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Sunglass Hut Friends & Family: 30% off Full Priced Sunglasses or 40% off 2 or More Pairs of Full Priced Sunglasses


T's & C's on the bottom of image. Can be used instore or online. Exclusions and limits apply.


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      just look on sunglass hut website and if buying 1 take 30% off or 2 or more take 40% off.

        • +8

          are you kidding me right now? OP has linked the flyer with the coupon codes….

          Oh bloody OP wouldn't go through the whole entire website just to list out every product available at Sunglass Hut with RRP and sale price…what a prick move

        • Blasted

    • +2

      You do not speak on my behalf.

    • +2

      Someones trying a bit hard to be jv.

    • -1

      PJC not a bright cookie r u

  • +14

    @PJC This deal is historically very popular in case you aren't familiar with it.

  • +14

    Remember there's a whopping 10.5% cashback at Cashrewards, Peeps!

    Scored myself the elusive RB2140's size 50's in black and tortoise.

    • +1

      Me too. Wayfarer is my thang!

  • +1

    Does this include prescription lenses by themselves?
    I really should not need to buy new frames every year to get new lenses, nor pay a premium for replacement lenses alone!

  • They don't sell Oakley Jawbreakers anymore do they? Was really looking for some cycling sunglasses…

  • So it does include Oakley?

    • I put in some Flak 2.0s in and yes, 30-40% comes off …

    • When did you join the force?

    • Doesn't mean it isn't a bargain of RRP

    • +1

      Wow, sunglasses are over priced and are manufactured at a fraction of their retail price? Who would of thought? Not exactly new information.

    • -1

      In your list, Luxottica only own Ray Ban, they are licensed to produce the rest

      • +1

        Let's mentioned how they (profanity) the Oakley company?

        • Spot on! The main reason I'm now wearing a pair of mauis which i didn't buy from sunglasses hut!

  • +1

    Never seen Maui Jims :(

    • +2

      Never on sale.. think it's due to Maui Jim themselves placing restrictions like apple products.

      • +1

        Yeah maui jims are still independent. As luxottica only resells them, 40% off would be at a massive loss! Maui jims are great. Wearing a pair now =)

  • +4

    I think it's completely fair to mention Luxottica and the true value of sunglasses. I opt for Chinese knock offs that are UV rated and sooo much cheaper.
    The OZB way is to go to a sunglasses hut - try on the glasses and find something you like…take the sunglasses code and get a knockoff for 1/4 the price.
    Seriously, I view Luxottica in the same basket as Nestle - absolutely terrible company that uses its power to pulverise any competition. (see Oakley sunglasses Luxottica case)

    • While in some cases the cheaper glasses will suffice, unfortunately, when you buy the cheaper glasses you risk manufacturing shortcuts like waterproofing. It's a large difference in price, but you are comforted by quality, warranties and the ability to repair through Luxottica's outlets.

      • Not arguing /u/morebierplease - I enjoy hearing your thoughts and seeing the other side of the conversation.
        I guess I could buy another 2 pairs before needing to go into an outlet, deal with a pubescent teen with an attitude (been my experience) just to get my $200 pair of sunglasses fixed with something I could have used toothpaste with! (it's great for lens scratches) but each to their own :)
        …..admittedly I was a customer and have spent a lot of money before seeing the tightarse light

    • Where would I find a knock of with lenses like Maui Jim's? I generally have no interest in pricey sunglasses, but MJ's lenses were pretty amazing and so I did splash out on a pair (on discount in the US at the time; prices here are obscene).

      • not sure /u/elyobo - Get the code and go from there. You should be able to find a cheap knockoff for a great price.

    • whereabouts is the go these days for knockoffs? aliexpress?

      • i have the same question. where do you buy knockoffs of similar specs?

      • +4

        Aooko is the way to go.

      • +1

        DHgate or Taobao.

  • +1

    Damn.. no Maui Jim. Still a good discount might be worthwhile, thanks OP!

    • Never on goddamn Maui Jim. Mine broke a while back after years of good use and I want a replacement… but am unwilling to pay full price and these deals always exclude Maui Jim :(

      • +1

        I have an old pair must be 10 years old now which are scratched up but still great. Wife just paid full price for a new pair, seems they are never on sale but they are great glasses. Perhaps the best you can do is buy before overseas trip to claim the GST.

      • And they will always exclude maui. Sunglasses hut only resells maui so they'd be taking a big loss at 40% off.

  • No Oakley Badman? What's going on SH?

  • +4

    Ray Bans were a $29 petrol station brand before Luxottica (Sunglass Owner) bought them.

    • like most things in life, its all wank.

      • *Marketing FTFY

        • +1

          And cornering the market with a cartel.

