  • -7

    Discount didn't work on Samsung MU6100 55" TV. =/

    • +1

      Promotional code starts 10am Tuesday 10 October

      • Ahh my bad, the offer starts tomorrow 10th of October. Price was AU $1,295.00 when I tried to make the purchase, let's see if it remains the same until tomorrow.

    • +44


      • +5


      • +1

        Hey with that user name you should!

  • damn it.. filled up cart rdy to jump…

    then coupon not valid yet… rdy for stock to go missing…

    • buy now, apply later

  • Can anyone recommend a dyson handstick vacuum? There are so many models I don't know which one to get.

    • +18

      Yes, I can.

    • V6 absolute or v8 something.. Not sure of v8 model names. Love my v6 absolute

    • V6 Slim for $240 - seems to be the standard price now with all the recent sales
      All V6 handhelds have the same motor/battery (20mins)

      V8 for around $600 - has slightly more power and double run time (40mins)

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