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Nikon D5600 Single Lens Kit $790.40 or $690.40 (after $100 Cashback) @ Good Guys eBay


Nikon D5600 with 18-55mm Lens Kit (appears to be vr not vr II) down to $690.40 after 20% off eBay sale and $100 Cashback.

link to cashback

Original 20% off at The Good Guys eBay Deal Post

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  • Thats the newest AF-P 18-55 lens with the fast focus and newest VR (third generation, if we want to call it that). Great performance from that lens, excellent sharpness, super fast focusing, very good VR. Only weakness is heavy and deep reaching vignetting for the first stop and a half, distortion when shooting wide and lack of switches for VR and focus control.

    • Even the older 18-55VR lenses are good. In fact all of Nikon's kit lenses have been good for some time. So long as you aren't expecting it to be a premium lens. Stop down to f/8 when possible for best performance.

      • The previous AF-S 18-55 VR was already a very sharp lens. Sharper than the $1200 AF-S 16-80. The new AF-P is even sharper. (this is from personal testing of my samples of the lenses)

        For a 'kit' lens, the recent kit offerings are Very sharp, and really all your buying when you pay more is a wider aperture or a wider zoom range, but not necessarily more sharpness unless you go professional or primes.

  • hmm bit like smart phones and how quick new models come out, i have the d5500, great camera but not enough new features on the d5600 to warrant an upgrade.

    • Yep, SLR and camera technology went through a lot of innovation for a while but now it's really slowed. So much so that smartphones are catch up the cheaper compact cameras. I switched to the Fuji four thirds cameras a couple of years back from SLRs and love how much lighter they are.

      Still, this is a great price for a great camera.

  • Very Good camera for a Great price

  • +2 votes

    Price even better with TRS and cashrewards.

    • Especially if we can claim on the ticket price. Not sure what the receipt will show.

      • things I've bought during similar ebay & TGG X% off sales have shown the "normal" price, pre discount

        so I'd imagine for TRS it will work in your favour

        • +2 votes

          I bought it and the receipt shows full price. Click and collected already - that was quick!

          $988 - Nikon D5600 standard price
          -$197.6 20% off ebay = $790.4
          -$100 Nikon cash back = $690.4
          -$98.8 TRS = $591.6
          -$12.8 cash rewards 1.3% = $578.8

        • @Dice:

          What is TRS?

        • @Dienk:
          Tourist Refund Scheme
          you can claim tax back on items you purchase when flying international

        • @THX: got it. But should you be a genuine tourist right? I am flying to Brazil 15th november but I will be back at 27th dez. I have a student visa. Obviously it doesn't work to me, does it?

        • @Dienk:

          it'll work for you.

  • C'mon no GPS in 2017???

  • If i purchase today will i be able to claim TRS on the 15th of January??