  • Anyone having issues of the code only applying to 2 items when there are more than 2 items in the cart? :(

  • +4

    I bought 3 Raybans. Worked out to be a little bit over 110 dollars each. Bargain!

  • +2

    Yeah but can anything compete with my $1 bolle's from super cheap?

  • Costs double the price to put prescription lenses

  • They got rid of cancer council sunglasses.

  • I'm heading overseas in a couple weeks, is the sunglass hut in the international terminal at Melbourne Airport duty free ? Or can I somehow get them from another sunglass hut duty free ? Is it just the 10% GST I would save ?

    • If you spend more than $300 at the same retailer, you can claim GST back anyway so you might as well buy now (to ensure you get the style you want).

      • Ok thanks for that

    • The Sunglass Hut after security in the International Terminal is Duty Free. No need to spend over $300 there. You save the 10% from tax and they take the discount off that price. Just went through this afternoon and picked up a couple of pairs. Call the store and put the glasses on hold so you dont miss out on the styles you want.

      • Ahh, this sounds like what I'm after. So if buying one pair, you get the 30% off with the voucher, then save 10% of that ?

        ie: $200 retail = $140 with voucher. Then take a further 10% off for duty free = $126 ?

        • Other way around gst off first and then the discount from the duty free price.

          200 retail becomes $180 then take the 30% off that = $126

          Gets you the same value but thats how its actually worked out in store.

        • Ok great, thanks for the info

        • @spark1: Hey mate, I had a quick look at the melbourne airport map to see where sunglass hut was, and it doesn't show an outlet past the international security. (It does show one landside before customs etc - shop 43 in the link) Can you confirm there is another store past security / customs ?? I don't want to go through to realise there is no shop!


        • Hey there is definitely a store I bought mine after security. It's a brand new store you walk past it when you head towards the gate. It's next to Billabong near where the food is, close to Hungry Jacks. There was renovations in the airport when I went but its definitely there.


        • @spark1: Cool, thanks for clarifying.

  • Perfect timing, was shopping for some today

  • How do u claim cash rewards never tried it before

    • You need to create an account with Cashrewards, then click through from the cashrewards website to purchase. Read the instructions on the website to make sure your purchase is tracked :)
      If you sign up using a referral code you get $5 credit too:

  • Bought a couple in the morning, and haven't got cashrewards track email, anyone same?

    • can take 1-2 days, after purchase

      • Thanks, I just got track email

  • Got a set of Raybans cheers !

  • How much roughly it cost to change the rayban lens to prescription polarised sunglass lens?

  • Can someone tell me where I see my order or track the order? I can't for the life of me find where my order is on the website…:(

  • +1

    Is it possible to buy 2, return 1 and get the 40% off? I'm not sure if I want 2

    • Have you tried?

  • If we go thru cashrewards, does it calculate the 10.5% cashback on the total price b4 30% discount or on price after discount ?

    • % of what you paid, so the latter. And minus taxes and such too, so it won't be exactly 10.5%

      • Thanks Strand.
        And do we get invoice w/ GST so we can refund GST if going overseas ?

        • As per every other Australian company selling Australian stock, GST is included.

        • @gilby08:

  • thanks dude great deal! buying one for the wife

  • My style sold out online so just walked in store and picked up. Too easy.

  • Hey guys.

    I have placed an order for 2x sunglasses thru this offer.
    To my surprise - i got a message from DHL about tracking, but they mentioned its being shipped from China- a company called luxottica.
    Any1 has received the order and can authenticate that its real ?
    What about warranty and other things ?
    I thought it should be coming from US as stated on their website…


    • Sunglass Hut is owned by Luxottica its authentic

      • Hi Rep,
        Just wondering what if we need to return one item (we bought two with 40% off)? how would they calculate the refund?

        • I believe it would be recalculated to the 30% discount

    • I ordered 2 pairs over the weekend via the website, after trying a few pairs on at my local shopping mall Sunglass Hut the week before.

      Figured with them having heaps of stores here in Australia, that the stock would ship from a Sydney or Melbourne warehouse and arrive in a couple of days.
      4 days later I check the tracking email - and find they are both shipping from China via DHL - and while the shipping status says they have been picked up - it does not show if they have even left China yet.

      If I had known they were shipping from overseas, I would have gone back to the shop (5 mins drive from home) and bought them over the counter instead.
      It would be nice if the country of origin and typical delivery times was more obvious at checkout.

      • Ordered Sunday 22/10 - arrived Tuesday 31/10 - so just over a week.

  • Thanks. Picked up a pair of round RayBans in the Gold/Green colour. Already have the Gold/Pink. Love these so much.

  • Does this deal end today or tomorrow ?

  • Anyone successfully ordered using afterpay? Have a friend who's tried to buy using afterpay and it circles back when you click confirm for the payment.

    • i had the same problem. could only use paypal or credit card

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